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I have always been large breasted...and have...

I have always been large breasted...and have thought about reduction for a long while. Despite what (most?) men, and some small breasted women think, being very heavy in the breasts is not fun and more often than not completely exhausting. We have sore backs, limited activity and unwanted attention.
I am currently a 38 F, although for so long I was wearing the incorrect bra until I went for a correct sizing. Do you know what it costs to buy anything over D?
So I finally got the courage 2 years ago to put myself on the waiting list. In Alberta we are able to have reduction surgery covered under our health care for obvious medical reasons, and being large with extreme back problems is certainly a factor
in this. The down side is a 2 year wait......and so here I am , having waited 23 months and I am finally booked for April 16.....I am sooo scared/excited and every single blog has helped me in my journey thus far...and so I under the value of sharing your experience and I want to do the same. So here I am...

1 week and 1 day to go

Wow, I can't believe how fast time has gone. My reduction is next Wednesday! I am trying to remain calm but I have now started to have dreams, odd anad sometimes distrubing dreams about the reduction. I know it's just anxiety. I have read many blogs, thanks to all for sharing the most intimate deatils of your experiences.
I finally have a "before" picture, I will post soon.
I worry about the healing time (I'm only taking 12 days off work), I work at a desk so I think I'll be ok, but still worred. I worry about the awkwardness of coming back to an office with lots of men (only 3 people know so far). I worry that my husband will find my breasts unattractive afterwards. But despite all that, I look in the mirror and see how clothes fit, see how very large and uncomfortable I am, and feel the pain in my back every single day and I know I'm doing this for me, and me alone.

Picture coming in a few days.......

before.... indeed

6 more sleeps..

So here is my before. ..... six more sleeps and I'm crazy nervous and scared. But now you can see how very large I am and even though my loving husband is all behind me I know he is sad. I'm not sad because I am tired of carrying around these girls. I just want to try on normal bras and normal fun clothes. ... thank you to all the brave ladies who have shared. ..truly thank you...

2 days pre-op

in roughly 48 hours I'll be on the other side. I am just so nervous right now! I have stomach jitters and feel very distracted at work. I pretty much have the "worries" about everything imaginable. My husband reassures me he'll be there for me through-out, and I know that's true. Still, I'm the one who has to journey to the other side alone..
I bought an Adoriwear bra that I've seen recommended, came in the mail today but silly me chose the wrong size and I'm swimming in it now (image later!) so I'll have to see if I can return it :(, if it had fit it looks wonderful!
I'll try to check in tomorrow, maybe with a few pre-photos...until then......

pre-op bras


Here are two of my everyday bras. Probably not really the right size. Blue one is 38DDD

post op

On the other side. All the worry is over. One of my biggest fears being the anesthetic and that was a breeze. My surgeon was amazing. He told he took off a total of 2kg! You can imagine what a difference that made. It will take some getting used to. I was an F now am probably a large C! Already my back feels relief. He also did liposuction on the sides to give me a better shape. This is what hurts the most! Iam very sore and stiff but percoset has been my friend. No drains! (Yeah). Ican shower in a few days (yeah).
Pictures coming as soon as I'm up to it.

day 4 post op

Here's some advice that I read other ladies post and anyone who is still pre op take note..bring a pillow for the ride home,every bump in the road is felt. Also put a pillow under your knees when sleeping, it saves your lower back.
I get to shower today and am looking so forward to that. I had a bit of bleeding in my left nipple yesterday that kind of
freaked me out but I think it was because I tried to
rearrangemy ppillows by myself, bad idea.
I am a bit scared to take off my surgical bra today and really see what my breasts are doing under there. Pain has lessened, lipo area is still the sorest, but I feel because iwas so large the lipo will help me get a better shape.
well, off to prepare for my first shower, wish me luck, or maybe my husband, lol.


Well I think painkillers will only now be advil, and only if needed. The stroner ones certainly make you constipated and that's just one more thing to deal with.
Has anyone experienced a kind of mourning? I was large breasted for so many years and then gone... I feel sad today, and I cried a bit last night. I know there will be people aho dont agree with my decision but most of my close family and friends know the pain and discomfort I have had over the years.
I think once I am able to shop and try on new things and new bras I'll be in a better state, a compression bra is the least sexy thing ever!
happy Easter eveyone.

another pre op picture

The reason I am adding one more pre op picture is because I wonder if the first one didn't give a true account simply because my arms were raised above my head which can make even the largest breasts look perky. This next picture was taken the morning of surgery with my arms at my sides showing just how heavy the girls really are (were).
Next up ... post op picture.

post op

Well here I am after. Still some draining, lots of bruising.

