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Hello R.S ladies :) Well, a little about me...I...

Hello R.S ladies :)

Well, a little about me...I am mother to 4 gorgeous girls, with my youngest being 15 months. I am 5'3 170 lbs. I am naturally a very curvacious woman, with hips measuring 44' (lucky me) waist 30' (not so lucky) I have always been around 120-130 lbs, before and after each pregnancy. However, with my last baby I decided I wanted to keep my new found big booty that i love love love!!! Unfortunately, when I lose weight, everything else goes, and I didnt want that, so I opted for a lipo first, with the desire of removing excess fat from my waist, and contour my buttocks, as well an a breast aug. I started to look into it in Cali, Colombia, to price out my options. First Dr I inquired with was Dr Lina Triana. Dr Trianas price for lipo, and breast aug was $6,000 with post op garment, post op medicine included. It was my first time inquiring, so I told the Dr's assistant that I was looking into having my surgeries sometime next year. She then offered me a $1,000 discount if I came this year, and sent her the deposit to confirm the date. That was sufficient enough to get my attention, and intrigue me into planning a trip. I told her that I was very interested, and that I would go ahead with it. In the meantime, I was on R.S, and read that Dr Triana doesn't give tiny waists (which is what I want) as well as there weren't any offical reviews of her work, as well as any before or after BBL procedure. I stumbled across a few excellent reviews about Dr Villalobos in Cali, and decided to look him up....well I fell in love with his work, decided to request a quote. Dr. V advised me that I should get a T.T due to my excess skin (which I dont believe I have any) but I will leave that to him :) as well as a breast lift with aug. I certainly didn't want the whole mommy makeover deal, because I have had 3 c-sections, and the recovery time was rough, so I can only imagine what a TT would be like. Anyway, he quoted me $6,000 for the following: breast lift with aug, a tummy tuck with muscle tie, and lipo sculpture (which is lipo and bbl) all of those procedures for that price, and included is also a 24h nurse for 2 days, post op garments, and 10 post massages. SCORE!! Dr.V it is. I was impressed by the formal letter they sent out with all of the information regarding the quote, the procedure, and then some. I went ahead and chose a date for the end of October of this year. I have family in Cali, but won't be staying with them for the first few nights. I don't want anyone in my family to lose sleep over my vanity, so I decided to stay at Casa Arama. I have already been in contact with Martha. She is soo sweet, and very thorough in explaining every question I may have. I will update once date is confirmed, and throughout the process. Bye for now. Xo

Change of mind....

So, as I am waiting in the E.R with my dd who has chronic tonsolitis, I am thinking I should update you ladies on my change of mind. I am currently not wanting a tummy tuck for many reasons:
1-Guess it is the biggest reason; the recovery time. I might be speculating this outcome, but I have had 3 c-sections, and they were NOT fun. I have 4 lil girls, and I need to choose a procedure that gives me a decent outcome with the least recovery time.
2- I have read the many issues with constant swelling, even years down the road. Nooo thank you!
3- The least of my concerns, the ugly scar that also can become a nuisance with its host of issues.
So, I emailed my Dr, sent him a few pictures of how well my skin has responded to my weight loss of 50+ lbs after every pregnancy. All he could say was that he would have to take a look at me personally, and then come up with a plan there, but that he was thinking possibly a mini tuck. Well, I do not appreciate the pushiness towards a tuck, especially about something I am not interested in doing. I am not looking for a drastic change in shape, as I am already very curvy. Anything at this point would help me. The biggest change for me would be the lift with the augmentation. I would rather try lipo and my skin become loose, then have a full tuck without knowing what the results of the lipo would have been. I am not in a rush to have a perfect body in one shot. Having said that, I also want to prevent future complications. On another note, I will be paying my deposit in the next couple of weeks, and then time to do some shopping for my supplies. Ttyl. Xo

