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Hiya Ladies! I've had my first 2 rounds with Dr...

Hiya Ladies! I've had my first 2 rounds with Dr Duran in the Dominican Republic and have no regrets whatsoever. My 1st round was in late 2012 and my second round in March 2015. I'm now greedy for more booty lool.

I live in London and my friends think I should check out surgeons closer to home especially in Turkey or Spain - either comfort zone, elite aftercare or Dr Aslani. I'd rather not based on my own personal research on all three. I do understand that travelling all the way to DR, the USA or colombia is not everybody cup of tea so I urge you to please research and not get carried away by celebrities who get paid to endorse clinics/products. This is your money and your life we're talking about here!!!

From my experience, the things to look out for are:

*before/after pics of patients standing up. This will give you the best idea on the projection of the booty, the waist to hip ratio, etc. If your surgeon can only give you pics straight off the operating table then please reconsider

*Any clinic who only offers 2 areas of liposuction and asking patients to pay for extra areas, clearly doesn't understand the Art of the BBL. Of what use is a flat lower stomach with fat rolls on your upper back and arms for instance? Standard areas should be flanks, full abdomen and back. Some will even add arms and inner thighs.

*In my humble opinion, it is also best to recover in a recovery home with nurses present. I know there aren't that many surgeons in Europe who offer this but I think it's very important to not be left on your own in a hotel to recover because anything can happen.

Anyway back to me lool
I'm considering Dr Plazas for my round 3. He is really good at snatching waists. Any Plazas doll on realself? Please contact me xxx

Hey dolls!

I've received quite a few messages from UK based dolls asking for my opinion on EU based surgeons.
Please note that I still believe coke bottle shapes are created in DR, colombia and in a few instances in the US.
My main reason for joining this site is to get more feedback for my younger sister who is adamant on getting this done much closer to home. She is interested in getting a BBL and BA for her 25th bday. I'm contributing towards her surgery and will also accompany her bcos I'm overprotective as fuck lol

Now from what I've seen on here, instagram, some of my friends, my sisters friends and 2 girls who were so kind to email me their before/after pics I can say I was the most impressed by Dr Aslani's work in Spain and the new Dr at comfort zone in Turkey (results are still not as amazing as in South America but ok..) The horror stories I've read on here about comfort zone are from patients who decided to get butt implants back in 2014/2015 or so. That doctor was fired and no longer works at comfort zone apparently.

My sister really wants to go to elite aftercare but from the before/afters I've seen on instagram I'm not that impressed with their work. A handful of girls have also complained about leftover fat in certain areas and they are all a UK size 8 or 10 who have opted for the unlimited package.

Another lovely doll on here mentioned how elite will increase their prices by another £1000 from Feb next year! Is the goal here to just make quick money off patients?
Elite has only gained popularity like what 3 months ago? Not due to the amazing work they do but due to the lovely and pretty Lateysha who has bagged an endorsement deal with them.

The BBL King's and BBL Queens over in South America haven't increased their prices in years and they are always booked to capacity and have had loads of celebrity patients on their operating table.

My only advice to you is to research, research and research some more. It took me 1 year to decide on a Dr when I went for my 1st round. If you decide to stay in Europe, be prepared that there is a chance your results will not meet your expectations. Some go on and pay for a revision or a 2nd round. If you are happy to do so then good.
Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas

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