Plazas Doll BBL SOON - Colombia

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Hi, it is my first time writing on this site. Im...

Hi, it is my first time writing on this site.
Im goin for dr plazas in cali colombie in a month for a bbl + ab etching. I chose to stay in a hotel and pay a nurse on the side because i wanted to stay at beautysleep recovery house but unfortunately there are fully book on my dates, the other recovery house i found had some bad reviews on it and i didnt want to take a chance to get a bad experience.! For those that have done the same surgerie (bbl , ab etching) is it a must to be in a recovery house, would it be a nightmare for me to be in a hotel? Ps: my bestfriend will be traveling with me. I attached my wish body picture

Recovery time

My stay in cali will be 10days after ny surgery. I keep asking myself if it is enough or not? Should i stay longuer? Would i be able to seat in a 6hrs flight after 10days? Im a bit stress about that!

Surgery tomorrow!

So today i had my appointement at the de plazas office. The assistant was really sweet and her english was perfect no accent. She answered all my questions. Unfornutately dr plazas was too busy to meet me. But i will see him tomorrow morning before surgery. Everything is goin find so far and i am so excited and scared at the same time. PS : for canadian traveler there is a visa tax that you have to pay at the airport to get in the country. Its 171 USD

1 day post op

I had my surgery yesterday at 7pm ! I had to stay for the night at the clinic... Everything went find! Dr plazas is the sweetest ever! You can feel that he loves his work and care about your wish. Hes honest and will tell you what he cant do depends on your body!! The pain is INDESCRIPTIBLE! I said i was regreting the surgery because of the pain lol! But nAh i already love the result and i dont regret anything. I hope i will recover fast. If you are looking for the best in cali colombia dr plazas is your guy trust me xox !!!! Ps: i will had picture when i feel good enough to stannd up

2 days post op picture

Im super swelling! I look bigger than i was ???? but it is normal, my body react . The pain ohhh GOD !!!! Every move i make is painfull . But im in the best end.. Irma from @imirecoveryhome is like a second mom to me.. She is really caring !after reading reviews about some recovery house inwas scared to feel just like a number but here at imi recovery home i feel literally like im home.. DO NOT GO IN AN HOTEL! It will be the worst experience. You need help from someone that knows whats goin on... Trust me !

Dr plazas sent me flowers

Dr plazas is so sweet he sent me roses wishing me a good recovery! He came to the recovery home last night to check my body. He is happy with my result and say i will look amazing!

4days post op faja on

4days post op and Im super swollen and its hard to see the curve with the faja on and all the pads inside...but my ass is really bigger and my hips wow i love it...cant wait to heal and wear a bikini

2weeks post op

Hey girls im 2weeks post op still super swelling but i start seeing the result and wanted to share with you... I think my ass is not big enough :/ but the dr said my fat is all compress in my buttock and it will get bigger with the time. That i will see the full result after about 3months.. So i trust him and love my result more every day. Ps: the mark on my belly is due to the faja and pads (it is not stretch mark or anything else)
Dr Plazas

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