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Well I have ten days until my procedure. I excited...

Well I have ten days until my procedure. I excited and nervous. I will be leaving the country and going to Cali Colombia for Dr Villalobos to work his magic on me! I am booked, but have no idea on what to bring to be comfortable after surgery! I don't want to bring a lot just enough to be comfortable. I will be gone 21 days. Any suggestions will help

Six more DAYS!!!

I am so excited and been crazy busy trying to get some of my work done before I leave for Colombia on Saturday. I nervous and don't know what to expect leaving my country for a surgery. But I've put many hours of investigation and this I believe is the best decision for me. I will keep everyone updated on my journey.

Six more days!!

I actually have been counting wrong this whole time! Urg! I leave in three days and have my surgery in six days! But it's less than a week away! I went and got most of the stuff for recovery today on my lunch break. I found this stuff for bruising and got it just to see if it works. Hope it does. Well a few have asked about the procedures that I'm getting. I am getting whole body lipo, with bbl and implants. I am also getting a labiaplasty. He is going to trim a little on the small labia and then inject fat into the large labia, because I have no fat at all just the small labia. My whole life I wanted this done so I could have a normal looking vj. My hubby doesn't know, it will be a nice surprise for him when I get back home. I don't think he minds it now but I've always been self conscious about it. So I don't know what I'm more excited about my new ass or my new VJ. Lol!
I can't find any maxi dresses at all up here in philly. I've checked just about everywhere and since it's winter they are no where to be found. Any suggestions on where to find maxi dresses will be appreciated. SIX MORE DAYS DOLLS!!!

Made it to Cali

Well I finally made it. Was delayed three times but got here. The couple that picked me up are very nice. The guy doesn't speak much English and Tatiana doesn't speak any English, but she has a perfect ass???????? she is now my wish pict. Now I'm super excited. I'm really tired, I worked this morning until I went to the airport and then have been in airports all day long. I had no problems with customs at all. So now it's real and my journey begins. Pray for me


I got here on Saturday and on Sunday it rained all day, so we didn't get out or anything. So I slept all day! Today I went to all my appointments. First was the labs and the girl that drew my blood was like a machine I didn't feel anything???????? then I gave them a urine sample and then the nurse took me upstairs I got undressed and laid on a table and she placed cuff thing on my wrists and feet, but not to hold you down or anything then she places these suction things around my heart and turned the machine on, I didn't feel anything. The machine printed out what looked like my heartbeat and then she said I was done. All this took about 15 minutes altogether. Then we went back to casa Arama for a few hours and then we went to see Dr Dias the anesthesiologist. He was to my surprise nice looking and really funny. I felt very comfortable with him. We talked about what was going to happen and he asked if I wanted the pain pump and of course I said yes. It helped with my mommy makeover so I was all about that. Then I went back ate lunch and went to see Dr Villalobos. Very good guy I felt free to talk about anything and my concerns and exactly what I wanted and he assured me I was in good hands. So my experience has been very good so far. I will keep everyone posted on my journey to a new body!

Day after surgery

Well everything went well. I am a bit sore but not too bad. I can walk around and everything. Not suppose to by myself but I do cause I get up like every half hour to pee. My god I've never peed so much in my life. Well the surgery was different from America. Better on so many levels. First they put you to sleep and then they give you a spinal dr.dias. If you have had a spinal before it's painful and your not suppose to move but that pain makes you jump. So I feel this way was better. I woke up in the middle of surgery but couldn't feel anything, and I had this thing up my nose that was irritating and gave me a runny nose afterward, but it wasn't that bad. And dr Dias talks to you while dr Villalobos does his work. Surgery took me 4.5 hours. I didn't recover for awhile. I couldn't walk or stand or anything. Sometimes whey say it happens. When I finally got strength back enough to walk and stand they had my recovery house come and get me. It was like 8pm, but most people get out before that. By the time a few hours had passed I was walking and going to the bathroom on my own. The pain pump is a must. Very good choice. It's only $130 extra and well worth it. I ate dinner which I was starving which was bland potatoes bland chicken and rice. I didn't eat hardly because I felt so full. Oh yeah I forgot to mention how sick I was after waking up. I had a few dry heaves. And puked spit but. That's it. After I ate though I haven't had any nausea. I took a tuns because laying on my tummy made me have heartburn. It worked wonders. After all night peeing I thought I would be so tired but I'm not. I even did some of my work I had to bring. My butt looks nice and I feel good. It's swollen so it won't be this big. Thank god! But a nice size. Well questions feel free. It's quite boring so I'll check in frequently

Recovery: Day three

Well its 4am on my fourth day and I can't sleep because my pain pump is beeping because I ran out of whatever is in there. I am in pain where my lipo in my stomach took place. They took the drains out as well. Was a weird feeling, but not painful. So far I am very pleased with the results. They also took out the cotton thing that was in my vagina from the vaginoplasty. It felt like I had a never ending tampon in. Hehe. I am very full of fluid and swollen. I will get my first massage today. I'm excited and dreading it as well. I'm excited because I have so much fluid and this is how they get it out. I'm dreading it because I heard it hurts like hell. We shall see. I'm just ready for the soreness to go away. Anyone know when that will be?

Day seven

I go to the dr at three today. My butt is still really hard, but the girl that runs casa Arama says that it is normal and will soften. I felt hers and its soft so hopefully mine turns like that very soon. I almost passed out yesterday when they were taking fluid out. There was so much fluid. Hopefully my body absorbs and possesses this fluid very quickly. I feel good though. I've been to the mall like three days in a row. They have ok shops there. I tried on jeans and I feel they look funny on me, I guess I'm not used to this bum yet.

3 months post op!

Ok now that the swelling has gone down almost all the way I can give you a better review. I still love my results. But I wish he would have done more lipo in my back. I still haven't "fluffed" yet, and my incision is still opening up. I keep it very clean so I don't get an infection. When I spoke with Dr Villalobos he said this happens and to tape up my butt and keep it clean. So little by little it is closing up, but not as quickly as I want it to. It doesn't hurt its just annoying that I have to clean it so much. My butt is still a little hard because it hasn't fluffed yet. But you can see the implant nor can you feel it. As for my labiaplasty, I'm going to another dr for that. He didn't put as much fat on the outside labia as I wanted him to. And I wanted a bit more trimmed. So I will be going elsewhere for that. So any of you could recommend me a dr for that I would appreciate it. My butt looks really good though and I would still recommend dr Villalobos for that. It fits my body perfectly I think.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

So far the office and he has been good about getting back with me. It was smooth and easy to book an appointment.

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