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Ok guys yes I've been stalking for the last month...

Ok guys yes I've been stalking for the last month reading up on as much as I can for the surgery....I never really considered getting my butt done since I didnt want implants but this bbl procedure sounds perfect for me....getting lipo on my inner/outer thighs, stomach, flanks and back with transfer to the bum with Dr. V. I'm gonna do a combo if regular lipo and laser lipo for the skin tightening. He recommended a breast lift as well but idk I thought my girls looked pretty good still so I'm gonna see about that. This website has really been helpful and I've met a few girls that are going around the same time as me so I'm excited. Shoutout to Yulie and Larisos lol...idk if im gonna do before & after kinda embarrassed to go full disclosure online but lets see how this goes...crossing my fingers xoxo

Prep stuff

Checking iron levels today at Labcorp.... I couldn't get a doctors appointment in time so i got a script online to check my blood count at for $39...I suffer from anemia due to uterine fibroids so I gotta make sure I'm at least 13/14 in hemoglobin...The floradix iron +herbs liquid has been the best medicine to raise my iron....I got it on if I'm below 13 i gotta double up on my iron intake...I get the results in two days I ordered compression socks, boppy pillow, surgical gloves and vita medica surgery kit. We get 2 garments with the surgery so I'm gonna wait to get one of my own till afterwards. ..

Wish Pics ????

Some wish pics...I'm looking at booties all day lol

Playing with plastic surgery simulator before/after

I am still obsessing with looking at pics all day lol but i found this app...still playing around with it. Plus my new wish pic..found online not taken live lol Paola gave me my presurgery natural vitamins besides iron & vitamin smoking or birth control the month before. alcohol at least 72 hrs before. ..I'm excited. .my boyfriend is obsessing with butts now. at first he told me to do like 200 squats a day now hes on the bbl train lol

leaving in 20 days :)

Holy crap..time is flying mom is getting nervous and so am I...shes coming with me..and Thank god for that...I really would've went alone. ..when i decide on something nothing holds me back. ..but I'm happy she is...I also finally told my brother about my procedure..I was afraid he wouldn't approve but surprisingly he is being very supportive...huge weight off my shoulders...I was discussing supplies w Yulie and Paola told her we can buy the majority of things in the pharmacy there and its less expensive...I was also thinking today that maybe a rolled up yoga mat is better to sit on during recovery..I read in some reviews that people get the female urinal...sounds like it makes sense..but gross lol currently I'm around 185lbs and 5 ft 6 inches tall..I'm more of a bottom heavy person..i think there's definitely more than enough fat to take out lol...the thing is to convince dr v to put a decent amount in each cheek. ..i like that he goes for a natural look but i also want a nice round booty after everything...I saw in another review which he posted on his instagram too. .that he put 800cc in each cheek...i think i want closer to 900-950 but i cant tell what amount would look good on my body...that's a discussion for the in person consultation...I'm not going to do my boobs either..i think they're good. ..i can wait on i don't want to spend more $$ now...

Ok Waiting at the Clinica

I did my labs yesterday and all was fine. JUAN Carlos the anesthesiologist was nice and prescribed me a medicine to relax and for any itching/ burning post surgery. I'm waiting to go up for presurgery care. Ronald gave me the wifi password for Clinica Fiore...f20110630 If you need it. The doctor is such a nice person. ..very can look at my ig mercedes_bbl for more...

