32, No Children, 5"9, 136lbs, (barely an A) 590cc UHP (32DDD)

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I have been wanting breast implants since I was 17...

i have been wanting breast implants since I was 17 and realized I would never naturally have a chest that I was confident about. Clothes hang on me, if I'm wearing a bikini and I lift my arms, the top will just slide up to my neck. I never had the money, though. Now I'm older, I DO have the money, and I love WHO I am, and am really excited none-the-less to get breast implants.
I live in Central Alberta, and had originally wanted to go down to the USA to get the procedure done by a renowned surgeon, but the currency exchange is pretty ridiculous, add in travel cost and a hotel etc... It just seemed like it was too much. I have been searching a realself NIGHTLY for a surgeon in Canada, hopefully for one close to me, who's style goes with what I'm looking for. The Victoria Beckham look terrifies me! I just called today and left a message with Dr. Jonathan Lee in Calgary, who I've had my eye on- I've seen a BIT of his work and I'm impressed and have a good feeling about him. That's the main thing, I trust my intuition, and I feel a relaxed, safe feeling about him. In my mind, I know my boobs are going to look like they are now, just bigger, and I can't REALLY compare to anyone else realistically. My expectations are to be a C or D, high profile, gummy bear silicone gel, under the muscle, inframmary incision under the breast.

Sizing, Ankylosing Spondylitis

my biggest 'issue' with having plastic surgery would be my genetic spinal disease. Misdiagnosed for over ten years, a specialist who did every possible test imaginable discovered with a genetic marker blood test that I absolutely have AS. For the past 2 years I took 500mg Naproxen, and only this month started Humira which has me feeling like the tin man turned ballerina. My specialist told me there is absolutely no worry for me to get plastic surgery, and Dr.Lee said I'll just need to be off Humira so my body can heal properly, also, the naproxen gone for at least two weeks- which is no problem because I've been off it a month. Anyways, I couldn't find a sing,e thing about AS and plastic surgery, so thought I should mention that.
Anyways, I met Dr. Jonathan Lee today. I'm out of town, so Nikki (assistant) emailed me forms I fill out right from my iPad and hit send- just stuff about my height and weight etc- go in today, a girl has me stand to the left and the right and move my arms back and up while she took photos.
I was impressed I actually MET in the flesh Dr. Lee. I'd remembered today that a few years ago I had seen Dr. Hall Findlay in Banff but never actually met her. I paid to have a consult and only saw the assistant. I didn't like that. So actually meeting him, feeling his energy, shaking his hand- it really helped ease feelings over right/wrong. How would I describe the feeling of his energy? Cool and calm. He was realistic over what could happen. My nipples are slightly on different levels, which will show, and I should be prepared for that.
Besides another girls review on here, and her pictures (thank goodness) I'm totally in the dark over what his style is. That is cause for hesitation. However, the other girls review is EXACTLY how I want mine to look and her boobs are nearly identical to mine. Would you get breast implants without having seen a few before & after photos?
As for sizing, I liked the 370, but I'm sure after a few months I'd regret 370 and wished I'd gone a bit bigger, which leaves me with the other sizing I juggled with, 385.
It's all a lot to consider and decide.
It FEELS right.

Wish boobs

had trouble uploading photos on my last post.
Here are my 'wish boobs'.


on my left (your right) is 385cc sizer.
On my right (your left) is 370cc sizer.

I think I will go with 385, because majority says, they wished they'd gone bigger. When it's under the muscle, as mine will be, they say go bigger for that too.

