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I originally wanted to go for laser Lipo only. I...

I originally wanted to go for laser Lipo only. I reached out to Plazas for a quote which included optional BBL. After discussing it with my friend who has had the surgery I decided not to "waste my fat". So now I am down for the lipo and Bbl. I am also considering a breast lift and buccal fat removal.

Dental bonding

I also want to get my teeth whitened while I am in Columbia. I saw a member on real self who's teeth look great. It looks like she went to dr giraldo. I wasn't able to get any more info on this doctor I am hoping to get more info to schedule this procedure before my sx.

Wish pics


So the more I think about this transformation the more excited I become. I also just keep adding procedures to my list. I want lipo, BBL specifically focusing on the hips, dental bonding, buccal fat removal and a breast lift. A part of me wants to get everything over with at once then another part is like I should wait. If I get my boobs done I can't lay on them to let my BBL heal properly right?
I also can't make up my mind about what doctor to go to. At first I was dead set on Plazas but now I just don't know. I am also considering Burticia because I think that he would do a good job on the breasts. Burticias quote was really good too. And also Sacristan, I am waiting on his quote.

Bargin booty?

Okay I got my quote from sacristan and I am definitely considering him. His quote is $1000 lower than Plazas. I am kinda scared as I am a firm believer that the higher the price the higher the quality. But then again Plazas price could be based on his popularity. Please help am I begging for a bargin booty?

Made up my mind

I am going to go with Dr Sacristan. I am going to do lipo with BBL extra in the hip area and a breast lift. I get excited every time I think about it. Now I am trying to find a perfect window where I could take time off from work to get my surgery. Dr Sacristan recommended I stay in the country for 18 days after my procedure. That is entirely too long and I would be missing out on a lot of money.

A down ass booty ????

I want a down ass booty. I want my booty to look heavy so when I walk by men and women say damn. I don't want a shelf I want a sloped booty. I want my hips to be wide. And is an inner thigh gap too much to ask for? Check out my wish pics.

See you know what...

When I contacted Dr. Plazas for my quote I told whoever answers on his what's app that I have a implantable birth control mechanism called implanon. I asked if this would be an issue during my surgery the person told me no this would not be an issue.
Here it is now Ive contacted other doctors for a quote. Dr Sacristan asked me to fill out a clinical format which is basically a form about my medical history which should be standard when receiving surgery. I mentioned my birth control implant and he responded that I should stop any form of hormonal birth control one month before surgery to prevent blood clots.
This piece of advice could have been the difference between me living or dying. I am pissed and am glad that I followed my instincts and contacted other doctors. I can really appreciate dr sacristan. I don't see bodies on his page that look like Durans or Cabral's but he speaks English and takes the time to communicate with his patients and answer questions and emails. He doesn't appear to be money hungry just trying to get bodies on and off his table.

Down ass booty cont...

This is it.

It just got real...

Omg! I got the opportunity to book my sx with Dr. Sacristan on December 9th. I'm nerscited ????. Omg so much to do.

Made up my mind

Finally made up my mind. I'm going to go with Dr. Sacristan and I am happy with my decision. I wish I could see more of his work but unfortunately a lot of dolls are unwilling to share.

Got my surgery on 12/12.

My trip to Colombia was rough but I got there one day late. Since I was supposed to arrive on the 7th and didn't make it until the 8th, my surgery was pushed back to the 12th. I was really swollen after surgery and left Cali on the 18th. Traveled 4 times on the plane after surgery I am finally seeing results.
Dr Eduardo plazas

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