Colombia Chronicles:::: 18 Year Old On A Mission To Get Bodied!

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I can't believe I'm finally doing this...I've been...

I can't believe I'm finally doing this...I've been lurking on this site for like 2 years ya'll, Lmaoo! But yes, as the header states...I'm just an 18 year old on a get BODIEDDD IN COLOMBIA! XD
So if you're here to give me a speech on how I'm too young for this, don't let the imaginary door hit you on the way out! The whole point of me joining this community was to surrounded by others who wouldn't judge me based on my desicion, regardless of age :) Okay so moving on... I bet you're wondering why I chose Colombia over the infamous destination of choice for most plastic surgery abroad seekers, (here anyways) the Dominican Republic. ( And when I say the DR, I'm mainly referring to the top 3 doctors over there, Cabral, Yily, and Duran.) Well, there's a few reasons....
1. More advanced medical technology. ( From what I've heard, the equipment in the DR is sort of dated)
2. Better boobies, Lol.
3. Better Prices. Most of the quotes I received from doctors in CO were all-inclusive. (Post-Op Massages, Meds, Insurance, Faja's, and etc. included in price)
4. More options for post-op treatments. (Oxygen Chamber, Carboxie Therapy, and etc.)

I'm definitely not trying to knock at anyone who chooses to go to the Dominican Republic, their work is fantastic. But everyone's journey is THEIR journey, and you're going to want to do things YOUR way right? I have my reasons, and you have yours. It's alllllll good! Lmaoo

Now at first, I wasn't to sure about Colombia because I couldn't find a recovery house , and that's super important. Especially if it's going to be my first time having a procedure done, in another country, I wanted to make sure I'd be well taken care of. Staying at a hotel was out of the question! Thanks to Instagram, I did find quite a few options, and I'll be sure to post those here for you all!

Okay so now I know you're wondering...what is she having done? And I actually have two different combos of procedures I'm debating on right now....
1. Liposuction, A Brazilian Butt Lift, Ab Etching, and a Breast Lift with Implants

And the second option is pretty much the same thing, minus the ab etching. For those of you who don't know what ab etching is, I'll post some photos for you! That's like the big thing in Colombia, and the DR is just now starting to get on the wave, as I know Dr.Cabral just started offering that in July. So anyway, the reason I'm really debating the ab etching isn't really a matter of do I want it or not, but more, can I get it or not, Lol. The thing with ab etching is, you can't really have too much of a stomach for your results to look believable. I mean, unless you want your stomach looking like a waffle... XD XD XD And I have a gut right now sooo, I'm trying to get this baby down as much as possible! I'm about try doing wraps, detoxes, you name it! And of course, I'll post everything. So now let's get to my doctor of choice...or doctors I should say, Lol. I have two that I'm completely set on for sure. I've already got in contact with both, and received my quotes. But here's where things take a turn.... Traditionally, I've seen that most women just see the doctors work, hit them up for a quote, send them their deposit to lock in a date, and are on their way. But me...I just can't ya'll, Lol. I have a hard enough time parting with my money, and that's honestly the reason I was able to save so much over the past two years for all of this. So I just can't grasp the the idea of just wiring my money over to a doctor, based off of emails, and photos. Again, not trying to knock at anyone else's way of doing things, this is just me. I actually want to have a consultation with my choices, face to face, and let them see my body in person, so we can discuss different outcomes and achievable looks for my body! There's a great deal trust that needs to be earned from your plastic surgeon. I mean after all, they're pretty much responsible for your well being during and after your surgery, ( After might be debatable, but I think a surgeon that's constantly following up on you is A1!) and you also have to trust them to sculpt your body the way you want it. Not every surgeon is going to be able to do that for YOU, just like how certain teaching styles work for some students, and not others. Some surgeons have their own way of doing things, and you may not agree. So I suggest REALLLLLLYYYY getting to know your surgeon! :) But yeah, so I'm going to arrive in Cali, Colombia 3 days ahead of time to have my consultations, explore the city, and get settled, and then we'll take it from there! And from what I've heard, when it comes to medical tourism in Colombia, that actually how it's usually done, so the surgeons there are usually able to accommodate. I'm planning to stay for about 16 days, that way after surgery I can squeeze in as many awesome Colombian post op treatments as possible! And believe when I say, they are MASTERS of post-op treatments...body treatments in general, Lol! Have you seen Colombian women??? Anyways, I haven't booked my recovery house or anything, because right now I'm just focusing on getting this gut down, and preparing myself for surgery. I don't want to feel rushed, and I don't want this experience to be stressful. Though I am shooting to go around April or May.

And that's about it for now ladies, sorry for the extremely long post, Lol. I just wanted make sure I covered all the basics, and even now I feel
like I'm forgetting something....oh well! Hahaa
Until the next post!

My Current Stats
::198 lbs (Fluctuation I saw BITCCHHH!)
And Ohhh my god, I swear I have a tape measure somewhere around here, but now that I need it, it's nowhere to be found... I swear I'll post my measurements soon! Lol.

