31 Year Old , 2 kids, 8 Month Post Breast Augmentation, Want Them Out!!!! - California

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I'm 31 years old, had surgery almost 8 months ago...

I'm 31 years old, had surgery almost 8 months ago and I regret it every single day... I am thinking about removing my implants but I'm so nervous and anxious about the after removal outcome... I was always so self conscious about my small breast and even though my husband always told me how much he loved me the way I was and that I didn't need to add anything to my body, I was always unhappy and wanted to get big boobs really bad.... Now I realized that I was a big mistake and this horrible experience has just teach me to appreciate and love my self for who I am and not for what I think I need to look beautiful in people's eyes.
I wish I could go back in time and had listened to my husband, he is amazing and even now he supports me 100% on my decision of removing my implants.
I have 350cc silicone over the muscle, they look nice and sexy but they feel horrible!!!.... They are uncomfortable and hard... I used to work out and dance, I can't do none of that stuff now, its painful, they fill firm as rocks when I lay down and I have throbbing pain and off and on burning sensation on both breast, this has affected me so bad physically and emotionally to the point where I found myself crying every day..... I really want to take them out but I'm so afraid that I will get myself into something worst, I shouldn't even put myself through this in the first place. I hope I can find support and encouragement here as long as any advice you ladies can give me. A friend told me that my breast will look even smaller and probably deformed after explanation, is that true??... I just want to think that she is so happy with her implants that she is trying to convince me to keep mine too. At least I have my husband's support. I'm depressed and anxious all the time.... I need advice please. Thank you

Capsule???.... lift or no lift?

I think i will probably need a lift after removing my implants but im not sure about it, breast augmentation was so painful that i would hate to put myself on that road again......... why is it that a lot of people prefer not to do a lift after removing their implants, is it because its as painful and complicated as to have implants done?... is it because of the extra cost?... or because of the scars?.... also i have been reading other stories and I've noticed people talking about having their capsule removed along with the implants and others don't even mentioned..... I don't really know what that is?... what is the capsule?....what is the difference about removing the capsule and not removing it

A few pictures

This is how they look right now.... Heavy!!

More than sure about my decision

I've been reading so many stories in this site and I feel more than sure about wanting to remove my implants, thank you ladies for your amazing stories and for giving me the courage to go with this... I'm not so anxious anymore and I feel ready to start my surgeon hunting lol..... it's sad what it takes sometimes for you to learn to appreciate your self for who you are... I never though I was going to miss my little boobs again lol.... But I do miss them... I can't wait to be fit and healthy again... I feel that God never allowed me to feel good or happy with my implants because he is giving me a second chance to undo my mistake sooner than later.... I eill keep you guys posted when I start seeing doctors....


Pretty heavy, still can wear a regular bra because i get unbearable pain a few hours later... I can only wear sport bras but I still feel like they are pushing me down :-(

First consult

Ok ladies so I had my first virtual consult today since i am planing to fly somewhere else and have this done..... doctor was very professional and seems like he know what he is talking about... he has over 25 years of experience, he revised my case and pictures i sent and this is what he says.

He recommends for me to have a breast ultrasound before surgery to know the state of my implants and the capsule, he said he does not believe that only with palpation you can determine if the capsule should be removed or not, he said the outcome depends on how many breast tissue i have, the size of my implants and elasticity of my skin, he does recommended a lift to removed the extra skin (which i'm not so sure about that).... its true that i don't have a lot of breast tissue so i don't know if i should benefit from a lift or not????? can anyone advise???..... should i get it considering that i was really small and my skin has stretch a lot???... or would the lift make them look even smaller than before???.... i'm confused! :(

He also mentioned that sensibility is not lost with a lift if no tissue is touch, it also depends on the experience and the doctor's technique, which he assured he has extensive experience.
I will need 2 to 3 weeks to recover and fly back home, that will be hard... being away from hubby and my girls....

Any comments or advice???..... anything else i should ask him?...... I have another virtual consult with an also very known surgeon on Monday..... I don't think i want to go back to my original surgeon because he operates on several people a day and now that makes me doubt about quality...

Neck and back pain :(

Hello ladies.... i have to say that is hard for me to go a day with out reading all the incredible stories here... im so thankful for all of you.... i know i will be less anxious and will kow what to expect when the time comes for me.....
I woke up two days ago with a horrible neck pain, i can barely move my neck today... im pretty sure is because of the weight on my chest.... my mid back is really sore as well and its really hard to work like this... I sit an a desk all day long, i just want to go home and lay down :'(.......
Any tips on how to ease a little bit the pain????.... I dont know what to take..... i took some Ibuprofen but it doesn't help at all....

Time Is here!

Hello ladies, its been a long time since the last time Is was here, ive had different situations and it's been hard for me...... I've had a few consults in the last few months and I was not happy with them, I was getting frustrated and discourage, I am a woman of faith and I prayed so much and just told God to take control over this situation because I was feeling lost, God always listen and I found a great surgeon that specializes in reconstructions, I had a consult with her and I felt comfortable and secure from the first time I heard her talking, she gave me my different options but never tried to talk me out of removing without replacing the implants, she was honest and said it will be a long surgery since the implants I have had damaged a lot of my Brest tissue, she said she will do a full capsulectomy because she does not believe in leaving the capsule behind since that always causes problems in the future, she will perform a pexia through the areola..... Tomorrow is the day!!!... I will have these implants removed tomorrow morning ladies!!... I'm nervous but happy, finally I will feel me again.... My husband is my biggest supporter, he told me he will love me even more for being me, I am so fortunate to have him by my side.... Pray for me ladies, wish me luck.... I will take a few pictures today before surgery and I will take a few tomorrow after surgery.... I will be free again thank God.... God is good all the time!

