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I've been wanting to do this procedure for about a...

I've been wanting to do this procedure for about a year now but i havnt had the money or known who to go to. So a couple months ago i started doing my reserach, i was going to go with either Yily (DR), Villalobos (Colombia) or Salazar (Ecuador). I finally landed with Dr. Villalobos because i heard through the grapevine that curvy J has been to him multiple times..and well her body says it all..going for that same look. :) plus his prices are great and hte treatment from his office has been amazing. I feel that I am in good hands. Now i've chosen the doc and have the date..have 70% of the (gotta keep saving and pinching pennys to make this happen). Its so surreal, ive read countless experiences from the women of realself and makemeheal but nothing prepares you for the moment when its your turn. You see all those people climb on the roller coaster and u see their faces and hear their screams and laughter but it doesnt really hit you until you reach the front of the line and its your turn to climb in. EEK! I'll keep everyone posted as this next month progresses..if not to help a fellow realselfer then to keep for informational purposes. Wish me luck! :)

Just realized this morning i have 14 days to go...

Just realized this morning i have 14 days to go before my trip! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH mad nervous! Have non stop butterflys..i feel like im about to jump out of a plane. The Doctors office in colombia, is very professional and helpful. The assistant Paola is great! she called me yesterday to make sure im prepared and double checking on our rooms where we will be staying as well as letting us know that teh surgery had to be moved back one day to May4, because the doctor will not operate on you unless you have been in the country 48 hours. The fact that we are flying in he said that our bodies need time to adjust and regulate. That its a safety issue (which to me shows that he is not all about the money). I've started making a list of things I will need over there (will be staying 14 days..wish i could stay more but i cant afford to get fired). If anyone has any helpful ideas or hints on what i will need for this BBL, I would really appreciate it. I will post my wish pics today and my Pre pics soon. #amidreaming? lol

So im sitting here going over a few last minute...

So im sitting here going over a few last minute preparations, reading other reviews and getting ideas for my trip. And I saw one review (with Dr. Salama) where he advised to not sit down on the new booty for at least 4 weeks....WHAT??!! oh god i hope thats not true..i work in an office environment and sit 8 hours a day. :'( ughhhh crap now what? If any of u ladies have gone through this or know of any tricks or suggestions for a new booty + sitting down all day. PLEASE let me know. thanks and once again..go #teambooty!

I leave in 3 days. Talk about not being ready. smh...

I leave in 3 days. Talk about not being ready. smh :'( i have to go today to buy the last of my "supplies" (maxi dress, slippers, etc). im nervous as hell, having doubts, wondering if maybe i should have spent this money on a downpayment for a new car or paying off my debt so i can have better credit..but then again im guessin this is normal. plus ive been doing waaaaaaaaaaaay too much research, i think there is such a thing as going overboard with the research. All i see is ass ass and ive been looking up what can go wrong, scars, bad BBLs. :( and :( :( :( ...oh god please please dont punish me and give me a bad bbl. see shit like this goes through my mind. ugh. which is why i think i have to stop and chill and concentrate on positive thoughts. I can imagine im not the only one that goes through this. Wondering whats better cashiers check, travelers check or cash...?? to take with me. any suggestions? thanks ladies! :)

So im here. Cali Colombia. My surgery is tomorrow...

So im here. Cali Colombia. My surgery is tomorrow morning first scared shitless but at the same time happy anxious. But im getting aheaad of myself let me begin when i arrived in this gorgeous country. First of all the plane ride over was way too long and how ima get back on my brand new booty is gonna be another adventure. lol I am stayng at the Alba Diaz house and its great this recovery house is excatly what one needs when getting these kind of things done. I was picked up a the airport by Albas husband, pablo. He scared me and my girl (i went with..shes getting surgery too) we wernt expecting a man to scoop us up. but he explained who he was and took us to the recovery house..we were put into a room with twin beds and no ac (which we were told we wouldl have)..that was the first night cuz the next night we were transferred to a beautiful private room with air conditioning and its own private bath and aflat screen tv and dvd player..woohoo! lol so the first couple of days were spent going to the doctors office and the anestiologist and getting lab work done and getting supplies. Everyone in this country is so sweet and helpful. people at the recovery house..the doctors office..the hospital..the nurses..the other girls at the recovery house..its such a positive and great feeling. so tomorrow morning is my surgery..(gulp) everyone says i will be fine and that it wont that bad since im only doing lipo (my arms, my thighs inner and outer, my torso front and back) and putting it into my ass. these girls here have had lipo, tummy tuck, breast ijmplant ..but injections..chin lipo..the works! Kudos to them..some strong ladies up in here! good news i was told that my lab results were fantastic and that my iron level was a 16..that i should donate blood or become an athelet i was so healthy..GO ME! lol a million thoughts are racing through my mind..(negative ones) but im doing my best to stay positive. pray for me ladies..pray he does an awesome job and i come out on the other side so i can recommend him to the rest of you gals. :) I will try and update as soon as i come out of my drug induced phase. lol