Dr. Waslen and my 600g Rice Sizers

i had a consultation with Dr. Wallet in Calgary last week. I wanted to explore any possible Dr. interest before I commit to a serious surgery and serious financial investment.
I just want to get this out of the way- of the now three consultations I have had, I am absolutely blown away by my Dr. Waslen consultation. First off, there were happy looking girls coming and going who had breast implants, walking clearly like they'd recently had surgery. The office had an energy to it just filled with satisfied people. I thought this was definitely a good sign. The assistants were all super rad too- I felt so... At ease. Then I meet Dr Waslen and he was thorough and showed me pictures of girls similar to me, he suggested sizes and I got to try them, I was in there for about two hours! I haven't had a consultation like that yet! I walked out of there with a date booked and I am PUMPED! He is mathematical. He looks at your whole frame, your height, your build, and he just throws a handful of implants on the table to try. He thinks I should go 590cc because I'm tall and with my 36 band size, he said I could totally carry it. I had digital imaging too. 590 seemed INSANE! But he said it'll look smaller once it's in me under the muscle. So I filled up 0.6g of rice into pantyhose and I'm sitting here with them in a 36c bra (I couldn't find a 36D at the thrift store, but this is working alright.) I feel like they're MAYBE too big.,. The other option was 535cc and I can't remember if these both were Ultra High Profile or not... I think they were. I'm also concerned that if they are UHP, I'll look like I have these thin tubes sticking out of my chest, lol. I had my heart set on the plain old moderate high profile, the nice flat/round one. But I guess they'd be sticking into my armpits, so UHP it will probably be. I'm rambling. I'm sorry, when people ramble on here I skim read. I'm just thinking out loud really.
Anyways, surgery is booked for March 23, and when I have my preop appt in February I'll get to the bottom of my sizing questions. I don't want to have 'I went too small' regrets, but I think it would be better than 'I went too big' regrets.
I also requested that if a spot opens up sooner, to let me know.
I ALSO asked him about rhinoplasty. My nose is crooked, a lot of people think I broke it, but alas I never did. It's crooked and my nostrils are crooked. I was incredibly impressed- he measured my face and said basically that mathematically I have a perfect nose and he could definitely straighten it, smooth out the bump and get my nostrils straight. He talked so kindly about my nose that if I did get it straightened, I'd get him to do it. He suggested I just get bangs, lol.
We'll see.

Pictures of rice sizers (to look like I have 590cc)

Adding Rhinoplasty, Ankylosing Spondylitis & Anesthesia

ive been in for my pre-op, and once again it was a very thorough appointment. I talked to Dr. waslen about my fears with the UHP and he showed me pictures of girls nearly identical to my stats who had them put in and seeing how amazing they looked I just waved my hands in the air and was like- done- sold- that's exactly what I want!
Settled for sure on 590cc UHP, and seeing them again for the second time, feeling them, wearing them, they didn't seem as big and scary as I'd remembered them from my first time with them. I'm really really excited.
My nose has been a lot of back and forth with me and I might have to do a separate post for it-
It'll be an additional 7700$... Yikes... BUT if I went with other Dr.s I'd looked at and not liked nearly as much as Dr. Waslen, I'm looking at between 9&11g around here and, most of Canada it seems for that matter. On top of that, it's a bonus that it will be one time- one terrible terrible week- and then I recover and that's it. Mainly though, I honestly trust Dr. Waslen and I'm excited about him doing this.
It's a very personal thing to put a face picture up, but I probably will, because there aren't any on realself from him.
My limited neck movement from my AS is a wee bit troublesome for them. The anesthesiologist needs to put a tube down my throat, but they're unsure if that will be possible for me. I will see this week to get assessed. I was told that worse case scenario, they'd need to perform the surgery at a hospital where they would be equipped differently for someone like me.
My nose is just going to have the bump filed down a bit, the tip worked on to slim it, the nostrils will be taken in, and straightened. He may or may not break it.
I am SO excited. I am SO sure and so positive about this. I can't wait to look the way I feel- and FYI I'm not seeking perfection, just improvement.

Anesthesia Update for Ankylosing Spondylitis

So I will be having day surgery at the hospital at the end of this month.
I have had to have x rays done of my neck, and a meeting with an anesthesiologist who gave me a second assessment. I feel like a hopeless cripple trying to get breast implants, lol, but dr. waslen is being so thorough and careful and no one is treating me like a burden, despite my own feelings of being one.
It sounds like they are actually going to have me breathe in a numbing gas, which will basically freeze my mouth and throat, and while awake, the breathing tube will be inserted. Then I will be put to sleep. This sounds a bit scary, but I am just so ready for implants that I am willing to go through the hoops to get there.
I also decided to NOT get a nose job. My brother really talked me out of it for now, saying maybe with my dream boobs you'll feel so great- and lately I've actually been admiring people with kind of big unusual messed up noses, and feeling ok with my own.
Anyways, that's all to report.
I have really learned that your surgeon is the most important part of this whole thing- other surgeons would never have gone this far to make sure with my AS that I will be safe and ok. And I am so thankful and appreciative of that.
Also- was really back & forth on 590-535-590-535.... I have indefinitely decided 590 is the right choice. You lose cc's when it's placed behind the muscle, and I will therefore basically LOOK like I have 535.


