BBL Second Round - Cali, CO

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About time!!! I'm ready for my second round....

About time!!! I'm ready for my second round. Leaving of RS for a while.

Nine years ago, I had a big TT, breast implants, and BBL. I concentrate in tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I was all the time sitting or laying on my back. No fat survived. This time I'm going to concentrate to keep as much as I can. I wish for the best!

CQB Choosen!

I got my airplane tickets and clinics with hotel included!!! Now just waiting for the date

Changing doctor

I asked my previous Doctor on how much he put on me. He only put 300 cc in each check... Maybe there one of the reasons why nothing was left.
I'm am looking at Villalobos, but I cannot see where he does his surgeries. I like to research all. And where I can stay

Definitely, DR Villalobos is

Dr.V is approved by me!

Wish Pics & Current

Here are some wish pictures and my current picture. Let's see what Doctor V can do for me... I have hope!

Need RH by DR Villalobos

Please help

Going back to my initial doc

I haven't been able to talk or contact with the doc and not getting a professional service. Please remember we are working to get a service where your life is in the game. I want a BUTTY but I want to be safe and alive.

44 more days!!!

I'm so ready!
?Airplane Tickets
?RH & Hotel room
?supplies and much more
?logistics done

Supplies done!

Missing my boopy and travel pillow in picture

Anxiety! Anxiety!

OMG!!! Only 25 more days.....This is going crazy! I'm getting too stressed and gaining weight. I have to visit my doc. I need some Xanax asap to calm me down. Thanks for this page that I can express myself.

Dr Harold Paz -medical negligence

Ladies I heard that someone did a Lopo, tummy and bbl from dr Paz after 3 hours of surgery was released. When she was not feeling well returned to the clinic and she could not get in and died in the taxi. Please ladies be careful and ask a lot of questions... I'm going to check with Paola on what to do if something happens.

2 weeks!!

I will be traveling in 2 weeks! I'm so excited and ready

11 more days

OMG!!! The day has to come yet. The stress is killing me. Please pray for me

Flying today!

DrV! Here I go!
#scaretodeath #hope #bigbutty

Juan Carlos Diaz & Villalobos

Yesterday, I met the anesthesiologist and DrV. They were nice and very knowledgeable. Tomorrow is the big day. Pray for me.

Surgery done!

I'm at VIP. So far everything is good and excellent service ... I have a butt. Tomorrow I will put some pictures

3rd day post op

It hurts, you drain from your dranaige. The discret diapers works well. I'm still dizzy sometimes. Today, I was able to sleep all night for first time. Finally, I have a butt. I hope my body doesn't absorb much. As I love it. Herre are some pictures with my soft faja.

VIP Recovery House

VIP is an awesome place to stay. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help in anything . The chef always making different plates that are delicious. Excellent service. Worth it!

Day 6 post op

I have more mobility but still with pain. I still have a butt. It has shrink a little, but I guess it was the swelling. Villalobos did a massive lipo and fix my TT scar with special canula. Just siting to eat and in taxi with a pillow. Pictures will come later. I'm very happy with my results so far and the lady that does the massage said that my belly will shrink more.

Skin Infection!!

In my third week of the surgery I got skin infection. Thank God O was in USA. I was held in the hospital for 24 hours giving me antibiotics through IV. Then oral antibiotics. I have not able to wear my faja for a week and a half. I followed all instructions from Villalobos. I developed a seroma in my back/waist that no body notices as he did a big lipo there. I had to stop wearing my faja and eating yogurt every day. Still loving my results. Every day I try my old clothes and I am amazed. Once the infection leaves me, I will take pictures to post them here.

Bacteria FREE! Yay!!!!

CT showed it!

2 months PO

I'm so happy! So worth it! Here are my before and after pictures. No need to label them with before/after

Fajas Adjustments Central Florida

So worth it the drive!
Dr. Julio Cesar Escobar

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