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I am 34, 5'6 and 140 lbs. I am a mother of 2(10...

I am 34, 5'6 and 140 lbs. I am a mother of 2(10 and 12 year olds) and I have been sorta wanting this for a long time. However, since I am very active and looked okay in clothes plus the wait time to get a consultation is like three to four months so I have never gotten very far. My husband never thought I needed it and never was against it either. Anyway... everything changed when I met Dr. Yau.

I went and had my first consult in Feb 2013 with Dr. Yau and I was not prepared . I didn't really know what to ask and just asked some basic questions... Plus I just wanted to see if I am a good candidate of TT. I showed her my belly and oh yes I am a good candidate. LOL. I asked to see some of her work. She said she had to get consent from her patients and would show me if I book another consult. I did and came back two weeks later with lots of questions! I was concerned about the length of the scar, the shape of the scar, the location of the scar and the pain I was going to be in. I put all the pics of tummy tuck scars I like and don't like in a folder and brought my computer with me. I also emailed her a load of questions before I went in for my second consult. Dr. Yau addressed every single question. Dr. Yau said that she can control everything she does but how I am going to heal is something she can't control. I looked at her work and very pleased with the belly buttons. The scars looked fine too. But I was still uncertain so I said I will think about it and let her know... She said no problem. And then... a week later I went for the third consult and booked my surgery, which was yesterday April 5th. I was stressed over the surgery for the whole time and looked online everyday for the same info and strangely relieved from it a bout two weeks before surgery. I had dreams about the surgery for quite some time then strangely felt great just about a week before. I kept myself busy and really didn't think much about it. And then the day is here!

I had my surgery at the Peter Lougheed hospital. I had to call and find out my surgery time the day before and I was told I had to get admitted by 6:30 in the morning and surgery time at 8:40. I was happy that I was the first one in first one out. I went to the grocery store and bought tons of food I like and spent the rest of the night watching Grey's then went to bed and slept like a baby. No stress , no anxiety.

Got to the hospital on time, got admitted on time and went up to day surgery unit right away. Changed into a gown pretty much my butt and waited on the day surgery bed. Then my nurse Jasmine came and put the IV in and we went though my medical history and other paper work. It was about7:30 when I was done with paperwork and stuff then just was waiting for Dr. Yau to arrive to mark me pre op. Dr. Yau came at around 8:15. I didn't quite recognize her. She always had her hair down and in a white gown at the office but she was in Dr's scrub and wearing a surgical cap hiding all of her hair. Anyway, she looked pretty. Dr. Yau spent quite a bit of time marking me and measuring me. She drew the incision as low and short as she possible. Gosh my tummy looked ugly. Again I was glad I was getting it done. After Dr. Yau marked me the anesthesiologist came and talked to me. I told him that I threw up many times last time I had general anesthetic and I asked him if he can mix the drugs with something to prevent it. He explained and basically told me no there is not preventable. He was a very nice looking Dr. I think his last name is Preddy. too! Anyway, I went to the bathroom before I got wheeled off to the OR. There were four nurses in the OR plus the two Drs. Dr. Yau asked me if I was nervous. I gave her a big smile and said " I am excited!" Then I fell asleep.

I woke up in the recovery room and feeling great. I didn't feel any pain yet so I was expecting it to hit me sooner or later. I felt a little sore getting up and move around but no pain at all. I was really drowsy though. I looked at the time and it was 2 when I woke up. I was falling in and out of my sleep and the nurse came twice asked me about my pain level and both times I said 2 on the scale of 1-10. Then I went to the bathroom and the nurse told me that I can go home if I'd like. I said no I have to wait for Dr. Yau to talk to me before I go home. So they just let me wait there. It was very comfy at the hospital so I was in no rush. Dr. Yau came to see me at around 4:30. She opened the binder up and I saw my all stitched up BB and it looked just fine to me regardless of the looks... I think it will turn out lovely. I didn't get to see my incision though as it was all covered up. But I could tell it was very low. I was not concerned. Dr. Yau gave me her cell phone number and told me to go see her next Wednesday for post op check up then she left. I was still not in pain when my sis in law picked me up at 6:30.

