29 Yr Old Wanting Mommy Makeover - Cali, CO

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Hi dolls. I'm new at writing a review on here but...

Hi dolls. I'm new at writing a review on here but not new to the site. As most of you, I've been stalking this site, reading reviews, and coveting over pics and finally it's my turn. I'm a 29 yr old mommy of 5!!!! Yes 5. Ranging from 13yrs to 7 months and everywhere in between. And while I absolutely adore my kids, I need to focus on me some, now that my baby body days have come to an end. I will be getting the works. My priority a BBL. A big fat juicy ass that I can be proud of!!! I will be having lipo to my abdomen and flanks, and upper thighs and having it placed in my booty. Also a breast lift with implants. I am 5'1 and 138 pounds. My boobs are a good size now but after breast feeding 5 kids, let's be honest, big but droopy! Ugh, not sexy at all. My husband is completely on board with my make over and to be honest, probably way more excited than me lol. I have also decided on Dr Harold Villalobos from Cali, Columbia. I've seen his work not only online, but in person and shuuuuut up!!!! Daaaaamn!!! He's definitely the ONE! I will be planning my surgery for January 2017, still haven't scheduled the actual day. I've been in contact with Paola, from his office, who happens to be Dr V's wife, and such a sweetheart!!! I text her questions and she always responds the same day. Now I'm just looking at different recovery homes because they are pricey. $75 a day pricey, and having been told the recovery time for my procedures is approximately 18 days....adds up. So if anyone has been to Cali, or is scheduled on going, any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated please and thank you!!!!

Breastfeeding??!!! Help!

Hi dolls. So I spoke to Paolo, Dr Villalobos' wife, again today. She told me I could do my lab work here and email them to her which I think, is better. Only because worse case, I get there, do my labs, and have something come out bad, I need to have time to fix those lab tests before my surgery day! So I will be scheduling my appointment with my primary care physician in the next couple weeks. ALSO... as I mentioned before, I have a 7 month old son, who is still breastfeeding! I mentioned this to Paola and she said I need to stop breast feeding 2 months prior to my appt month. And that I need to take medicine to stop my milk from producing because I will be getting a lift and small implants. I asked her what medicine I could possibly buy to help but she hasn't answered me back. Have any of you dolls heard of a medicine that stops breast milk??? I never have. And since my surgery appt is going to be in January, I need to stop asap. Is anyone familiar with anything, I would really appreciate any tips and Info. Thanks so much!!



Hi dolls, been a minute since my last post. So I for sure 1000% was going to have my surgery with Dr V from Cali Columbia buuuut, I saw a review from another doll who went to Dr Juan Diego Mejia in Medellin Columbia and she looks F^;# perfect!!! He did the works on her body and did ab etching!!! She looks completely natural and gorgeous. So I of course was intrigued. I messaged Dr Mejias office and they responded right away, they said that for what I want done it would be 7500 which is 1000 more than Dr V. I ases about the ab etching, if that was separate and if i was a candidate and such, and how much it would cost. She responded saying that with Dr Mejias tummy tucks he always includes ab etching......
But my heart is still leaning towards Dr V, so I messaged his wife today and asked her if he does ab etching with his TT as well and she sounded confused and shocked. She said that that's strange because when a doctor performs TT he cannot do ab etching?????? So Im stumped. I would love my TT and to have ab etching also, do any of you dolls know anything about this??? Please help
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