28 Year Old Traveling from California to Cali Colombia for BBL/Liposculpture with Dr.Plazas

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I know I should've started journaling my...

I know I should've started journaling my experience a long time ago but better late than never right.

I write this laying in a bed at Casa Arama Recovery House in Cali, Colombia. Feels pretty unreal I'm even here considering I was told by the doctor my hemo may be too low at 11.5. Later he said the anesthesiologist gave the green light so here I am.

I'm 18 days late on period, took two pregnancy tests that said I was negative and my boobs have been sore like hell for the last week. Keeping fingers crossed my period starts after surgery.

My first meeting/appt with Plazas is tomorrow morning at 8am. It's almost midnight and I'm wide awake because I slept most of the day. The RH is pretty nice, for $75/day you can't complain. It has AC in the private rooms but not the shared area. Good has been pretty healthy, the staff is super friendly doesnt speak a word of English so make note of that. I downloaded a translating app and seem to be doing fine with it.

I was quoted $2,800 for liposculpture and BBL, $2600 for breast lift and $500 for an etching. I'm definitely going to hold off on the breast lift because I'm traveling alone and want to be comfortable on the way back. Still undecided on the ab etching part of it.

Surgery in 4 hours!

My surgery is at 1pm with Dr Plazas ???????? yesterdays consult went really well think we both have similar vision, super tight waist, aggressive Lipo on love handles, outer thigh and added roundness to my hips and butt projection ???? I'm weirdly calm and enjoying it although I feel like that may change in a couple hours ????. Instead of ab etching I decided to get buccal fat removal to help with my chubby cheeks ????I saw a girl in the waiting room who had it done by him and she looked amazing ???? My period did started yesterday right before my labwork because that's just how life works ???? but I'm sure by the end of today period cramps will be the least of my worries ???? can't wait to be on the road to recovery!
Dr Luis Eduardo Coronado Plazas

Doctor has been communicative so far. Looking forward to meeting him for the first time tomorrow.

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