So I got home and mom cooked me some soup and I couldn't eat it. I threw up at the hospital once and I threw up again at home. Just couldn't eat anything. I was afraid that it would be very painful when I threw up but it wasn't. I threw up couple more times before midnight then it stopped. I set my alarm to wake myself up every 2, 4, 6 hrs. Every 2 hrs to empty my drain, every 4 to take antibiotics and every 6 to take pain killers. I am on T3 only as I was told the percocet or the Oxycodone would give me nausea and I really don't want to throw up anymore. Plus my pain level was always a 2 and I moved around fine. Hunched over only because I was told not to put tension on my incision, not because of pain. I was still a little worried about PO day 2 though as the pain might kick in then.

Woke up at 9 this morning and feeling fine! No pain just sore. I wasn't planning on writing on realself but all the sudden I think I should. Not a lot of people from Calgary there and I thought I should share my experience! So far so good but still don't know how my scar looks. So far so good, not overly concerned. Will post pics when I find out on Wednesday!!

Good luck ladies!!

Okay, last night was tough. I wasn't in a lot of...

Okay, last night was tough. I wasn't in a lot of pain but I thought I would try the heavy dose narcotics just to have a good night sleep. Gosh I was up throwing up three four times and that was the most painful experience so far! Should have just taken T3s. So stupid. Anyway, the night was over and I am feeling a lot better now. Checked the drain every two hours and I am still draining about 10cc every time. I kinda doubt I will have my drains removed on Wednesday. Can't stand up straight yet and my back is more sore than my belly. I know I am supposed to get up and walk but just had been too lazy. Still haven't had BM even though I have been taking Senokot. Hopefully I will go soon. I opened the binder and still couldn't see much but strangely I see an old scar still at the same place as it was before surgery. Also some stretch marks... I can't figure out why that is and I guess there is nothing I can do now.

Past couple days had been about the same. Sleeping...

Past couple days had been about the same. Sleeping watching tv and eating like a pig... Surgery did not affect my appetite at all. Daughter is sick so I took her to the doctors today and the drive was not pleasant. Not painful just very uncomfortable. Draining about 20 cc a day so hopefully my ps will take the drains out tomorrow. Still haven't had a chance to look at my belly yet but I'm sure the surgery could not remove all my stretch marks. Oh well at least I get a flat tummy! I just hope the incision is nice and smooth and the same height on both sides... So much to concern about. Crossing my fingers!

PO day 5. Finally I got my drains out!!! Yay! I...

PO day 5. Finally I got my drains out!!! Yay! I didn't expect that my ps would take them out but she did! I felt nauseous when she pulled the tubes out even though there was no pain. She said everything looks good(well, it looks really ugly right now appearance wise) I can't shower for another two days and will make an appt to see her in two weeks. I still can't stand up straight and my back pain is causing me way more pain than my tummy. However I feel great and looking forward to another day of getting better!

My back had been extremely sore in the past few...

My back had been extremely sore in the past few days and I was really getting annoyed. The muscle relaxant didn't help much at all. Finally I decided to call my PS. (I could have emailed her but I didn't as I have been a pain before the surgery emailing her over and over about the same questions...) Anyways, I didn't talk to her but talked to the nurse instead. The nurse told me that I should be able to stand straight by now and because I am so afraid to stand straight so I am so hunched over which causes the backache.... That kinda made sense as I had this tingling pain when I was trying to straighten myself. I also told her that I have been sleep upright for the last few nights and she said to sleep a little flatter night by night. I listened and started to lower my recliner for the past three nights. And I woke up on day 9 with no backache this morning! Yay!! I felt great and was running around doing errands all day... I am still very swollen and very tight and especially so now at night. However, today is definitely the turning point for me! Yay again!!

My ps told me to keep the steri strip on till next visit, which is 7 days from today. I couldn't help but took a peek at the end of the incisions and I think I got a dog ear... i hope not!! can't wait to see my ps to confirm. I know dog ear can be easily fixed but I still don't want to go through the trouble. I also hope that my incision will look nice and straight... My BB is not a innie but an outie right now and I know what my ps is going to say :" Give it time" Anyways... hopefully everything will be fine!!

Tummy had been hard and swollen for the last few...

Tummy had been hard and swollen for the last few days. Bb is so dark... I tend to have hyper pigmentation for the previous scars and it takes a long time for the color to fade. I still have hyper pigmentation from laser treatment on my stretch marks from two years ago. It will go away I'm sure but it will take a long time. Still can't get completely comfortable sleeping flat but no problem sleeping! Back is no longer sore but still hunched over at the end of the day. Over all pretty good considering it was a major surgery. I'm gonna go see my ps tomorrow and I hope she will tell me my BB looks ok... I always thought I would have a round deep bb.
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