Bye bye implants

Here Is a few last pictures before my Surgery, they look worst Now then a month ago... "thank you God for being with me"


Its done ladies, i had no pain At the hospital but Im really really sore right now.... I'm on pain killers right now so I will update you guys tomorrow... I need to rest, just wanted to let you guys know that everything went well thank God and I'm free!!!... They look very small, the pictures make them look big but they are not jhahahahaj .... It's ok I'm happy!... Thanks for all of your prayers... Talk to you tomorrow beautiful ladies!

Can't sleep!!!!... :-(, not on pain, just not sleepy!

Hello ladies, I've been up all night long, trying to sleep on my back and almost sitting down its horrible, my back is killing me from being in this position .... Lol.. I haven't been able to sleep, plus I'm not sleepy at all... Could that be a side effect from the anesthesia??.... I really hope I could fall as sleep and get some rest... Any advice on home remedies to get some sleep?......

Day 1

Good morning ladies!!!... Today os my first day after Surgery, i feel great, sore but great... Now i can give you a little more details about yesterday... I was supposed to be in the hospital at 7:00am but the night before rained so bad and the OR room suffer some damages... The nurse called me very early and told me she was trying to get me schedule on another hospital were the doctor had benefits...: it was a more expensive hospital but since it was not my fault the doctor's office paid the difference :-),... They schedule me at 11:30 am and I got there at 10:00 am... I was so hungry and so nervous, my blood pressure went down to 81/40 ... I felt like I was passing out.... They had me with a bag of I don't know what through my IV for about an hour lol... Then they took me to the OR room...: I had local anesthesia and sedation... It was like blinking and wala!!!! It was done!.... The surgery lasted 4 hours.... I had a full capsulectomy and the doctor said she had to do a lot of recontruction since the previous Doctor damaged a lot of my breast tissue when he put the implants.... They will probably look more little than before BA but I don't care I feel great not having those implants in my body anymore!!!!.. When I woke up I felt no pain at all, no nausea from the anesthesia.... Actually the anesthesiologist asked me if I had problema with anesthesia before and I said I always wake up nauseous and she said, " that's good you told me, I will put something on your IV during surgery "..... I don't know what she put but it was a miracle..... No nauseas at all!!!.... I was in recovery for about 3 hours and then they let me go home.... I started feeling sore when I got home but nothing bad, so I ate a delicious vegetale soup that my husband made and took my medicine.... Didn't sleep at all :( so I feel tired and I have a headache thats all... But my breast pain from 1-10 I have a 2.... I'm happy.... I just took a few pictures this morning but I can't take the bandages and gaze off... The doctor said she will take them off her self next week. I'm being treated like a queen by my awesome husband and my beautiful children... I'm not doing anything but chatting here....lol

Day 2 post-op

Hello ladies, today Is day 2, i feel amazing!!... I cant still see my boobs and I can't wait lol, i have to wait until Monday when i go see the doctor for my first post-op ... I had my first lymphatic drainage massage today, it helps decrease inflammation and pain... It felt so good, it hurt a little since I'm sore but i felt amazing after.....I haven't take any pain pills today.... The pain in minimal, actually is only soreness....

Arnica cream and grape juice

This cream Is amazing for bruising, just I thought I should share for those who bruise easily.... There are also Arnica tablets but I haven't tried them, only the cream and I like it so far. Also I've been drinking a grape and spinach juice to increase hemoglobin. Just cook the little black/red grapes after they are cooked, blend them with raw spinach and enjoy!!!... It's absolutely delicious and very healthy after loosing blood in surgery.

Any suggestions????

Good morning beautiful ladies!!!.... I haven't been able to sleep much since surgery and I've been a little constipated.... Could this be a side effect of the anesthesia??... I need any suggestions you can give me?... I need to sleep!!!!!... I'm starting to feel like a zombie during the day but even if I try to nap i can't fall asleep..... Did anyone had this problem?... Also are there any good home remedies for constipation?..... Other than that I feel fantastic, tomorrow is my first post op visit and I think she will remove the bandages from my breast.... I will send pictures tomorrow :)

1 week post op

Good morning ladies!
I had my first post op visit today, everything Is going great, my boobs are healing properly, no stitches came out yet, bandages were taken off and they look great, a little bruise still but I love the result so far, my surgeon said that skin traction will happen in the first three months and they will look great in a couple of weeks.... My husband already flew back home with the kiddos so I sent him pictures and he cried of happiness.... Omg I feel so loved by that wonderful man!!!... He says he misses me so much already and can't wait for me to go back home next week.... God is good and he loves me, I feel sooooo good, I'm so happy I don't have implants anymore, the feeling is amazing... I feel me again and the happiness I'm feeling is just priceless!!.... Here are a few pictures of my progress, I also attached a picture of my boobs before breast augmentation compared to today (one week after explant) and I think they look better now lol.... Lots of love to you beautiful ladies!!...

One week post-op photos

I forgot to attached the photos on my last update... Lol... Here you go!

2 weeks post-op

Hello friends!!!!......Today was my 2 week post op visit.... Stitches came off... My breast are looking healthier and I feel amazing ... My left breast is dropping a little more than the right one but the doctor told me It will look even with time...: I'm soooo happy though....I took my surgical bra Sunday for the first time for my brothers wedding.... I'm flying back home today.... Can't wait to see my husband and my kids...I will attached some pictures....

1 month post op

Hello ladies!... Last Friday was 1 month after surgery, I feel great, I'm exercising, not my upper body but I'm running and working out my legs, I feel more energetic and it's amazing..... No regrets at all, I'm really liking how my clothes look.... I was a little sore last week but I probably over did it a little with the house shores, I had to calm down and take it easy :-)..
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