5'7 184lbs Brazialian Butt Lift + Ab Etching - Colombia

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Hey everyone, I usually never do this but since I...

Hey everyone, I usually never do this but since I realize the struggle it is to find the right Doctor, I will do this to make it easier for someone else. I am from Ny and I will be having a Bbl + Ab etching December 19,2015 by Doctor Harold Villalobos in Cali, Colombia. I will get surgery with a friend. We decided to go with Colombia because we know the procedures are safer and more natural looking. We have consultation the 17th. We have our flight booked already , it leaves the 14th at 1am. We decide to go earlier because we found cheap flights $609 round trip compare to $1,300 round trip. We are super nervous to travel to another country like Cali because supposedly it's the second most dangerous place in Colombia. We just need to be super aware of our surroundings and never take a cab from the streets. The reason I'm getting a Brazialian butt lift is because I have a short torso and I feel square. I want to feel longer and curvier, I'm dreaming for nice hips and more ass. I added the ab etching because I want it to look natural. I really wanted to get a rhinoplasty but wasn't able to save up for it so definitely will be coming because he's amazing with rhinoplasty. My friend and I will be staying at the hotel Torre de Cali for the first days in Cali. After surgery we will be staying at La Casa Arama for 7 days $65/day. I really don't know what exactly to bring but I'm packing a lot of pajama dress also a lot of long big dress and robe and slippers. Hopefully whatever else we need Paola ( Villalobos' wife) will sell it. I am excited but nervous never had any type of surgery before. When I get my blood drawn in the clinic I get light headed and close my eyes so imagine liposuction. I know that I will wake up from survey in a lot of pain but as long as I wake up I'm happy. Getting put to sleep and having someone have control of your body has me nervous but I know it's all worth it. I hope 7 days in the recovery house is enough. I will share pics and try to keep everyone updated. Just hopes this helps someone out there trying to get surgery in a different country.

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Love my boobs, need smaller waist, need love handles gone and wider hips, my butt is nice and perky but I desire a bigger one.

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The exact shape I am wishing for.

Arrived today????

Hey guys so my & I arrived today to Cali!! Paola recommended a driver for us who is also the owner of recovery house arama, he's name is Ronald and he is absolutely amazing. He picked us up from the airport and transported us straight to the consultation. We are getting surgery done the 17th instead of the 19th & I will not be doing ab etching, Doctor saids it's not necessary. I was super excited to meet him. He is very cool and lay back. I am confident that he will do an amazing job. While we were waiting we met many girls who came in for their postop appointments and they looked absolutely beautiful. He is such a good doctor, Ig definitely doesn't do him any justice. We are staying in hotel Torre plaza de Cali???? Can't wait for surgery! Will keep you guys updated.

Postop pics

I ended up having surgery earlier. I had it on the 16th 6:30am, today's my second day recovering.I love my results, exactly what I asked for????

2 months postop

Loving my results, haven't been eating healthy or wearing the faja???? But still have an incredible difference in my shape.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Haven't spoken to the doctor at all but whatsapp his wife Paola. She's really nice, so far so good. He is known to be safe and do surgeries more natural looking.

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