2 Years PO and scar revision, Drainless Tummy Tuck -Muscle Repair and Umbilical Hernia - Calgary, AB

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I have an apt booked with my surgeon on Feb....

I have an apt booked with my surgeon on Feb. 21,2014 to get a tummy tuck. I'm 36 yrs old and have 2 young kids. After my second child, I noticed my belly button area had a big gap and I always look 4 mos pregnant. My family physician sent me for tests and was told that I have 7 cm of diastasis rectus and a hernia. My general surgeon said he can do the surgery, but the scar would be vertical and long. Who wants a visible long vertical scar! The other option he gave me is that I can see a PS for a tummy tuck. I started to do some research on tummy tucks and I thought this would be my best option. I'm really nervous about the surgery. I have never had surgery before! Heck, I think paper cuts hurt so much. lol Well, if I can survive the pain of 2 child births than i'm sure I will do fine haha

I can't wait to look normal again and not have to worry about what clothes will hide my belly.


I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the surgery. How soon can you start driving again after the TT? How long will it take for you to start sleeping on your back or sides again? Any advice that I can give my husband during the recovery stage.

Less than 2 mos.....

My surgery is in less than 2 mos. I just purchased myself a recliner so I can sleep on it after surgery. After reading much reviews, the recliner was recommended. Are there any other suggestions I should prepare for before surgery?? I've been shopping and I have found so many nice tops and dresses that I can wear after surgery when my tummy is flat. I can't wait!! I did purchase a tighter fitting dress, so hopefully by summer time my tummy will be somewhat flat and not too swollen to wear it. I have added some pics of me. I'm 5 ft 2, 36 yrs old, 2 kids (age 6 and 2). I currently weigh 140 lbs. I wonder if my waist will shrink after surgery? I know your tummy will be flatter at the front, but does your pant size goes down?? I was very slim before having kids. I was only 110 lbs and never imagined my body to look like this after having kids. My family is very supportive. I felt confident with the PS that I'm going with, until I was reading one comment on realself about how some doctors will hire ppl to write good reviews about them. I only went to one consultation and I really based my decision from his reviews on ratemd's. I asked the PS if he had any before or after pictures and he said due to privacy reasons, it was illegal for him to show pics to other patients. Is that true in Canada? He said some docs will show pics, but technically it's considered to be illegal. I'm hoping the reviews on ratemd's are legit. He got really good ratings and the comments from other patients has been very positive! He uses a no drain technique, which will help with recovery. I'm glad I won't be getting any drains. Just from reading other reviews on here, it doesn't sound fun!

New Year, New Tummy and working on a New body......

Wow, I can't believe my surgery is in 6 weeks!! I feel like there is so much to do before surgery. Obviously I won't be able to do much after surgery. My activities will be very limited, so I'm trying to get the house organized and help eliminate some of the chores for my husband. I know a lot will fall on him and it will be a lot of work for 1 person to take on. Especially when we have 2 young kids. My mom will stay and help us out, but I know my husband will do most of the work. He's just the type of guy who doesn't like to inconvenience any one for help. People have been asking me if I'm excited. I really don't know how I feel. I guess it really hasn't hit me yet. The way I see this surgery is to get my hernia and diastasis repaired. I never really thought of having a tummy tuck until my general surgeon said he could repair my issues, but it would leave me with a long vertical scar. At first i was ok with that and put myself on the waiting list for surgery. After much thought about the visible vertical scar when I wear a bikini, I went back to my GS to ask him why he can't make an incision on the bikini line. He suggested a tummy tuck because the PS can do an incision on the bikini line. The results would look much better. After looking at so many before and after pictures, I'm so glad I decided to do a tummy tuck. I don't think I would be happy with a long vertical scar. I just really hope the PS makes the incision really low. I've seen some really high ones and I don't understand why the PS would ever cut so high. Is there a reason for it? It's always around the hip area that the incision goes higher up. Why can't the PS cut straight across just where your hip bone is? I find most of them like to go above that bone, but then your scar is kind of visible. I love how Dr H. from Miami does his incisions. He does them so low and it really hides the scar. I wished I heard about him before booking my apt. I think it would be worth flying to Miami for the surgery. Plus his fees are much lower compared to what they charge here in Calgary. Even with the plane ticket and hotel stay it would prob. still work out a bit cheaper than what I'm paying for my surgery here. However, it is nice to stay local. My family is here and if anything goes wrong later on, it's easier to contact your PS for any questions or concerns.

