31 Yr Old 4 Children. Mommy Makeover - Cali, Colombia

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So after a year of research my First choice was Dr...

So after a year of research my First choice was Dr. Duran in DR...then i came across Colombia...after doing more research regarding Colombian Doctors I changed my mind immediately. Colombia attracted me because of their technology and techniques. They are a lot more advanced than DR in my opinion. So anyway i received my quotes from several Colombian surgeons ranging from 4100 to 7000. I decided on Dr. Alder Henao who quoted me 4100 for the following : Tummy Tuck + Liposculpture (which includes BBL)+ Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation
10 Post-Operative Massages
30 Day Insurance Policy (Covers up to $30k USD) i mean seriously Duran didnt offer half of this and was charging me 6800. Now my flight is booked with Henao and my countdown begins. I will be staying at Beauty Sleep recovery house run by Jazmine and Jazzlyn from bellavita consultants.

34 days and approaching fast!!

I think reality has set it. Im starting to get nervous. I still have to get blood work done and buy my supplies. Im praying all goes well for me on this journey. Ive posted some wish pics of the behinds i like. Lol BBL TT BL BA LIPO. Easiest part for me is that Jazmine from bellavita has handled everything for me im so grateful i was so lost before i contacted her.

My list of supplies

In case anyone may find this helpful i have attached a picture of the supply list that was sent to me.

i made it to colombia

I made it here. Had my consult and im scheduled for tomorrow morning 4-27 at 6am im nervous and excited!!!!

pre and post op pics

Here are some updates im still very swollen

3 weeks post op

I absolutely love my results and i love my doctor!!!! Im planning round 2 with him for lipo on my legs. This doctor is absolutely amazing. Here is a before picture and and after picture which is 3 weeks post op im still swollen..i can only imagine my final results in a few months. This is for all my Sx sisters who have been asking for updates ??

5 weeks post op

more post op pics

more pictures

I've been MIA u can follow me on IG

totally ready for Rd 2

I want my breasts up higher..i asked for a natural look and they are beautiful but now i want them higher. Im looking for another arm lift and more lipo...and scar revision back to Henao I go...hopefully within the next 3 to 6 months

pictures 9 months post op

I have these thigh dents that seem to come and go...so weird...like some days it looks fuller other days the dents look deep..when i wear my faja it smooths them out:-/ round 2 ill have him fill in those dents


Booooo i dont know exactly how...but i was shut down all my b4 and after pics completely gone. Waaaaaa IG is wack and full of drama anyway. I was there to help others and share my journey and i get deleted...such a shame.


Guess whos going back to Colombia for round 2? Yup...me!! Woohoooooo im so excited...literally planned last minute with a friend of mine whom i met on my first round. Im getting lipo to my arms stomach back and legs..im getting my breast lifted BBL cellulite removal and scar revision. My first round was with Henao, I trust him very much and he knows my body so I feel utterly comfortable with him. Ill be back after my Sx to give updates.

Round 2 photo alder henao

Updates for everyone

More pictures of rd2

So here are more of my rd 2 arm lift..massages..

? rd 3 coming soon

Dr. Alder Henao

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