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Hey girlies Like everyone on this site I've been...

Hey girlies
Like everyone on this site I've been stalking for a few months and now it's finally my turn. I will be having liposculpture with fat graft (BBL) as well as ab etching on October 28th 2015. I have selected Dr Harold Villalobos, in Cali Colombia. I feel it in my gut he's the one! His results speak for themselves plus he uses a technique where he injects planet rich plasma along with the fat to aid in cell growth; for all my petite girls

All booked up

Hey beautiful ladies! I just realized my review was cut short! I'm all booked up I will be staying at beautysleep RH for 3 weeks, flights are booked, deposit made now it's the waiting game. I just started taking centrum multivitamin few days ago, cutting down on the smoking (weed is extremely hard to quit, for the vets- how long before my surgery should I stop smoking joints?) needless to say, I'm excited! Anyone staying at beautisleep October 23 - November 14 ? Looking for a buddy :)

Waiting game

Hey dolls, so less than 2 months away from my SX like everyone I have become obsessed with asses and real self :/ I'm constantly reading and even looking at other girls hahah what the hellllll have I gone completely insane?!?!! Lol anyhow I can't wait to get this done!! I'm going to a walk in clinic some time this week to get a requisition for CBC as well as a referral for GP hoping all goes well and I'm good to go! Other than that I'm having a hard time dropping the smoking (smoking a blunt while typing this lol) heeellllppppp

Tic toc

ola my ladiesssss
My time is almost here, in 10 days I'm off to Colombia and on my way to greatness lol im soooo excited I just can't wait to see this new body!
I been eating pretty much anything and drinking ensure to make sure I get that juicy booty we all crave! I'm not going crazy packing them on but let's just say I haven't been watching what I eat lol Hoping to maybe add on another pound before my SX ;)
My current weight is 143lbs and I am 5"6, I will be posting before and after pics thats a guarantee girls so don't worry :) I will start once I arrive on the 23rd.
Also I will be facetiming with some of my RS sisters throughout my journey with all the raw details that often get left out while blogging, so if we're not in touch and you wish to be, hollaaaaa lol I got you

XOs dolliesssss

In Cali

Olaaaa booty queeeens
I'm here! I arrived in Colombia last night, let me just say that I thought I was getting kidnapped on my way home lol arriving in a foreign country alone when you don't speak the language can be intimidating! Also arriving in the evening can be scary! Girls if you don't speak Spanish, try to learn a little before you arrive! I know the basics and it got me nowhere lol It will come in handy trust me
Beautisleep is pretty nice, i was expecting a newer, luxurious home based on the pictures but then again we are in Colombia and I can be fancy at times lol It is a semi open mansion so bring your insect repellant and prepare yourself for flying cocarellas and solomanders on your windows lolol it's raining season so that doesn't help but overall it's good! No regrets!! The staff I met so far are amazing but all Spanish speaking so get your translator apps!! The food is great, I think I'll be gaining few pounds lol the best part of the house is definitely the girls!! I been blessed to arrive in the mix of an amazing group, but they've all had surgery already so I'm hoping the girls arriving in the next weeks are just as humble and easygoing :)
My consults and tests are on Monday, I'm soooo excited I wish it was today lol I will most likely need implants as I'm not the thickest girl but I'll keep y'all posted on that! I also took an appointment for consult with dr Jimenez.. Not sure what I'm going to end up doing and with who but all that will be figured out soon
Here are some pics of me right now
XOs babiesssss


So I know I've abandoned you girls, I apologize. The truth is that I am not happy at all with my results and I feel like I wasted my money and more importantly my time. I'm going to be continuing this review in hopes of helping someone who is on her way to greatness :P lol First off, let me say this- if you meet your surgeon and you feel something weird, do not do it! You are better off loosing your deposit than risking your life to come out needing a revision. I had my heart set on Villalobos, and a little before my arrival to Colombia I stumbled upon Dr. Jimenez. I set up a consultation with him before my consult with Dr.V so I can see what he had to say. He was very professional and very knowledgeable! He basically told me that I have an athletic body and not enough fat to spare so in order to achieve the results I had my heart set on I would need implants... I later met with Villalobos who said I had MORE THAN ENOUGH fat and he could deliver what I ordered... THAT WAS A LIE! I beleived him and I thought he was a genious lol boy was I wrong! So I had a BBL with Dr. Villalobos on the 28th of october 2015 and let me just say that it was an epic FAIL! My ass is not in any shape or form bigger than it was pre-op. I brought that to his attention when he showed me my before and after photos... lol he was so proud of his work he was trying to convince me there was a difference.... He has left me with a deformed stomach and fat around my belly button. First off let me say this, its not normal that you have surgery and you do not see or hear from your PS until 5 days post op! I thought I had a blood clot in my leg and he basically left me there to rot, sending Spanish speaking nurses who I could not communicate with at all, saying its impossible lol PLEASE! SPARE ME. Then I finally see him and tell him I think there is still fat left around my belly button and once again he started with his "its impossible" bullshit.... And the cherry on top of the sunday was my lip fillers. So he starts filling in my lips blind eyed (like who the fuck does that) and leaves me with a bigger upper lip (once again, are you normal?) so I go back to his office and I demand that he fix my lips before I go back home and the Fucker actually has the audacity to ask me to pay for another box LOL needless to say I lost it and he fixed that free of charge.. Even if he offered me to fix my stomach free of charge at this point I will not let him touch me! Here I am a little over 6 months post op getting ready for r2... wich is technically r1
Hope this was somewhat helpful to you ladies
If you have any questions dont be shy