Swollen swollen i blew up like i...

swollen swollen i blew up like i was getting paid to do it. smh my calves and feet look very very not cute. but they say its normal. im also wearing a board to flatten my stomach more under my faja..which by the way is no fun either. lol im just full of positivity. lol even though i got so much to complain about Im feeling alot better and hope that tomorrow i will feel a lil MORE better. im reading positive books and trying to envision the doctor looking at me and going WOW you have recovered so great and so quickly..etc etc. (daydreaming). feel like im in an old lady nursing but i guess it could be worse..i could be fatter. (that was a joke). later ladies.

Home sweet home

So im back home and boy is it great to be back. :) ive measured myself and my waist has been reduced by 3 1/2 inches my hips/butt grew about 3 inches...and im still according to my doctor he says i will still shrink in size that i wont see the results until 3 months. talk about killing me super impatient! lol my waist is very small and noticeable and my belly is super flat and smooth but with some lil bumps here and there (which the doc said would slowly go away that it was due to the swelling..shoot i hope so!) i def like my butt its alot rounder and sitting on this pillow my mother especially made me...thank goodness for it! Since i have an office job and today was my first day back at helped big time! :) yay so if any of you ladies would like this life/booty saving pillow let me know my mom has made a few and is selling them. ;) FYI my faja is killing me...the day i dont have to wear this anymore will be the day i burn it in a big bonfire and send it off to the Gods! lol grrrrr ughhhh Gonna post some pics later on today. take care ladies! #teambunz haha


oh i also weighed myself pre surgery: 180lbs. post op surgery: 165lbs (and shrinking). lets hope it stays like that since i am on a diet as well...per the doctors orders. Ladies this lipo isnt a one time gotta take care of it and maintain it for life! change of lifestyle it is!

post op questions...or concerns..

So im 2 weeks post op and i have some issues..maybe they are not a big deal but dealing with them on a daily basis makes me feel like im going crazy lil by lil. First of all my faja/compression garment is cutting into my skin, at least the seams are..i put a pantyliner on the seam on my inner thigh cuz its making an indent on my skin and im scared its gonna cut it open or stay like that. :( plus all over my body when i take off the faja ...well lets just say my body looks like a road map full of lines and indents/impressions from the seams of the faja..not cute. :-o not sure what to do about that. 2nd i noticed on the inside of my elbows the skin looks stained like una mancha and dry..its right around the edge of my faja's sleeve. its weird and i dont know if this is because of the liquid or if im having an allergic reaction to my faja near that area of skin..ugh who knows. and lastly im a lil worried about the pain i feel at night still randomly when the few pockets of liquid burn me when i roll over at night (just my left waist). will this ever go away??? this process is longer than i imagined..lord give me patience!! (then again im super impatient). lol oh yea keep forgetting to post pics! lol oops

New pics...can fluffing happen already grrr

posting new pics...with clothes tummy is still too distorted and not pretty to be posting and scarring u poor ladies. lol in person my butt looks bigger dont know why in pics it looks average..but i still want it bigger soooo i hope fluffing is real and if not i will wait a year to get more added to the booty lol but overall im waist is so tiny. :)

New pics...can fluffing happen already grrr

posting new pics...with clothes tummy is still too distorted and not pretty to be posting and scarring u poor ladies. lol in person my butt looks bigger dont know why in pics it looks average..but i still want it bigger soooo i hope fluffing is real and if not i will wait a year to get more added to the booty lol but overall im waist is so tiny. :)

bbl 8 months later - dr. villalobos

Its been 8 months...and I feel great. I am still working on some areas tho, my tummy in on section is still flabby and loose. Probably because I didn't hit the gym and ate every piece of junk food in sight smh lol. But now goin to the gym getting some massages done, putting some dead sea salt ice on it and wearing my faja 3-4 times a week is helping. Besides that everything is grrreat. And yes fluffing DOES exist..(thank jeeesus) lol. I'm going to post some new pics. Final opinion Dr. Villalobos is awesome!

8 months post op pics

lipo front view

Forgot to add my front belly pic..its not were I want it to be but its a lot better..slowly getting there. If I would of gotten a tummy tuck I prob wouldnt be going thru this but I don't want anymore scars..Soooo it is what it is. :-)
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