Keeping an eye on ticket prices

Hey heyy!! I am checking ticket prices daily for flights to Colombia, and am very excited to find a good price. My mother is taking time off work to stay with my 4 children. She will be confirming this tonight, which I am very happy about. Yall know there is no one better than grandma :). I dont really like maxi dresses, since I am only 5'3, and they make me look extra short, but I would like to be very comfortable, so I have started purchasing dresses, no supplies yet tho. No one in my family is supportive of this, except my mother who is supportive of the fact that I am a grown woman, and am able to make my own decisions. She is very respectful when it comes to that, and is supporting me with child care and her prayers, which is plenty for me. My husband does NOT have a clue about this, since I would like to firstly surprise him, secondly, I would not like to hear his negative feedback on this. He is American, never been to Colombia, and based on the news about Colombia, he never wants to go lol, which is a shame, but to each their own. Colombia is home to me, it is where I was born and raised, I know my people, I know the food, I know the language, the culture, everything. It is my first home, Canada is second. Anyway, I forget his name, but the owner of Casa Arama conducts himself in a very professional manner when speaking to me over the phone. I have yet to buy my tickets, and they are on the ball about checking on me making sure that I know to call them about any question I may have, ensuring that I am aware that they will provide me with lots of TLC which is so comforting. I can speak ahead because I know how Colombians are when hosting people. They are amazing! I am to send them a copy of my flight itinerary, and then they will book my date. As I previously mentioned in my last post, I am staying with them 4 nights, because I don't want my family to loose sleep over my vanity. I am bringing my 15 month old so my family can meet her, and love her up, and since her flight ticket is free, it works in my favour. I am getting very excited. This is such an important trip for me because I am visiting the woman who raised me for 10 yrs. My mother worked as a live in private nurse back in Colombia. Mother worked 4 days on, 4 days off. My mama was in charge of everything about my sister's and my care. I have 2 moms. My imama is the one that raised me and my mother is the one who birthed me, love them both very much, and am lucky to still have them here with me. Therefore this trip is multi-purpose. God willing, I am also bringing my mama back to Canada with me to visit her grandbabies for 6 months!! This has been a goal of mine for many years, and I finally have the opportunity to travel with her back home! Soo exciting! Also looking forward to having someone here to help me out while husby is out of the country for work. Ttyl loves! XO

Purchasing tickets today.....

Just switched to a Visa/debit from my bank today, came home all excited to buy this ticket, went online and I found an amazing price for round trip from Detroit to Cali for $815.00 taxes and fees and everything else included! Boy, am I blessed. Patience is a virtue, so I thought. Went to put in my information, boom, card declined...I said naw uh, I have got plenty if money in there. Call my bank, ask them what's going on, they say it takes 24 hrs after card activation to be able to make online purchases! Dont you know my heart stopped? That is an AMAZING price, also had a promo code for extra savings. I probably won't find it at that price anymore :( so I am bummed out, will have to wait an see what is in store for me. P.s God forbid I use hubby's card for that amount, my ass is BUSTED in no time ;) I also found out that since my flight was international that I had to pay $235.00 worth of taxes for my daughter to travel with me on MY LAP! Girl, you have got to be tripping if you thinking I am going to pay that much to have her uncomfortable flying for an entire day. No thanks. I had kind intentions of taking her with me to meet her mother land, but it's just not worth it at this point. On another note, I am getting very anxious, nervous and excited!! And of course I would have a paranoid sister who is chicken little, and always thinks THEEE ABSOLUTE worst. Boy, I tell ya. I cannot have negative bees buzzing in my years! Anyway, I will check back tomorrow , and see if I may still be this lucky! Xo

Forgot something...

