Kiubo Pues Parcero!! Cali, Colombia 2015 - Cali, CO

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I'm super excited!! Just a little scared.. I'm...

I'm super excited!! Just a little scared..
I'm going with Dr. Villalobos for a BBl and liposculpture.. I was schedule for September but thinking of going sooner in July so if anyone is going in July let me know !! I still don't know what Recovery house to go to .. I'm waiting for the Plane tickets to go down a little .. Always wanted to do a BBL just never thought I would consider going out of the country for it.. so Good luck to everyone in this journey !! ?

?Can't wait!!

So I decided to go ahead and get my boobs done.. or fix them LOL.. I'm getting a breast lift aswell.. I explained to Paola that I have a small benign tumor on my boobie and asked her if Villalobos can still operate me with that being in there .. she said " Yes, infact he can remove it .. " :D so I'm now just super duper excited !! Can't wait !!! Want to look good in my 20s !!! 1 more month!!!

wish pictures (como quiero quedar)

No to donkey asses lol!! I want something to look very natural ... But good!! I don't want it to look fake.. Something that goes with my bodyfigure .. So here are some wish pictures..

3 MORE WEEKS!!! 21 MORE DAYS !!!! AHHHHHHHHH (unimportant update)

Right about now I feel like .. " hurry up 3 weeks can't wait" at the same time I'm like "Omg!!! 3 weeks.. so close!! so scared!! oh God!!"
So when I decided to go ahead and do this procedure 2 months ago I stop my everyday healthy going to the gym routine ... and decided to gain a little bit of weight just so the doc can have enough fat to transfer!!.. I've gained around 12 lbs !!! Hopefully He takes it all out !!!! -__-

12 days remaining!!!!

Si huele a caƱa, tabaco y brevas usted esta en cali ay mire, vea! Si las mujeres son
lindas y hermosas. Aqui no hay fea para que vea..................................

I'm just OH SOOOO excited !!

Flying to Cali!!!

OK .. So i'm flying tomorrow and alot of things are going through my mind right now.. I am scared but excited!! Hopefully everything goes great!!! Trying to stay positive about everything!! Mix emotions right about now!!! I guess that's normal!!!

I made it

Make it real short because I'm in pain ... The surgery went great . yes I was so nervous before the surgery (omg will I wake up from surgery, how is the paing going to be ect.) So after marking me and taking pics I go into the surgery room and as I'm talking to the anesthesiologist the nurse is putting the sleepy medice in my iv without me even knowing.. Because with in seconds I start seeing the room blurry and its a nice feeling... Like when you are a little bit tipsy... And as I notice that the anesthesiologist is putting the epidural in my back! And all I remember telling him was " you take good care of me OK????" And I knocked out...

So yes I did wake up in the middle of surgery but didn't freak out ..I couldn't feel anything... I just felt my body moving so I believe they where doing the lipo ... And than I knocked back out... And than I woke up to take some cover off of my face ( it was bothering me] and than woke up like 5 min before surgery ended!

Yes 3 times !! But don't freak out ..since your sedated is like you don't even care!!

So now! How I feel???, well since I didn't get the pump ( epidural pump you pay for that last 3 days after surgery and it numbs you so you would feel less pain) I am hurting! I'm just w pain pills every 7 hrs.. And yes the first day it hurts like hell!!! Like I actually got ran over by a 18 Wheeler! But I'm not crying! Just holding on .. In my head I'm like (well you got yourself into this now be tough) and that's how it is! It hurts me more because I ended up getting a tummy tuck !!! So be prepared mentally

Back Home, back at work!! 10 days post op

So it's my first day back at work.. Got here 2 days ago!! YES i only stayed 7 days post op in Colombia!! I have a desk job .. so i feel ok to work.. still draining!!! Ok so in Colombia they are very strict .. It's very common that someone goes to their country to do surgery so on my way out they asked me what was the reason for my visit and if the reason was for any type of surgery and I told them i was there to visit family and friends... Why did I lie to them? Well, even tho I had a letter from my Surgeon stating that it was ok for me to fly back ! I heard from a lady who left the night before I did That the airline still has you get checked by a doctor in the airport and if he says you can't leave.. well guess what.. they won't let you leave.. I was over there for 10 days total! and that's not enough .. So i ddnt want to risk it.. and that is why I lied!!.. and trust me they asked me several times !! Thank god i speak spanish !!

On the airplane.. I did feel a little bit of pressure and i believe i drained alot!! but everything is good!! Thank God!!

Casa Arama

Beautiful place Beautiful staff Awesome owners!! The nurses are wonderful very attentive! i felt right at home.. very friendly people.. The owner is Ronald .. very busy man!! but he goes out of his ways to make you fell comfortable!!

Swelling is going down .... So is my butt :(

even tho i'm so happy that I'm not in pain anymore ( just my abdomen due to tummy tuck) or swollen as much .. I'm kind of sad my butt has gone down as well.. not soo sure if the fluffing does exist! but at least my butt dsnt look like before.. Is more round and full. :)
anyways.. I'm going to visit Harold next yr for my boobs :) so a little more fat transfer won't hurt LOL

before and after of Dr. Harold Villalobos work

Love my results.. Love my new body! Love Dr. Villalobos and his staff
Love Colombia!

It's more noticeable in person ! But I love my natural look! And IF decide on a bigger size I will than go for more ( and do a lot of squats too lol)

Tummy tuck

Freshly out of surgery ... With that was a lot of pain and discomfort! But the results are worth it!!

2 months post op!

I love me even more

6 months post op

Gain a few lbs so started drinking green juice cutting alot of food.. And exercising 3 times a week and im loosing most of it ! Trying to maintain... Happy w results.. Love Villalobos
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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