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I originally wanted to go for laser Lipo only. I...

I originally wanted to go for laser Lipo only. I reached out to Plazas for a quote which included optional BBL. After discussing it with my friend who has had the surgery I decided not to "waste my fat". So now I am down for the lipo and Bbl. I am also considering a breast lift and buccal fat removal.

Dental bonding

I also want to get my teeth whitened while I am in Columbia. I saw a member on real self who's teeth look great. It looks like she went to dr giraldo. I wasn't able to get any more info on this doctor I am hoping to get more info to schedule this procedure before my sx.

Wish pics


So the more I think about this transformation the more excited I become. I also just keep adding procedures to my list. I want lipo, BBL specifically focusing on the hips, dental bonding, buccal fat removal and a breast lift. A part of me wants to get everything over with at once then another part is like I should wait. If I get my boobs done I can't lay on them to let my BBL heal properly right?
I also can't make up my mind about what doctor to go to. At first I was dead set on Plazas but now I just don't know. I am also considering Burticia because I think that he would do a good job on the breasts. Burticias quote was really good too. And also Sacristan, I am waiting on his quote.
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