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I am a 28 year old, weighing about 135-140lbs and...

I am a 28 year old, weighing about 135-140lbs and I am looking to have a breast augmentation and a BBL. This quote also includes a rhinoplasty but I am unsure about getting that done right now, my main concerns are my breasts, waist and rear. I want the fat transferred to my hips and buttocks for a more rounded fuller figure.
I had a breast augmentation and liposuction in my love handles done 7 years ago in Long Island, NY and was very disappointed with the size and shape of my breasts and the lipo from the start… I still feel like a square and my boobs look like to small tennis balls….not cute :( At that time I paid $10,500 for these 2 procedures. My surgeon was terrible in terms of doing what I wanted and when it came to bedside manners. I am traveling to Colombia to have my body re-done because I feel like the surgeon's in Latin America, specifically in Colombia, understand a Latina's body and wants much better than the surgeon's here. Also I feel like the surgeon's overseas are more aggressive with liposuction which is a good thing.
I have been researching procedures to enhance my rear end for over 2 years now. I have looked into PMMA and other bi-polymers and I have come to the conclusion that BBL is the safest way to go about this, the only issue that I have with BBL is the fat resorbing but I rather have fat resorb than have these polymers kills me or permanently deform my rear. (If anyone has any suggestions, tips on how to achieve and keep the results that I want with a BBL please let me know)
I decided to go with Dr. Villalobos in Cali, Colombia because of all the great reviews he has had and for the price it doesn't get any better. Furthermore, when I inquired about the services, they were prompt, knowledgeable and friendly; I got a good vibe which is important, so let's see what happens.

Pre-Op Pics & Current Exercise Routine

I forgot to mention that I am almost 5'6- 5'7. I started working out 2 weeks ago and work out a few times a week. I mostly do squats, dead lifts, abs and arms….I don't really do cardio. Any thoughts if I should continue with my workout routine? Should I eat more?
The doctor said he will be transferring 700cc in each butt cheek.

Looking for a Travel Buddy

Hey dolls I am looking for a travel buddy leaving July 7th to Cali. Let me know if anyone is planning on going then maybe we can buddy up. I will be finalizing all the details in early June.


Hello ladies so I purchased my airline ticket for Colombia. Super excited….I can't wait. I will be placing my deposit now in June.

On the other side....8 days post op

Hey ladies....So I am on the other side. I've been getting better everyday. I am staying at the Arama RH which is absolutely amazing. Service, food and friendliness is wonderful. Everyone is very polite here. Dr. V is fantastic and so is Paola. So far I am very happy with my results and it will only get better in time :D (So I keep hearing). The only thing I was not mentally prepared for is the post op lymphatic draining massages. I literally cried in the first one. Massages are not really discussed much on the forum in terms of what to expect, but for me they have been extremely painful. I currently take an ibuprofen an hour before the massages and it has helped a bit but it is still very painful and today was my 5th one. :( My massage lady's name is Martha and she is very good and patient with me, she let's me take quick breaks when she's sees I am to tensed. I am hoping that tomorrow's massage will be more relaxing than painful. :(

Goodnight dolls.

I will be giving a thorough update when I return to the states next week but just wanted to give somewhat of an update.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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