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I am less than 3 weeks out and so excited! I have...

I am less than 3 weeks out and so excited! I have sent my deposit and have scheduled my date. I have scheduled my stay with the Alba Diaz house but I always considering another house as well. I am still debating on what to take with me but luckily I have a friend that got a bbl done by him a few months ago and it looks amazing! I will update as I get there

Surgery buddy

Anyone going to Cali Colombia during sept 13-22? Looking for someone to get a discounted room rate at a recovery house of $30 a day. It includes everything,i will give more details if someone is interested :)

Less than two weeks out

So now I'm leaving in about a week and a half and I couldn't be more excited. I did however gain an extra five pounds so I could have extra fat to get better results. I'm 5'4 and currently weight at 136 lbs. I'm feeling super insecure and just want to go to the gym and work it off but I can't. A friend of mine got lipo and bbl by Dr Buritica and her results look amazing and she's kind of the same frame. I know most people get cold feet at this point but I couldn't be more anxious to just go already. I'm only nervous about my trip there. I'm going alone as of right now and hoping everything goes smoothly. I'm just paranoid about getting my passport stolen or missing my appointment from flight delay. But I'll update as the days get closer.

One day post op

So it has been a bumpy road, learn from my experiences lol. First of all the airline lost my luggage so I was really upset. It was suuuuuch a hassle. But anyways Diego and the driver from the Alba Diaz house picked me up and helped me file my claim for my luggage which made life so much easier. The house was like 45 min away from the airport. But it was also raining hard that night. Since I lost my baggage I had NOTHING! So make sure to pack toothpaste and toothbrush and soap in your carry on and clean change of clothes. I was sooo embarrassed the next day I had my appointment because I looked like a hot mess. The appointment was for blood work, urine test and EKG and general health check up. I had to make two trips that day. The first one was early and then they had my come back at 4 pm to meet with the anesthesiologist and Dr Buritica. He had me get undressed and told me where he saw the fat and where he would put it. I was kinda of shy I think because he's so young and I'm used to older doctors. They gave me a pill to relax before my surgery the night prior and the morning of..

The morning of the surgery was at 6am for more questions by another women and for me to get undressed and everything and my surgery took place at 7 am. He marked me up and asked me if it was okay if they fill my hips in because I had large indents there and I said of course. They bathe you in cold iodine before and then you're out as soon as you get on the bed. They didn't even tell me they had already given my the anesthesia. Lol but it was fine

So when I woke up, OMMMMG horrible pain and I found it hard to breathe, and my blood pressure was all over the place. I finally calmed down and was stabilized in about 10 min. They put you under the huge heated pan to keep you warm. A lot of girls said they get cold but I was okay I was just trying to breathe. And then the pain came. It was horrible and thank god my anesthesiologist told the nurses to give me pain killer. I could have sworn I heard him say morphine but I'm not positive. They gave it to me and I felt amazing and went to sleep. However the worst part was when the nurses at the surgery center told me they have been trying to call the person listed as my point of contact and they haven't been answering and my pain came back and stronger. Long story short, bring your cell phone! I didn't bring it because a nurses advised me not to so I didn't lose it. She kept asking me for another number and I didn't know it. I stayed at the clinic for an EXCESS of AT LEAST two hours because they also didn't get pick up my pain killer yet and had to go get them. I was so upset at this point because i couldn't get more pain meds until I was released to them. The nurse saw that I was tearing up from the pain and said she'll give me more pain relief and they shot me with two shots but I swear it was a placebo or something not strong at all but I felt no relief.

Anyways I got back to the house and was just rushing to eat something so I could take my pain meds I finally did and passed out until night time. I got my first massage today and it's true that it hurts. I might be getting two a day to help drain me. I am feeling better about my results today than yesterday. I had freaked out yesterday because I thought he put nothing in my butt but now I am seeing it get bigger and my waist get smaller. I just need to be patient and will update in a few days.

2 weeks post

Sooo two weeks have gone by and the swelling has gone down a lot which is bitter sweet. I love how he made my hip to waist ratio. I never knew I wanted bigger hips until he gave me them lol. However my butt swelling has also gone down and I realized that I should've put on more weight than I did. I'm just so afraid of looking fat that I didn't want to over do it and I guess that I thought I really had more fat than I thought. Even at the alba Diaz recovery house everyone kept telling me how skinny I was meanwhile I thought I was kinda chubby. I like my results and Dr buritica is a great doctor but I can't lie and say I haven't considered going back for a round 2 next year but it is too soon to tell. I do work out a lot and since my butt muscles is a pretty much gone from not being able to work out for 3 weeks now. I feel like I can get a really nice results when I put my muscle back on. He got rid of my love handles and gave me a small waist which will make the contrast look nicer. But it is only 2 weeks post and I have a lot of swelling. I even had to cut open my wound to drain or fluid because I was noticing that I was getting a small fluid pouch. But so far so good now I just can't wait to be able to work out again In a few weeks.
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