I WAS on 500mg Naproxen which I believe I was supposed to take twice a day, but often only took one a day and some days didn't even take it (I was always afraid of destroying my liver)
Since December 2015 I have been on 40mg Humira every 14 days. I will be skipping 2 doses. Normally one dose skipped would be sufficient, but the one dose falls like a day before my surgery, so therefore, 2 doses skipped.
After surgery is still a little unclear as to when I'll start back up, but that'll be determined when the time comes.

Day 6 Post Op

The first few days after my surgery are a blur of being in bed on pain killers. I wish I'd paid more attention to myself, because I swelled up and got a few blisters from the tape-friction, but it's healing up. The 'pockets' are a yellow bruise going away very quickly. I LOVE the size and the profile- I'm so so so thankful dr waslen suggested these and that I went for it. I don't wear my bra at night. I'm icing alllll the time now. Feels weird, little squish air pops and they feel a bit foreign still, sometimes they feel like they'll fall into my armpit or if I don't hold them they'll just drop- but they're incredibly intact. I started massaging yesterday. My left arm moves pretty good, right arm is still a little harder to move.
Anesthesia just went like any normal person would have had done. Dr Waslen was really careful about my AS though, and for that I'm extremely grateful.
Little side notes that aren't so glamorous: surgery has a weird smell doesn't it? I swear I've never smelled so awful in all my life.
I was constipated for FIVE days. Finally went and bought some exlax. The pain killers/ anesthesia will do this.
If you have a nipple incision, watch the tape and your swelling or you will get friction blisters. Polypsorin and air will heal you fast.
Getting up is hard, so make a makeshift seat on your bed by propping up pillows and rolling a blanket up to put just where the bottom of your bum to your knees can rest.
Dr Waslen is hands down the best.

My before Pictures

Are my before pictures gone?? I must have deleted them-
Here's when I was a 36A (although, I never filled the cup up, I was a bralette girl my whole life, even before they were everywhere, I hastily buy them in the girls section at Walmart)


I love this website, but it has some kinks. I was having troubles captioning my photos-
White tank picture is day 6, Mentor UHP cohesive gel 590cc in both L & R, under the muscle, through the nipple. Wearing a 36D wonderbra.
My bruise photo is from day 2 I think? I'll try to update photos from here on more consistently.

Freaking yourself out

Before surgery, you stress over sizing, who's going to take care of you, if your surgery will be smooth- it's nothing compared to after. The littlest change or tingle has me panicking that I'll have to call my surgeon or call 911- not really- but it has crossed my mind. They tighten up and I'm googling capsular... They tingle and I'm googling nerve damage. I wanted these so bad and I am TERRIFIED I will screw them up. I try to relax and self talk to my body, welcoming them. I remind myself that these are new to me and they're going to feel weird, of course. I remind myself that I DID just have surgery, so pain is obviously going to exist (I'm not in much pain though). I am worried that I over did it, on day 6 I felt SO good, o decided to take a nice long walk after being so cooped up in bed. I only opened one door, carefully with both hands, which seriously had a bystander girl roll her eyes at me, lol. I washed my tea mug, and remade my bed very slowly and carefully. I did my massage really lightly (I'm supposed to really squeeze them, but my body wasn't giving me the vibe that I was ready for that yet) then I woke up the next day feeling awful! The swelling is definitely going down, but the left feels so strange now... Out of place and numb. The right is really tingly. I've googled all kinds of stupid paranoias, but I have to take a deep breath and remind myself, I am healing- things are going to constantly be changing. Chill out!

Day 7 Post Op

One week ????
taking it easy today.