I have hired a personal trainer. I met with her last week for her to take my measurements and to do a fitness test. After I have fully recovered, we are going to meet again and start my fitness training. She will try to help me get back to normal and also work on my core, toning and eating better. My core is so weak right now. She asked me to do some crunches. I can hardly do 1 properly. I made it to 3, but my feet was lifting up a bit already. Man, I was so embarrassed. lol She was really good about it. She laughed and said we would def. work on strength and getting into shape. I have to admit. I'm very lazy about exercising. I use my spare time to catch up on sleep or clean the house. I've always wanted a 6 pack. I'm hoping after the surgery I can commit in exercising and eating healthier. Those are def. my goals for 2014!!

3 More weeks....

I can't believe my surgery is in 3 weeks. I still have so much to do. I got my recliner. It's all set up in my bedroom. Husband brought up the TV from the basement and put it into our room, so I will be nice and comfy in there. What a sweetheart! I have an awesome family. My sister will watch the kids for a few days while I recover. My mom is coming over to help out. My other sister said she would cook me some food. I feel like a lucky girl!

What to prep for?

Surgery is in 2 weeks!! Any advice on what to wear on the day of surgery? Did anyone pack some crackers and water in case you got too nauseous for the drive home?? The hospital is 45 mins away from where I live. It will also depend on how traffic is. I know when you're not feeling well or feeling super nauseous, 45 mins may feel like an eternity.

Pre Op consult

I went in for my pre op consult today. My PS told me what to expect. I paid my full amount today, so I'm all set for my surgery next week!! I got my compression garment today from my PS. He told me not to stand straight for about a week. Not allowed to shower till day 2. He said you usually can't drive for about 5-6 days. I was told to wear sweatpants/stretch pants, anything comfy to the hospital. Preferably a button up shirt, so you don't need to stretch. He's going to remove my mole for me that's above my BB. I'm getting excited and nervous at the same time!!
I got my period today, so I don't need to worry about it for next week. I'm very happy about that!

Tomorrow is the day!

Well, I went from being nervous to being scared now. I cleaned and cooked like MAD today. I hope this will help eliminate some of the work for my husband. I have to check in at the hospital tomorrow at 7:45am and the surgery will start at 10:45am. I will keep you all updated when I'm feeling better. Hugs to all my TT sisters out there!

I'm flat!

I've been feeling so tired from all the drugs. Overall I've been ok. As long as I take my pain meds on time I'm feeling ok. My recliner has been so comfortable to sleep on. It is a must to have after surgery. My hubby has been taking good care of me. I will update more as I'm more awake. Happy healing!!


Well yesterday Day 2 wasn't too bad. I still felt very nauseous and took a gravol and that helped. Today I could feel that my back and my neck is starting to hurt. It's starting to feel really stiff. It's really hard to eat solids, so I would recommend just drinking like a protein shake or soup at first. I still need help to get up to go to the washroom. Today I get to take a shower yeah!!! I will get to see what my incision looks like and I will post some pictures later on. I can feel that I have more energy today and I slept pretty well last night.

Day 3 before and after a shower

1 more photo

Lots of gas

I gave stopped taking my pain meds oxycodone. I didn't feel like I need it anymore. The pain is tolerable. I was feeling nauseous from it. But man, I have so much gas and it's hard to release it lol. It hurts to push it out. I did have a small bowel movt last night. It felt good and I didn't have any pain from it. My back and neck is still sore. My bb was Bleeding yest so I will check later on to see if its still is. I think I had the binder on too tight. Sleeping has been good. Can't wait to sleep on my own bed again.