7months PO

Hey Bootyful Queens
Is there anything in particular about my trip to Colombia that you want me to elaborate on? Leave your comments below and I will go into detail on that subject :)
I am a little over 7 months today, my stomach is still very lumpy.. It is very unattractive, I don't even know if I'm going to be wearing a bikini this summer because of it! Anyhow, there is still A LOT of fat left over on my back, bra rolls and flanks as well. I am extremely disappointed with my results as you already know and I will be having my r2 (what I call r1.5 lol) some time soon. I'm going to be having a BBL with Cabral most likely, he was my original choice but I got scared cuz of all the infection/burn stories.. I did meet a girl while I was out in Colombia and she had a BANGING body! We met at Dr. Jimenez office, she was getting rhinoplasty, she came in my consult with me and Dr. Jimenez (who does not speak a word of English) she basically did the translation, where as I mentioned before he said my body type wouldn’t allow me to have a tiny waist and that I would need implants in order to achieve the look I wanted. The fat would all be used for my hips and lats as I didn’t have much to spare to begin with. She was very genuine and sweet, we talked about our surgeries and she told me she had 5 rounds with Cabral, that he was the best of the best and that I had nothing to worry about! We stayed in touch and just about 5 or 6 days after my surgery when the swelling went down and I started being unhappy she reached out to Cabral and told him I would be getting in touch, and I did! I sent him videos of myself while still being in Colombia.. he told me to gain 10lbs. I have not contacted Cabral or any other surgeons since… I’m going to be flying out to DR to meet him personally before I make any decisions. There is so many stories out there about Cabral, you can’t believe everything you hear. One thing I know for sure is according to the before and after pics that are out there, Cabral DELIVERS! So if you have some nasty comments about my choice in surgeon please refrain yourself from posting them on my blog ?
XOs girls

Before and Afters

Can someone tell me where he injected the fat???!!!!???? This is what he was so proud of LOL


hi lovesssss
Thought I might add this to my review as I see lots of girls complaining about being swollen PO. PINEAPPLE is your BEST friend! Eat all the pineapple you can get lol and make some tea it will help you sleep at night as well! I used to boil the peels of 1 large pineapple in 2L of water with a cinnamon stick. Strain and drink! Also, try to drain as much as you can while your incisions are still open, especially your back!!! Draining with needle is not fun! While showering you can apply some pressure pushing the fluids towards your incision. If you have a sx buddy or companion have them do it for you :)
XOs girlsssss


haiiii girlsssss, so I was supposed to have a simple liposuction revision done here in Canada as my man was about to rip my head off when I told him I was getting another BBL lol he doesn't want me getting any more work done but understands the lumps have to go... Basically he thinks my body is "perfect" and that if I add more to my ass I'm going to look too fake, mind you he didn't want me getting the first round to begin with.. So he offered to pay for the lipo here and I figured might as well get that fixed until I can convince him and I'm able to go out the country for couple weeks again... Consultations here have led me nowhere! These doctors do not have same vision as me! AT ALL! I swear I don't belong in this country *eye roll* So I'm back to square one... I'm just going to have to force it down his throat, he will have no choice! I'm getting this done regardless, it's my body at the end of the day and if he doesn't like it, let him go fly a kyte! I don't understand why he can't just be supportive and accepting of what I want for MY BODY but whateeeverrrrr, we can't please everyone in this F#@!@## world.. He's back on the outs, I'm no longer speaking to him about my plans and I'm doing this alone just like I did last time, I don't need no negative sally crushing my dreams every second RIGHT? RIGHT! Besides I have you girls, you're all so understanding and supportive, THANK YOU MY QUEENS <3 So I'm planning on getting this done in January as I already used up my vacation days for the year for recreational purposes and I need this job to pay for my SX lolol as you all know I'm obsessed with Cabral, I should have went to him from the get go but I chickened out like a little bitch! This time I'm really gonna put my big girl panties on and make it happen.. I have a vacation to DR planned with the negative sally in couple months lol I'm gonna ditch him for the day and take my ass down to CIPLA and meet the king himself and see how I feel, what he thinks can be done and if I need to pack on some pounds.. Till then I'll be quietly researching and making my plans! Good luck to all my dolls on your journeys, may the Lord be with you and may you all be blessed with the curves you desire :) XOsssss
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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