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So I arrived Sunday to Cali, Colombia. I'm having...

So I arrived Sunday to Cali, Colombia. I'm having surgery tomorrow. Originally I was having a bbl but now I've seen all the butt implants Dr. Villalobos preformed and now I'm sold on that. I have a butt and wanted fat added to hips only but these girls look amazing. The pics he has online doesn't do any justice to how great the girls at this house look.

surgery is done

So I opted out of implants and with just the bbl. Dr. Villalobos said I didn't need the implants. I had mixed feelings because before coming here I would've never thought of butt implants then all of a sudden I feel in love with them. I like my butt but think I should've gotten the implants.

Got boobies done

Dr. Villalobos did a great job with my breast implants. I was scared of the size he suggested but went with flow and I like them. I have gummy bear textured round implants at a size 305. They hurt like no other earlier today and that made me regret getting them since I have no pain from the bbl yet. Tonight when I got up to pee the pain wasn't as bad, and I've been told it takes a few days for the elephant to get off your chest, so hopefully that's true

booty update

So I decided to take a pic of my butt today. I couldn't believe it was mine

massages really hurt

Yesterday I got my fifth massage and I swear each day hurts more than the last. I really don't want to get tortured again but I know they help. I had lipo five years ago and didn't get them as a result I had some lumps. So in a few minutes I'm going to be on the verge of crying in order to do it right this time.

Airport worries

Get to airport, check in and the guy said I can't go through cause I was there two early. Got there 1245 flight is at 345. So I waited in concession area until 115. Went through to a guy who asked me what I came for, told him to visit family. Went to x-ray machine got patted down thought everything was fine. Started walking then cop calls me over. She asks me purpose of visit and I said tourism. She and a guy gets patted down then he grabs bag. I started sweating bullets cause I have my stage one garment and two that I bought plus my ab board in bag. Someone said something to lay and she left. I was so scared cause I told her I was a tourist then I had all this surgery crap in my bag. After the guy finished I had to go through a body scanner. They have me so nervous I'm scared to go in bathroom to put on my stage one. I feel naked without it and feel like I'm about to become a blimp so I'll wait till my nerves die down and put it on. BTW the doctor gave me a clearance letter and I stayed two weeks after surgery so I shouldn't be worried but somehow I am.
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