Casa Arama

I like the house so far. ..the food has been good to me cuz i love spanish food. ..we get 5 small meals per day which is good for the metabolism...they serve naturally squeezed juice - pineapple and uva for help with swelling and iron replacement. ..the nurses have been great helping with this faja...i literally passed out when i had to take it off to wash it. BUT i had the nurses & Tatiana & my mom there to help me..thank the lord for that. ..Ronald & Tatiana take care of the rest like having supplies delivered and driving us around. The wifi cuts in and out but i think that's typical for where we laptop works with Netflix w no interruption so i would suggest bringing that...there is satellite tv but it's mostly spanish stations...i would recommend this place. .its very close to the cosmo mall, the clinica and my doctors office. Get a full room so you don't have to share a bathroom..when they are overbooked you get set up in a hotel canaveralejo which is a block away..they deliver food to the girls there and there's a nurse just for them on the floor. You can also walk to the house for meals and such. ok so during surgery i did wake up once. ..i vaguely remember telling them im awake lol but that only lasted a few seconds. He was pretty quick with my surgery..started around 8am & finished around 10:30. I slept for another 1.5 hrs in recovery. .i guess they gave me more when i woke up lol but i woke up feeling pain..just a little sore and a lil light headed. The nurses were sweet at the clinica...they put me in my faja when iv was lying down. Dr. V came to seec me before and i was smiling vear to ear. I felt a little could've been the pregabalina i took beforev surgery but idgf..dr villalobos said he took out 10 liters of fat and put as much as he could in my bum...i didn't want anything huge just roundy and perky. ..i think i got what i wanted. .so says my mom and the quick look i took last night when changing my faja. I will post more pics after my first massage. Im draining like a MF which is good and gross. But let that fat melt away. I told the doc i didn't want to be skinny..just curvy and goes hour glass shaped and he agreed he could work on that. Realistically I'm a big girl...i didn't want a TT..i was very adamant about that and he agreed the tightness of my skin should hold up just w the laser far so good. The doctor is awesome..the other girls here look HOT...even Paola was super sweet in person and helped explain a lot to me..she drove us to the clinic for our consultation since the doc was in & out of surgery all day Monday...she coordinates w Ronald & Tatiana for our schedules and has been great in person. I like her booty too..its not huge but roundy & i wanted but she's obviously like a million lbs less than me. Everything is so far so good. You guys def need to bring surgical gloves, gauze, large bottle of alcohol, alcohol pads, diaper pads -extra absorbent, surgical tape, those knee socks for compression - its required for surgery, the jabon wescohex -antibacterial soap.. you buy here...ive been using my boppy pillow to cuddle with. .Tatianas donut pillow is being used for sitting. Invest in that for sure if you come here. Gonna go back to sleep :).

24hrs later

I'm super swole sore & stiff but its ok so far by far better than i expected its just my back that bothers the most. Thank god its not extreme pain. I have a followup appt with Dr. Villalobos at 2 today. He did a great job.

Back Home :)

I got home 3am on Saturday morning. Yesterday back to reality. Food shopping and cleaning up. It sure makes me miss casa arama lol. They really took care of us there. At the end you feel like you're leaving family. Tatiana did a hair straightening for me & my mom. It came out pretty good. She charges extra for it but i think it will help one less thing to worry about during recovery. My hair dries straight and smooth. I'm still super swollen. My rs sister Michelle recommended apple cider vinegar and its been helping. I swear i peed out 6 lbs of water weight yesterday. I'll post more pics once my bruising & swelling goes down. For now I'm getting used to wearing this tabla (panel) w my faja. I feel like a robot wearing it. My thighs are still draining a little so im still bandaging them up. The doc took so much fat but i think it should stop by next weekend. I have to do like 7 more manual lymphatic massages he said so im gonna check out this therapy place by my job. So when you're in Cali definitely go to the Fajate store in the Palmetto mall. The fajas in colombia are like half the price they are in the U.S. the taxi there from casa arama was 4300 pesos each way. I bought 2 fajas for 235000 pesos ($94). Its worth it. Also you can ask Carla (dr villalobos assistant ) to have the fajas the doctor gives you to be altered to put the zipper in the front. Believe me it helps when you have to do it yourself.

Almost Two Months Post Op

Ok guys I didn't realize how much work went into post op. The massages have helped alot. I go to Bree in Elmhurst..inbox me if you need her info. Michelle really looked out w that plug. Thanks grrl. The water pills the massage lady gave me really helped shed most of the swelling. I've lost 17 lbs since returning from Colombia. I've been cranky as fff tho...wearing this faja & tabla 24/7 is like a part time job but totally worth it!

A few more

Here are a few more pics. I feel like the pics doesn't do the booty justice. It came out just how I wanted it. More roundy & perky. He said he put 550ccs.

pics again

pics weren't updating

Pics wouldn't upload so i consolidated


4.5 Months Later

Still happy with my results :-)...dr villalobos have me exactly what I wanted. I would definitely go back to him.

Post Lipo Massages

It is critical to find a thorough and affordable massage place. If you're in NY contact Gorgeous Spa. Ask for Bree and you can say Toni recommended you. Without her I wouldn't have seen such great results after my surgery. They really do multiple services for your body and face. Bree Mobile (718) 810-8735 Home 1434 110th street College Point, Ny 11356 Notes Suite 302

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