Going to Dr.Henao in Colombia for a New Body! - Cali, CO

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Hello ladies! I have decided to go to Dr.Henao in...

Hello ladies! I have decided to go to Dr.Henao in colombia for a capsulectomy (from a previous doctor who butchered me in the US), a BBL, and breast lift with implants. I'm 5'2 and 120lbs, so I'm pretty petite.

My goal is to create more of an hourglass figure, I'm kind of boxy right now. I live phx,az and will be traveling to Colombia for the procedure. I think my boyfriend is coming with me, he has been super supportive of my decision even though he thinks i don't need it. Im going through this so i can feel confident about myself again. Im very excited, right now September feels ages away.

As far as lodging is concerned, i think i am going to get a nice condo off of AIRB&B...my bf is a trauma surgeon so i feel pretty relaxed with him watching over me. if his schedule doesn't allow him to go, ill check out the surgery retreats.


Thank you ladies for being such an awesome support team,

My wish pics...

Good evening ladies, i just thought id share some "wish pic" photos of what I'm hoping to achieve. Hopefully I'm not being too unrealistic. If i can't get this the 1st time, i will schedule a bbl and mini tummy tuck 6 mo later. I just want to see what a can achieve with lips before committing to the TT. Plus, since I'm having new breast implants, lift, capsulectomy, and bbl...a TT would be pushing it for both my health and recovery.

Surgery date BOOKED!

I placed my deposit with Dr.Henao and am booked for surgery on September 1st, 2016. I love that it is now set in stone, no turning back now (not that id want to)! :)

Ive been doing lots of research on how to prepare for pre/post op recovery. If you ladies have any tips, i would love to hear them. Since i am having a breast lift/bbl at the same time, i'm still trying to figure out how on earth i will lay down. I cant lay on my side because i don't want to risk the fat transfer going into my hips/glutes. I haven't booked my flight or living accommodations yet, but both of those are pretty easy to get done..and luckily, from what ive seen...flights to Cali,Co are relatively inexpensive. Everyday that passes, the more excited i become.

Have a great day dolls.


I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication with henao. After sending my wire transfer for the deposit, i still haven't received a confirmation email, surgery time for sept 1st, pre-op instructions, nothing!

I can usually get a response from him if i message him on IG to check for my email, but doing that every time i need a response is annoying. I hate having to chase for answers and its starting to make me feel uneasy as a patient. Dr/Patient communcation is important..to me at least (especially since I'm traveling to another country).

Ive started playing with the idea of switching doctors, even though i don't want to..i can't just show up to Colombia and hope to get answers when i arrive. Feeling kind of down. Im hoping for a response by tomorrow morning, i will keep you all updated.

Phew! All is well

Good morning ladies,

So, I finally got my confirmation. I guess they were waiting for the wire to transfer which takes a few days. I will be in surgery on sept 1st, 6 a.m. I feel such a sense of relief. Dr.Henao recommended "Milenio" recovery house. Even though by BF is coming with me, it may be wise to stay there a few days post-op. Not sure though.

How are you all today?

Gaining weight for BBL

I am pretty petite (120lbs,5'2) so I've really been trying to pack on the lbs before my sx date. ideally, id like to gain 10. I kind of hate having to plump up because it makes me dislike my body even more...But, worse body now = better body in sept. Im not going to another country and paying thousands of dollars for unnoticeable results.

Complete Surgery Check-List

Hello ladies,

I've put together a full checklist sourced from tons of different findings on here and google.

- CoQ10
- Vitamin C
- Milk Thistle
- zinc picolinate
- probiotic supplement

- b6
- omega fish oil
- bromelian
- Arnica
- coq10
- vitamin C
- milk thistle
- zinc picolinate
- probiotic
- Bicorneum

-saltine crackers and ginger ale
-any questions or pics to ask or show doc
-retainers and containers/baggies for any piercings that you may have.
-Meds (fill before leaving)
- extra money
- fully charged phone
- 2 bottles of water (very important if traveling out of the country) DONT DRINK THE TAP!


- Arnica Pills
- 4 pair Compression Stockings/socks
- Dial Anti-Bacterial body wash
- Female urinal
- Baby wipes
- Neosporin
- Alcohol pads for Heparin shots
- q tips
- Gauze pads/Medical tape
- Boppy pillow
- Protein shakes
- Bicorneum (important!)
- Thermometer
- Pill organizer
- 3 Robes
- phone charger/phone/laptop
- loose fitting clothing
- face wash

One month out!

I am officially one month away from departing to Colombia and let me tell you, it still feels like forever! This is something I've been wanting to do for myself for a very long time and now that its here, time seems to be going by so slowly. Im so glad we have this platform to talk about sx and connect with others on the same journey. Real self has been so helpful.

I got my passport in the mail yesterday and my flight is booked through Expedia. Ill be flying United Airlines and Copa Airlines. Ive been trying to gain weight and i think I've put on between 4-6 lbs. Ive been eating bagels with cream cheese every morning and carbs before bed. Also, I've been taking a multi vitamin everyday and CoQ-10 gummies. I'll be under anesthesia for quite a while so i want to go in feeling well prepared.

ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM, officially two weeks out!

Hi dolls,

Im officially two weeks from my departure date and still as excited/nervous/anxious as ever. I made a SX page dedicated to my plastic surgery journey with Dr.Henao. You can follow me at HenaoDoll2016.

Ive connected with a lot of really great ladies going through a similar journey on my IG page and through here.

Ive decided i will not be using a recovery house in Colombia, i will be staying at a hotel the full 12 days in Cali. My boyfriend will be accompanying me for majority of the trip and since he is a surgeon (not plastic) he will be able to care for me adequately and be able to monitor my healing. Ive heard so many mixed reviews about the recovery homes i just didn't feel good about entrusting my recovery with them given my second option.

Looking forward to connecting with you ladies and good luck on all of your journeys! My next post will probably be the day before taking off. I will photograph all of my supplies and where i got them.
Dr. Henao

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