Cali Colombia I'm on my Way !!!! Mommy of Two. Cali, CO

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Hey guys !!!!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the...

Hey guys !!!!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time . I've been going through a lot so I'm treating my self for the first time in a long time ! I've made my deposit , I've booked my flight , and I'll be heading out March 31, having surgery on the April 1!!!! I can't wait I'm super excited ! Wish me luck

Omg 28 Days and I'm on my way

My my my my my !!!! I'm so excited and nervous at the same

23 days left!!!!!!!!

I'm soooooo excited! My surgery is in 23 days , I can't wait to do this ????

Time is flying !

17 more days and I'm off to Colombia to see doctor Alder Henao, I'm so excited and ready to get on my journey !!!

17 more days

Sorry tried to get all pics together

My terrible before picture

12 days till I'm in Cali

12 more days and guess what ,, I have to go to the dentist in the morning ...... I'm so irritated about this .

3 days until I leave !

Hey dolls only 3 more days until I leave for Colombia ! I'm so excited Dr alder Heano is my doctor and I have 5 other girl I know meeting me and one I met on here , she so sweet and has talked me through this whole thing !!!!!


I have the maxi pads and the bed pads what else do I need

I made it to Cali !!!

I'm staying at Albas , everyone here is so sweet! The food is actually good , I will go see Doc Alder tomorrow , I'm so excited !

Day 1

It's day one and i feel really good , I feel sore of course but no where near where I thought I would feel ! Get the pain pumps ladies ,, girls who didn't get it look like there in so much pain , also I recommend getting in the gym and strength train ! I really do feel this why my body is doing so good

Day one

Day one

Day one

This day one results lots of swelling

Day 2

Recovery day two , swelling went down

Day two swelling went down

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Everyday gets better and better

Day 3
Everyday you feel like you can do more and more , I was walking right after surgery ! I feel like I'm strong enough to go home , but I can't until 5 more days , which I'm fine with that , drains come out today !!!! I'm excited they didn't bother me to bad but they are annoying , I also brought my own pain meds and took them when I felt I needed them , because they don't give you a lot of pain meds lol.

Everyday gets better ladies

Day 6 for me !!! Home in 2 days ! I'm so exited

Feeling great

Day 7!!!!

All you need to know about airport

This is my 9th recovery day , the airport to me had been the hardest part of the journey , you can't really plan this part out good coming from Cali Colombia ,
I'm not in pain however I am uncomfortable, you have to go through Cali airport like you haven't had surgery, then after that best advice I can give is let the air line your flying with know you need wheel chair Assistance . Good luck dolls and safe travels
Dr Alder Henao

Everything so far so good ,pretty good with communication !

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