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Hello, I'm 23 with two kids, 170lbs, 5'5 and in...

Hello, I'm 23 with two kids, 170lbs, 5'5 and in really desperate need of BBL & TT surgery. I plan on traveling to Cali, Colombia to get it done. I already have a few choices of doctors and recovery stay at beautysleepRH by Bella Vita Consultants. I've already started my questioning thru email with them. To begin my process (quote, surgery date) I have to pay the 200$ deposite, so that my case will be taken seriously, and the planning can really begin.!! My first choice is Dra.Duran. I love her results, every Duran doll I've seen is my wish pic. I love how she contures the body and give such full booties!! lol my second choice is Dra. Plazas, who also does great work and I've seen some pretty good results, but my main reason for picking him is for is beautiful tummy tucks. My third choice for doctor goes to Dra. Alder Henao, with such outstanding reviews and results for bbl, all his patients are my wish pics!! Anyway that's a lil peek on where I stand in my journey. I'm Pateinlty saving up for what I think prices would be like. The consultant I emailed told me the bbl and tt procedure in Cali average price is 3500$. She also sent me brochure for her RH, witch I believe would be the best place for me to recover after my new body.. her prices were 75$ a night as a guest, although my quote might be a little higher because I'm planning taking my hubby with me and cost depend on accommodations for his stay with me. From what I understand this is a package deal, so other things including driver, meals, medication and even massages for your sore body after surgery.. I look forward to hearing from future dolls. Id love to exchange any info, chat and even become buddies with somone who is as serious as I'm. please comment any questions or tips for me. I'll be updating once I take my next step towards the new me!!!! :)

Future DuranDoll 2016!!!!!!!!

Hello, so at first i was willing to travel to Cali, but since im stuck on Duran, DR is fine. Lol I received my quote from both Duran and Plazas in a timely manner despite everyone saying how hard it is to reach Duran. I got a reponse the day after i sent my info in email. Plazas took 2 days witch is still good and I appreciate it. Anywho, Duran is charging me 4,800$ for my bbl, tt comdo in the DR and Plazas only 3,780$ in Cali!!!! Even tho Plazas price is wayyyy better i think for me durans results are better. So im sticking with her :) In the reply email from her Surgicoornator Laura Rodriguez told me duran looked at my pictuers and said herself that she can do a very good job to impove my body the way i want! I wish plazas prices were hers but in this case its quality over quantity for me. Durans price is still unbeatable by any surgeons in the U.S by far and has better results then any ive seen latley.. My first consult with a doctor here face to face he gave me a quote for bbl and tt combo at 10,000$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats not happening. I can get better results and even make a vacay out of my recovery time for less than that in the DR.
Sooo, i have to reaserch recovery houses in DR since Cali is out of the picture. Any durandolls who can please give as much insight to which recovery house u stayed in, and any list of Rh i can look up myself for details pleaseeeee!!

In need of a buddy!!!! + wish picsss!!!!

Anyone esle traveling to DR in may 2016 starting their journey now??!! I need someone to get close to and share experience with. I also uploaded SUM of my wish pics ofcourse alll duran dolls!!! Enjoy!
Dra. Duran

Responed so fast and already showing that she cares!!! :))))

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