Holy, yest I had a cough spasm and WOW it hurted like crazy!!! My abs are now sore from it. I have lost some weight. The day I went into surgery I was 136lbs and I'm now down to 132lbs. It's just from not eating much for the last few days. When you get up it takes awhile to catch your breathe. I'm glad I don't need take the pain meds anymore. It makes you nauseous and gassy. My tummy is still numb. It feels weird. It feels like a layer of skin in the inside is suctioned or static cling on to another piece and that you need and want to pull it apart. My bb is not bleeding anymore. Overall it hasn't been a painful experience. I was just really tired and nauseous. As long I didn't put too much pressure on my abs I was fine.

My sister had the kids over the weekend. It was so nice not to have the kids around. My husband took really good care of me. He even wiped my butt after my Bowel movt. Lol god bless him. You just can't twist your body to wipe. So whoever is taking care of you, make sure they don't mind doing stuff like that. :)

Oh the cough

So I was feeling fine up till now. I have developed this dry cough and my ab area is very sore now. I'm just hoping it doesn't rip any of my sutures. I'm not sure how easy it is for it to separate?? I have my follow up on Monday so I will ask my PS about it. I didn't sleep very well last night from the cough. Tried all sorts of meds and nothing is making a difference. I'm going to take a pain killer tonight and a gravol so I hope that will help me sleep. My back and neck is feeling better. It's not as sore anymore. I'm still very hunched over. Super bored at home. Can't really do much. I'm sure my bum is getting flatter from sitting all day long. I haven't had any constipation problems. I took Lax A Day 1 week before surgery and drank some prune juice after. I've been getting a bum pretty much every day. Yest I drank a little too much prune juice and with limited mobility I almost did not make it to the washroom on time ????

Day 6 photo

Each Day is getting better

Well, each day is getting better. I peeled off all the steri strips last night. I was tired of looking at the dry blood underneath and I wanted to clean it and look at my incision and bb before I see my PS. I had my 1 week follow up today with my PS. He took out the sutures from my bb and mole removal. He said everything is looking good. I have a couple of blisters around the incision area where the steri strips was. My skin reacted to the tape. Dr Dawes said it will eventually pop and when it does I'm supposed to put some polysporin on it. His office also gave me my scar treatment cream today. He said I can start using it and to apply it on twice a day. Morning and night. My cough is getting better. It still hurts to cough, but not as painful as Day 4 and 5. On Day 8 PO it started to get a bit a better. I did take my pain med Oxycodone from my last post and it did help with my cough and sleep that night. The codeine helps with your cough. I still walk very hunched over, but I should be able to stand straighter soon. My abs were very sore today. I think it's due from the cough. I'm still sleeping on my recliner. However, I'm going to try to sleep on the bed tonight with some pillows for support. I can get on and off the couch more easily now.

I love that my tummy is flat. What I don't like is how dark the scar is right now and it's hard to picture that fading too much. I naturally have darker skin, so scars will show up more against my tone. I guess that is the trade off. Flat tummy, but long dark scar. Second, my pubic area is very lifted right now and when I put my underwear on it doesn't completely cover my pubic hair or the incision. I asked Dr Dawes about that and he said it will lower a bit, but not much. I'm hoping it will lower enough to completely cover my pubic hair and the incision. Third, your tummy feels like it's glued on. Every time I try to stand straight, I feel like my tummy is crazy glued and I have to use some force to pull it apart. It's a weird feeling. My tummy is still very numb.

Recovery is so boring. Besides getting up to eat, use the washroom and walk around for a bit, I pretty much sit at my chair for the entire day and watch t.v. AND go on realself lol I've been getting my appetite back. My mom is over taking care of me and my son. Mommy's are the BEST!! She made us dinner and a wonderful broth soup today because my husband had to drive me to my follow up apt, which was during dinner time.

I hope everyone is healing well. I can't complain. Other than the cough, my recovery has been pretty good. I was expecting a lot of pain, but I would say it's more discomfort than pain. I really can't wait to see what my results are going to look like!