Guess the internet is the wrong place to come to assumptions, however, Paola, Dr V's assistant has been very dry to me from day one. Not sure if it is due to the fact that I am Colombian as well (they tend to treat gringos better than their own people) or if I am misinterpreting the situation. For the past little while, I have been asking many questions and going back and forth with her and Dr. V in efforts of finally making up my mind about the tummy tuck. I have and still am having mixed feelings about it mostly because if the recovery time, so I have been very concerned, Dr. V however, has been very thorough and kind with his replies, as opposed to Miss Paola, whom seems to have an issue with all of my questions. In one of the back and forths between the Dr And I, I asked him how and when are the specs of booking my date. He said I had 2 weeks from the time I picked a date to confirm it, if not, it would be an open spot. Ok, understood. My question is, why didn't Miss Paola let me know this when I am emailing her several times and asking her that question? Because I was never aware of the time limit I had, and wasn't sure if the clock was even running already for me. I let them know 2 weeks ago, that I would be payong my deposit today. She sent an email today asking me if my c.c was a Visa or an M.C, and that I needed to take a picture of my card, and email it to her along with a written permission with the amount to be charged. Wait a minute....what? You mean to tell me that you are going to not only ask that I sent my card info thru an unsafe form across international borders, but also have my card info accesible and on file anytime you please? You have GOT to be loosing your marbles girl! Hell to the NAW!!!! Told her that I will NOT send money in this manner, and to please find me an alterative form if payment. What kind of shit is this? Has anyone ever been expected to do this? I'm sorry, Colombian or not, I do not trust anyone with keeping my financial info on file. Hell, not even reputable hotels keep your shit exposed like that. I don't care, its not happening. She said in the email if I can do that we could do it tomorrow. Also, I told her that for financial reasons I could not do the tummy tuck, and that I was wondering if she could apply a discount towards it. She dryly said..."the doctor has already given you a 30% discount on the 3 procedures. We can do the payment tomorrow" call me crazy but this woman has got many attitude issues. Not speaking too soon, but I WILL check her in her spot should I sense anything unprofessional from her, cus she ain't doing me a favor, and she better know that. Anyway, rant over. Please let me know if any of you have experienced this as well. Thanks! Xo

Yup! I am still this lucky!

So, that paranoid sis I was telling you about? Yup, that sis used her c.c and booked my ticket!! I got lucky that the price did not change while we sorted this out. Sent her the email money transfer which took forever, meanwhile I shit a ton of bricks while waiting for her to receive it hoping the price doesn't change because prices can increase within a matter of minutes and are not guaranteed until an E-ticket has been issued. Pheww!! Life is good. Received a late email from Miss Paola stating she would call me in the a.m to process my deposit, and to send her an email with written permission of the amount to be charged. We shall see how this goes tomorrow. Good night ladies. Will update tomorrow!! Xo

Casa Arama stay confirmed

Hey hey!
I have confirmed my 4 night stay with Casa Arama as of today. No deposit required, I am assuming because they are quite new, and haven't been f*cked over by girls booking and canceling just quite. However, they do request a copy of your itinerary so that they are certain you are coming, which in a sense is an assurance for them, just not monetary. Martha is just soo comforting, and uplifting!! We chat on whatsup frequently, and is always concerned about how I am feeling about my surgery. She talks to me like I am a member of her family, of course if you don't speak any spanish, itll be hard for her to express herself in the manner that she would really like to, cus sorry to all of you english speaking folks , but the English language is dry. Spanish has soo many cute ways of saying words, and Martha is just using them all! Bless her heart. Today, I was expecting Miss Paola's phone call regarding my deposit, well she didn't call, and didn't have the decency to tell she wouldn't either until I emailed her about it. She said she was ill, and couldn't make it into the office today, and didn't tell me when she would be expecting to return either. I want to get this deposit paid ASAP! I like to have everything in place. Anyway, waiting on her call, and will be going shopping for my supplies in the U.S soon. Im just about 2 hr drive from the D town. Ttyl. Xo

Deposit still not paid.....

So, remember I said Paola was sick and couldn't call me? Well, she didnt even send me a message letting me know that she wouldn't be calling because she was sick. I had to email her to ask her what happened. If she was well enough to reply to that email on her iphone, she was well enough to send me a quick message. She eventually called me, and unexpectedly. She caught me at a bad moment, and I couldn't talk. Told her that she could call me the next day, she asks what time, told her 6pm, she said ok, no problem, I will call you tomorrow. 6pm the next day rolls around, and no phone call from her, or the following day after that. Sent her ANOTHER email asking what happened, she said "sorry, your schedule conflicts with mine, since I am also done at 6pm" hmmm interesting coincidence. Its too bad that you can't stay 15 minutes extra to make a phone call. I sent her a reply and told her no to worry because she said my date was already booked, and to take her time. I am in no rush to provide my credit card number over the phone. So, here I am a month and a bit before surgery and no deposit paid. Cant even trust what she says anymore. Not impressed!!
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