21, Traveling for BBL - Colombia

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the site I've...

Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to the site I've done a lot of creeping and reading everyone's exoeriences but it's my first writing about my own. I will be traveling to colombia in May to get my fat transfer/bbl and Im super excited! My doctor is Jorge Barrera and im super confident he will do an an excellent job. I'm looking foward to sharing my experiences with you ladies! Thanks


Hey everyone! So I still have so many questions about the before and after the surgery and I was hoping some of you can tell me more in detail about your experience. Were you fully asleep during the procedure or were you just numb enough but with eyes open? Does everyone get a drain or does it depend on every person? If you do have a drain how long do you need it for? Since I am traveling out of the country I am still unsure on how many days I should stay there my sisters that have gotten through different procedures before are telling me to stay two weeks and I was originally going to stay for 10. 4 more days wouldn't hurt. I hope to hear from you guys !!!!

I wish I had more answers

Because Im traveling I don't know what to pack. I'm meeting up with family over there and Im really hoping I can still dress up a little after my bbl. What can I wear days after the surgery? I'm gonna be in colombia for two weeks. Can I wear flowy dresses or only sweat pants and baggy clothes? Does the faja show a lot under? I hope someone answers. I know may is two months away but I think about my surgery date everyday!! And everyday I have more questions!!!

Excited to go to Villalobos

All I've been thinking about!!! It's almost March and May will come sooner than you think!! The doctor includes the fajas but I wonder if I can pick them out. I want two black ones and one nude color. I also want them short on the legs so I can wear shorts. I'm not getting lipo on my legs.

Speaking of lipo. What kind of lipo did you ladies get? I'm not sure if Villalobos uses traditional lipo or laser lipo or vaser lipo and I don't know what to pick either. Input from you will help. Thank you.


Ladies. I need help.
I'm definitely going to cali for my sx. I already have my tickets for May 15-30. Villalobos and Paola just told me about a conference he will be going to after my sx. My sx date was going to be on the 19 and he will be leaving the 20 and won't be able to see me until the 26. I don't know how I feel about going to him for my surgery and then not having post op care. What do you guys think?? she said that there will be another doctor in case of emergencies but I don't know who that is and I don't want to pay money for someone I don't know. I love villalobos work but is it something I want to go through without him??

Reviews on sacristian, henao, or Zapata??

Ladies Im torn between these three. Now that I have to choose someone other than Villalobos I've been researching everyday read the same posts everyday and I love these three doctors. Do any of you have any personal experience with any of these surgeons??
My flight is booked to Cali! My ticket cost $300 with avianca. Cheaper from Miami. And I have 49 days left until I'm there and I still haven't settled with a surgeon.
Any comments will help!

Month away.

I'm ready to start packing!! I haven't gotten a lot of supplies really for the sx. Just a lot of clothes shopping which is kind a pointless since things might not fit after sx. Lol. Whatever. I'm ready to go like now.
Still haven't picked a surgeon. Will be meeting with zapata and henao that Saturday morning and I will pick the day. Surgery set for both on Tuesday. Will cancel one.
Any personal reviews on them?

17 days!!

Should I be nervous or excited for this new booty!! I'm gonna start packing soon :) I can't wait to just get it done already and share my experience with everyone.

In Colombia!!

Got here Friday night sx on Tuesday morning!! I met with dr zapata on Saturday and did all my exams. It's really happening!! We went to go ride horses Saturday night and I fell off one and now my left arm is fucked up and it hurts :(

Made it

My sx was yesterday at 8 am got out around 11-12 got discharged around 4/5 pm. Waking up after surgery and driving home was the worst part of the whole surgery. I woke up shivering cold with other of my arms super numb and in pain a lot of discomfort. I just wanted a lot of medicine and when I got the medicine I felt ok but then the car ride home was the longest ride of my life I wanted to die. Once I got home I felt so much better. I just had my first massage this morning and although it was a little painful and it helps a lot.

Feeling great

I would say the first two days were the worst after that I started to feel better and better. Walking and trying to move around is key. The massages are important. Zapata didn't leave me with much liquid so I've been very lucky. I've gone dancing with family I even went hiking and today was my last massage. I'm feeling normal again :) I'm so happy I picked Jaime zapata as my doctor. He's the fucking man!!!!

Happy Zapata Doll :)

I'm about a month post op and some! I feel so sexy. My waist is so tiny and my butt is so juicy. So happy with my results. Already thinking of going back and maybe getting my breast done and some chin lipo!

Round two?!

Hi dolls. This booty is alive and well.
I want more hips or "laterals" and I want a breast lift with an implant but no anchor scars. Looking for a doctor in Bogota or Cali that can do that for me ....
I am currently considering Plazas...
Undecided ... What else is new
Dr. Jorge Barrera


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