23yr Old, Mother of 1, & Ready to Get Snatched! Cali, CO

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Hiya dolls! After a long thorough search, I've...

Hiya dolls!
After a long thorough search, I've decided to get snatched by Dr.Plazas! My current starting & highest weight is 230lbs (ugh!) Really don't know how I managed to let myself go like this, My breast are laying on my stomach in a deep sleep!????????Mind you, my breast have always sagged since they started coming in. I still had a cute shape (up until the past 2 yrs) & my girls were always big but of course gravity caused them to drop. & now due to my past pregnancy and breast feeding, they're just 2 big deflated balloons sitting on my chest! So since then i started researching on what can be done about my predicament and I stumbled across realself. So here i am now planning to get these girls picked up, and my shape back n plus a little extra????. I most definitely plan on losing about 45-50lbs before my sx date to get optimal result. Here are the following procedures I'm getting done-

Full body Lipo(arms, inner thighs, full back, flanks, & abdomen.)
BL & Reduction (No Implants)
Abdominal sketching

Now, I've already sent my deposit to Dr.Plazas he still hasn't gotten back to me yet.. It says its been picked up already (via western union), So im pretty sure he got it. Now I'm just patiently waiting for his reply.
**i'll be posting more pics after I've lost some weight as well

The date is set!

Got my sx voucher from doctor plazas. Now I just need to work on my recovery house, passport and plane ticket. Tomorrow I start my cleanse to kick start my diet. That's it for now!

Switched doc to Dr. Harold Villalobos

Wow, I haven't updated my rs page in a while! My apologies :(
I have switched over to Dr.Harold villalobos in cali colombia, sx date is next week on the 20th. Same procedures - Breast reduction/lift no implant, Full laser lipo and bbl.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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