almost 1 week

Hard to believe tomorrow will be one week post op. I am so relieved to be on this side and healing. I have a bit of a cold/bronchitis which I really didnt need right now
I think im slowly getting over the shock of going from 38F to probably about C. Ifeel slimmer actually, simply because those big girls made me look bigger than I really am.
I'm off work all this wesk, do you know whats causing the most anxiety is the "unveiling" to the world so to speak. I know my breats are my business but it's a bit awkward to think I'll walk into work next week 4 lbs slimmer on my chest.

day 9 post op

Nine days gone by already. I have felt my energy level increas and yesterday I even went for two walks. Today I did some light house work ( straightening up and loading dishwasher) and then I hit a brick wall. I am absolutely exhauted and had to lie down. I am not used to this low energy. I think I may skip my walk today and just spend the day relaxing. I go back to work on Monday but I think I am going to insist on only part days for the first week.
my left lipo side still gives me more pain than anything else. I wonder how long I need to wear this compression bra. My new Adori Bra came in the mail and it's so comfortable.
Iam hoping to go shopping tomorrow with my hubby for one more sports bra that I can wear to work. Hopefully I can muster the energy.

bra shopping

Well, my trip was unsuccessful. I learned that back closure sports bras dont work yet, after all I need to put it on once my hubby is already gone to work ( not something u can ask the neighbors for help). I fo
found a front closure, no wire bra that was nice enough but in order for proper fit she said I'd need to "lift" my breats in place, nope can't do that yet. I am 38 and probably a D still so its still a challenge to find. Conclusion: it's too soon, and plus I have one Adoriwear bra that I love so I ordered another online when I got home and will be content with those until the "real" bra shopping can happen down the road. Exhausted! Will post pictures this week when I take the surgical tapes off on Wednesday. ..

two weeks today

Well here I am at two weeks post op, I went back to work thisweek but am wishing I could have taken one more week off. Ive been exhausted. I work at a desk
but all the moving of my arms and using the keyboard has made me sore. I worked a couple shortened days and I think I will take tomorrow to stay home and relax again.
And tonight was the taking off of surgical tape in the shower. What a fiasco, I'm not the best with pain and I think I freaked even my patient husband out. In the end it all came off and I am able to sed the scars, which frankly are a bit startling. I didn't realize there would be such prominent ridges. I know its only two weeks and I've followed other women's progress and see the scars soften and the breasts take on a better shape. See my surgeon on Monday for 3 week check.

2 weeks, tape removed


3rd week

Well here I am at week 3. I didnt think healing would be so slow, but I also didn't think I'd enjoy this new small me as much as I do. I saw my surgeon on monday. All is well except for a few small things. I have a small amount of what he called fat necrosis, areas that are firm. Hopefully they will soften up over time, if not he did mention that he can biopsy them out ( hope it doesn't come to that). I am still extra sensitive on my nipples and roads bumps still make me cringe. I only wear my compression bra at night because it feels better and my Adoriwear bra to work. Those closest to me are thrilled with my new size, and tonight my husband said " once you are healed completely you are going to have beautiful breasts"... :)
Healing is slow but coming along.....

5 weeks

So 5 weeks have passed. It has been a slow process, but each week is a little better. I only have the occasional sharp nerve pain, my nipples are still sensitive but not as. I have one stitch poking out that I snipped a bit of but its still there. My biggest concern right now is my left breast scar tissue underneath seems to have developed either a blister or is just very tender and thick and uncomfortable. You'll notice
with my picture that my shape still is a bit boxy and uneven. Maybe it will always be this way, I dont know how much more things will even out. Bra shopping didnt go well again, very few nice wireless bras and trying on hurt my scar so I guess I'll stick with sports bras for a few more months. Im loving my smaller size but just a bit discouraged with the pains and limitations and soreness..

8 weeks

I can't believe that I am at the 8 week mark. I think once I passed 6 weeks things started to really heal. I can actually sleep bra less now, but when I turn from left to right I still feel a pulling in the lipo area.
I thought I'd never come to this point but I absolutely love my shape and size. I can wear almost anything and look "normal". I still haven't done the big bra shop. I'm still wearing genie bras and adori bras but I hope to try on a sexy bra soon.
one of my concerns is making sure I don't gain any more weight so that my boobs will remain bigger than my stomach, in fact I need and want to lose a few.
I think my saddest point so far was when my husband said, "not gonna lie, I liked your big boobs". It just made me sad but it also reminded me that I did this soley for me, and in the end I need to be the happy one, hands down.
And I am.. happy I mean. I no longer feel like a "freak" when I wear fitted clothes, men sometimes even look at me just because. I can even go without a bra and feel good.
It's a journey ladies and I wish I could sit with each and every one of you and say..it's worth it a and it's going to work out just fine. Be strong ladies!
Dr Lin

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