Pics of PO Day 9

Standing straighter

Yesterday took a turn. I can stand up straighter. My tummy doesn't feel as tight. It's much easier on the back now. I started the scar cream 2 days ago and today I developed a rash below the incision line around the hip area on both sides. I just emailed Vicki (Practice Manager) so see if I could you a RX cortisone cream that I have at home. It's starting to get itchy and it looks like it's going to spread. She told me to discontinue the cream until she talks to Dr Dawes.

Today for the first time I can wipe my own butt properly. haha TMI. I don't have to karate chop wiping my butt anymore. Those who have gone through this prob. knows what I mean. Those with upcoming surgery, YOU will know what I mean :) Taking a shower still drains out my energy. I can't lift anything too heavy yet. I was carrying 2 pillows and I found that was a lil too heavy. I can feel the pressure in my tummy.

Just a word of advice for those who will be getting surgery soon, you will be hunched over for a bit, so make sure you lower the important things you'll need. I always have a cup coffee in the morning(the only thing I look forward to in the AM) and one morning I woke up earlier than my husband. I keep my mugs in the cupboard on the 2nd shelf and I couldn't reach it because I was hunched over. I had to wait for my husband to wake up to grab me a mug.

I tried sleeping on my bed, but it's still uncomfortable to do so. I'm still sleeping on the recliner.

Yest was the first time I actually took the time to look at my new tummy. Although I'm very happy that my tummy is flat, there is one thing I'm not sure of. Where my pubic hair starts to where my belly button is, that space in between is very short. I'm not sure if it's from the swelling that gives this false image or not, but it makes my scar look high. And it can't get any lower cuz the incision is already right on the pubic hair area. The incision looked low on the first day, but it was also because I didn't know where my bb was positioned. It was covered up with gauze pads. I guess I will just have to be patient and wait. I took 6 weeks off from work. It's very nice to have the help at home. I don't have to worry about the kids and lunch and dinner is all prepared for me. I'm loving this break!! AND truly blessed that I have such a wonderful family. My sister in law dropped off dinner for us last night that she had cooked. She is always so sweet and thoughtful!!

Day 12 PO

Somehow it didn't upload these 3 pics when I updated my post. Here it is.....

Pics are not uploading??

Let's try this again

PO Day 12

Let's try it AGAIN



can't upload pics

Ok, I have attempted to upload more photos many times but it's not working. I'll try again tomorrow.

blister popped

I just took a shower and I was gently massaging one of my blister and it popped. Some blood gushed out. I just put some polysporin on it, as instructed by my PS, and then a band aid to cover it. My cough is acting up again. My chest feels really congested today. I just popped one of my pain pill and hopefully it will help. It has given me some cough relief before.



2 weeks

Wow, 2 weeks ago I had my surgery. I'm glad I took 6 weeks off from work because I don't think I would be ready to go back to work yet at 2 weeks. My energy level gets better and better each day. I can pretty much do a lot of things on my own. The only thing I find is that I can't lift anything heavy. I can't wait to gain my strength back so I can hold my 2 yr old. I can't cook yet, unless it's like preparing something light, like making a sandwich. Carrying a pot puts pressure on my tummy. I can stand straighter, but still a lil hunched. I'm not driving yet. I don't feel confident to drive yet. Actually, legally I'm not sure if I can drive yet. My sister had a C-section and she wasn't allowed to drive for 6 weeks because if she got into an accident the insurance will not cover her. Does anybody know if this applies to a TT surgery in Canada? I might have to call my car insurance about that.

I am still sleeping on the recliner. I can recline back a little further, which makes it more comfortable to sleep. I think in a few days I can start sleeping on my own bed again!! I still get tired very easily, so I can only do small tasks that doesn't require a lot of time. The scar cream is not giving me a rash anymore and the itching is gone. I have been using it for 5 days now and I don't see a big difference yet. The incision feels softer, but the scar still looks pretty dark. My tummy still feels numb and I have more swelling on the right side and above the belly.

Almost there...