Day 8 Post Op

Day 10 Post Op

I just realized, because my surgery day was moved a month back, this site it saying I'm already a month post op- I don't know how to change that.
Anyways, it's been ten days and besides the stitches and slight bruising (and my damn friction blisters) that need to heal up, I feel REALLY fantastic! Still take it easy, haven't vaccumed and my laundry is piling up (apartment dweller with no elevator) but I feel SO good. I look back at even just a few days ago, the silly fears I had, lol. Just listen to your body, and for real take it easy.

Day 12 Post Op

The subject on nipple numbness/ sensation came up today, and I realized I never talked about that. I got these put in through the nipple- and not even for a moment have I had a freak out about them. They are 100% as if nothing happened- full feeling EXACTLY as they were before. Phewf!
I noticed today the tingling is gone. A little bit here and there on my right breast. In love with them more and more everyday.

15 days Post Op

It occurred to me this evening, that today was the first day I actually forgot I have implants. they feel so connected to me now, such a part of me. ive been putting coconut oil on them morning & night, mixed with a vitamin E/calendula oil. Polypsorin on my healing damned friction blisters. I could probably take the tape off around my nipples now, lol, but I'm not 100% sure so I'll leave them maybe just a few more days. I can squish them together now, they're softening up. IM SO GLAD I DIDNT DO 535! I've got 590s in and I actually wish they were even bigger. If you're debating between the two, remember, if it's behind the muscle it'll be smaller than you think. But I'm madly in love with everything about them and wouldn't change a thing.

Nipples at 2 weeks

I finally decided to take the tale off that was around my nipples. I held my breasts afraid that when I pulled it off, it would be a gaping hole that would tear open- but it was ok, of course! I'm curious how he seals them up- there's no stitching- it's just a perfect line that I can tell already will heal up unnoticeable. I'm so thankful that my feeling in them is unchanged.
I was kind of sad today, now that the swelling is gone, I think I had gotten used to the swelled up giganticness. I can imagine how sad breast feeding moms get when their milk implants go away. Anyway, swelling is gone and I'm staring at them like- are these big? I can't tell. They still have a long way to go- the muscles and tissues still need relax. They're still kind of stuck up in their place and pointy. I'm excited to see what they look like in another 2 weeks. Still filling out a 36D bra. My advice today is, definitely don't go conservative if you're getting implants. When they say go big or go home, they mean it.

Day... 17?

Sorry I'm losing count.
I just found a photo I took of myself the night before surgery- I totally forgot about it! I just put it beside a picture I took on Friday (?) and its so weird! I never felt a connection to the way I looked before, and now when I look at myself I'm like- yes! There you are! There you are!

3 Weeks

3 weeks post op

Chest Acne :(

I'm 3.5 weeks out- feel incredibly normal. Still going through the day forgetting I had it done.
I guess I noticed it yesterday, but I have some acne on my chest. I've been using coconut oil as my moisturizer for 8 years and I know that's not what's causing it... Hmm... Oh! Maybe it's from polysporin?? Anyways, it's always annoying to have acne, no matter where it is. I'll try to not mess with them.
Here's a picture of my boobs from the side lying down at 3.5 weeks

1month & 9 days

I love my boobs. I was single through the entire process and it was such a 'me' time, such a personal journey that had absolutely no influence from anyone else's opinion. I took care of myself through my healing (and my little brother checked up on me and put my hair in ponytails and scooped the kitty litter lol) I know it's probably not good to base your happiness on something like boobs, and I'm not, I just feel more.... complete. I feel the way I always felt. The confidence is mind blowing. I am so thankful for my these boobs! I finally went and got an actual bra. Still prefer my bralettes and sportsbras. I need to get a new bikini now! Anyway, nothing physically to report really, sometimes the 'pocket' area feels a little numb but it comes and goes. Nipples still healing. Started sleeping on my side about a week ago because I could not stand another minute trying to sleep on my back. Hope you are all doing well-

It's been a while!

Just wanted to show some pictures- it's been about 7 months since surgery! I forget I had anything done! They are definitely a part of me.
Dr. Gregory Waslen

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