2nd Round BBL, BA with Lift and Rhinoplasty in Cali Colombia

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Sooooo Excited, just book surgery with Dr. Harold...

Sooooo Excited, just book surgery with Dr. Harold Villalobos in Cali Colombia! Got my plane tix and waiting for beautysleep recovery home to confirm with me! Wow less than a week till I leave. I am getting BBL with lipo to everywhere I have extra fat including arms, thighs, etc. Breast implant with lift. I want small perky breasts. As well as Rhinoplasty.

Wish pics

First Round in 2014

My first round was in 2014 in Florida, I got 1000cc per cheek. First few days are hard after that I was walking around shopping and everything. Since then Ive had another child and got up to almost 200 pounds, now im 159.

Getting Hemo up for surgery

In early April my hemo was at 11.6 (just after my flow), so i started taking:
Iron 325mg x2-3/day
Vit B12 500mg x3/day
Vit B6 100mg x1/day
Folic Acid 400mg x2/day
Vit C 500mg x3/day

I just checked it last week and Im already 12.8 for hemo. Yay! So then I booked my sugery. My doc here said it would take months, guess she was wrong. When you take the other vitamins listed it helps your body absorb the iron your taking. So it is possible, I did it in 2 weeks and the first week I missed alot of doses.


I first tried for a quote with Duran and no response.
Second quote from Yily $5200 for BBL and Breast lift or implants(only one) and nose was an extra 1500, included recovery house.
*But DR I could not find one decent nose job and saw so many bad stories. Then my friend told me bout Columbia and I started my search.

Third quote from Henao $5950 (only back and stomach lipo, other areas are 100US each I believe). I requested nose pics and heard nothing back and could only find 2-3 on my own. At first he responded fast though.

Last quote was Dr villalobos who had tons of pics and reviews $6500 including lipo everywhere I have extra fat. I really want my inner thighs done and armpits maybe chin too! lol. Always he responded fast and I rather pay an extra couple hundred and have a more experienced doctor where Ive seen lots pics instead of a few. At first I didnt even think to ask for a quote cause my friend said he was expensive and Im on a budget but Im so happy with my quote!

First Round Before and After Pics

Dr. Harold Villalobos Instagram pics I love

Date Changed To May 6 ????

Booked everything earlier this week for next week, then today I get an email that there was an error and Dr is busy on May 5th! I was freaking out. I got babysitter for my kids already worked out, planes tix are perfect and non refundable, I asked about this date a long time ago and did the deposit and booked it and now to be told when I leave on Monday they can fit me in on Friday. Im so worried hes gunna be rushed now and his wife Paola was super nice and apoligelic it was her mistake, so Im now moved to May 6 and Dr will reinburse me the extra stay at recovery house. So I guess it works out but Im still stressing ????

Beautisleep Recovery House Cali

Just finally booked RH and got bunch of instructions back from them. $85/night.

Surgery Date changed to May 4! Yayyy

So I got a whatsapp today from Dr. Villalobos' wife, Paola, saying that hes gunna change his plans and do my surgery on May 4! Im so happy, I was really nervous they were squeezing me in on another day and I didnt want it to be rushed. He changed his own flight and everything to accomodate me, thats awesome, and now ill have an extra day at RH before heading home, everyday you get stronger and I cant leave my kids for too long, so this is perfect :)

I leave tommorrow!

Just got waxed, bags are packed, just counting down. I just finished my period as well so im a little nervous cause i heard hemo can go down 1 whole point and last time I checked I was 12.8 last week and Im still on all my iron 3x/day since then so I think im covered.


Im at the RH. Still super tired ill post more in a few days. Im very happy so far. I got 1000cc each cheek and lots of projection. I love my boobs and nose from wat i see out of cast. I got the pain pump for $150 and I couldnt imagine being without it! My nose has no pain its all the breasts and goin under the musle that shit hurts and you cant get up on ur own. Loving my results but wanna feel better. I have already been walking around

Lots of swelling

Recovery House

So I stayed 12 nights in total at Beautisleep @85/night, plus $110 for transportation packagewhich I thought was included but wasnt. My stay was fine, nothing horrible but they avertised they were the only ones that worked with these doctors which is a lie, while at Dr. Villalobos clinic ran into some girls who were at Casa Arama which they liked alot, had there own private rooms with bathrooms! for $75/night. I was in a triple room with one bathroom to share. And casa arama includes the transportation to airport n dr, not the 110 extra! And Dr. V never came once to Beautisleep i always had to go to his clinic, even less than 48hr post op which was hell to get there.


Post Op

Casa Arama

Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Communication always fast which I like. Answered all my questions. I fly down next week to meet in person and have surgery and Im just so excited right now! Will post more as I go. Read great reviews, studied his rhinoplasty pics which he has alot of so I feel totally comfortable to have him do my surgery, you can also find pics on instagram and his website.

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