Also you ladies can follow my IG page dedicated to my journey... @XXJuniorPlasticXX

The Big Reveal...My Doctors Of Choice! (Quotes Attached)

I told y'all yesterday that I knew I had forgot SOMETHING! Lol! But it was late, and a bihh needed some beauty sleep. I completely forgot to tell ya'll who my two prospective doctors are! So here it is.... *Drumroll*

Dr. Alder Henao & Dr.Harold Paz :):):)

And here are the quotes I received from the both of them..

|Dr.Alder Henao|
$4750 USD
For Lipo, BBL, and a Breast Lift w/ Implants.
-2 Faja's & 2 Bra's
-10 Post Op Massages
-30 Day Medical Insurance ( Up to $50,000 in USD Coverage)
-Plasma Treatment

|Dr.Harold Paz|
$4605 USD
For Lipo, BBL, and Breast Lift w/ Implants.

-Medical Insurance Coverage

*I think Dr. Paz's quote offers more flexibility. I'd get to pick out my own post op garments, and choose where to get my post op treatments. They're both equally great though, so ya'll see why I'm stuck between these two, lol. Both of their work looks great from what I've seen. Dr.Henao has an Instagram page if you ladies want to check him out, but Dr.Paz is more of a mystery. I've only seen work from him provided to me from his actual patients. He doesn't have an IG or FB page, so I'm really excited to actually get to see more of his work once I get there. I've even heard he's done a few bottle girls in NYC ;) I'll let y'all know all the details once I know for sure, Lol.

Just Checking In! :)

Heyyyy ladies! So, I don't really have any news to update you all on, all the details I've put out thus far is really it for now. I know my review seems dry af right now, but bear with me ya'll. I promise that this is going to be the most detailed, information packed review on having surgery in Cali, Colombia on this entire site! (*Nicki Voice* And I'm not takin that back, cuz I meant it! XD) Colombia as a whole has been a hidden gem to us all, as far as plastic surgery, but cities like Medellin, Cali, and Cartenga are known for having thousands of medical tourist every year! In the plastic surgery community, more and more people have began to branch out, and give Colombia a try! But there's still a lot of mystery don't you think? So I'm hoping my journey can help answer a lot your questions, and lay a good foundation of info for you all! :) If you have to spend your hard earned mula on all of this, you deserve to have your options! Anyways, I'm planning on getting my labs done soon, just to see where I am with all of my levels. Last time my hemo was like 13.6...I think, lol. Butttttt, I was on my period. Idk if that affects it, but yeah. I know I'm not heading out until April or May, but I just want to give myself enough time for improve if need be. I'm not trying to hoard all these supplements at once you know? So I'm definitely going to be looking into some natural blood building regimens as well. I also plan on doing a detox, and maybe a Colonic to get rid of all the crap my body is hoarding. Gotta kick start this baby, and get it into full gear!! So if any of you ladies are on a weight loss journey, or detox journey whatever, let me know! I'd love some partners in crime, Lmaooo! So that's about it for now dolls! I'm taking my ass to bed! XDXD

Just another update! :)

Hey ladies! So I know it's been while since my last update, and I apologize for not keeping you all in the loop as promised. But I've been so wrapped up in preparing for college and etc. So anyways, nothing has really changed...I'm still heading to Colombia, still having the same procedures done and blah blah blah. All I've been doing is collecting quotes from a bunch of different doctors over there to be honest, lol! I already told you guys that I'm not about that "send a deposit before I get there" life! I really want to get to talk with all of my prospective doctors once I get there, and I want them to actually see my body in person! Especially since I'm going to Colombia, I feel like there's still a lot I don't know about what they have going on over there in their world of plastic surgery! Versus if I wanted to go to Cabral, I could send a deposit to him and call it day! Because we alllllll know what he can do, and we're all more familiar with the plastic surgery scene in the DR. I hope that made sense, lmaoo! So as far as my dieting and what not, I've definitely been doing a lot more dieting then exercising! I haven't started meal prepping yet, but I have started making smoothies, and I have those for breakfast and lunch. I wanted to wait until after the holiday to start because I felt like during that holiday rush, I was eating so much fast food while I would be running errands, or out and about with my family doing Christmas shopping! So I've been drinking my smoothies for about 4 weeks, and I've noticed a change in my skin, I feel more energized, and I've lost about 10 pounds! Mind you this without ANY exercising, and I still eat what I want for dinner, I just watch my portions. Not so bad! I'm also thinking about quitting the Instagram surgery community. I initially joined because I had heard great things about it, and people were saying that you could get more info over there, and you can! Just as long as you're willing to deal with the unnecessary drama and bullshit, lmaoo! It hasn't been a total waste for me, because I've gotten to meet some really amazing ladies that have helped me so much, and I'm so blessed to have found them! But the community overall doesn't seem like the one it used to be, that people raved about! I mean...I graduated high school last year, and that shit was BRUTAL! Lmaoo! So I didn't go through four years of that shit, just to enter a community where it seems like people act like they're still in....high school -_- People dealing with the stress of normal day life, and planning surgeries shouldn't be subjected to deal with shit like that right? So I'm REALLLLY debating on if I should just brave it out, shut my page down all together, lmaoo! #TheStruggle But that's it for now, you ladies know if you have any questions, or if you need help with something, about always feel free to send me a message, or comment below! Until next time! :) :) :)
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