The last few days has been so much better!! 4 days ago I started to sleep on my own bed. The first few nights took a lil of getting used to. It wasn't very comfortable but it was ok. I slept with 2 pillows under my head and no pillows under my legs. Last night I slept like normal with only 1 pillow and was able to sleep on my sides with no problem. I'm standing much straighter. I went to pick up my daughter from school by foot 2 days ago, approx a 10 min walk, I was sooooo exhausted after. Like super exhausted! It will def take some time to gain your energy back. My incision is getting a bit itchy from healing. I am so glad that my friend introduced me to a skin product called Skincerity. This roll on breathable masque has been a huge help. It instantly takes the itch away. Plus it helps fade scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, age spots, acne etc. I met one lady who had a long incision on her arm from surgery and she used the Skincerity and you can hardly see her scar. I'm going to use it on my scar and hopefully I will get that kind of results. I've used it on my face and my pores are smaller and it gives my skin a glow. I really like it!!! If you want more info on it, just PM me.

That glue like feeling is no longer there. I def have some swelling, but overall not too bad. My cough is gone. Sneezing hurts a little. I can move and do so much more. I just have to work on my strength. I still can't lift anything heavy yet. It puts pressure on my tummy.

1 Month and Loving my new body

Today marks my 1 month PO! I def. have no regrets!! I went shopping today and bought some new clothes. I tried on tops/dresses that I would have never have tried on when I had my belly. I tried on a maxi dress today that has a draw string. When I came out and showed my sister, she commented on how flat my tummy is. Before she would comment on anything that had a draw string and say, "no, it makes you look pregnant" and I would totally agree with her. The day I went in for surgery I was 136 lbs. I am now 130 lbs. My goal weight is 120 lbs. I still like to have my coffee in the morning, but I've been eating healthier and my portions are smaller.

My tummy still feels very numb. The swelling is fine during the day, but after I eat, man....... I can feel my tummy stretching and I am so swollen. I had quite a bit to eat tonight and boy oh boy, I am so swollen. To the point I can't stand straight. I left the restaurant hunched over. lol BUT the meal was very good, so I guess it was worth it haha Overall, I still have some swelling. I still cannot fit into my pre op pants/jeans. I've been wearing my leggings or yoga pants. I hope the swelling goes down soon because I am going back to work in 2 weeks and it would be nice to wear my reg. clothes.

My incision area continues to itch. Everytime I get an itch, I would just roll on my Skincerity mask and it would instantly take the itch away. I stopped putting the Skincerity on the incision until I see my PS for my 6 weeks f/u. I just want to make sure that my incision is all closed up before I start using it. I am only using the scar cream that my PS gave me at my 1 week f/u. When I was using the Skincerity for a few days, I did notice a difference in the appearance of my scar. I know if I continue, it will give me good results.

Coughing and sneezing does not hurt anymore. I can sleep on my sides no problem. The only thing I can't quite do is a full body stretch. I can stretch my legs and that's about it. I can walk faster and I don't get tired as easily anymore. Those who are wondering how much time off they should take, I would say at least 4 weeks. I'm just starting to feel normal again. I would say I'm about 90% back to normal.

5 weeks PO

I am now 5 weeks PO. I'm standing straighter and straighter. When I sit down for awhile, my tummy does get a little stiff and it takes me some time to stand straight again. After eating a meal, I still swell up quite a bit. I tried on a pair of my pre op jeans 2 days ago and I was able to kind of button it up. I managed to button it up, but it wasn't very comfortable. I had to suck in my tummy in order to button it, and then when I released my tummy I can feel my tummy rubbing on the jeans. I took it off and hopefully soon I will be able to wear my jeans again. How long did it take you to get back into your pre-op pants???

We took the kids to Edmonton for Spring Break over the weekend. We had a really good time. The kids loved West Edmonton Mall and had so much fun at Galaxy Land. It made me so happy to see them so happy. Even though our kids have done some serious damage to us physically/cosmetically, it makes being a parent all worth it!! Of course the whole trip I was not eating healthy. I have gained 4 lbs. Yikes!! I better get back on my protein shakes and start eating healthy again. I did email my surgeon to see if I was allowed to go into a swimming pool or into the ocean. His Practice Manager Vicki replied back and said it was ok to do that as long as the incision is closed up. I didn't end up going swimming after all. I think the incision is closed up, but I'm not an expert at this so I don't know for sure if it is completely closed up or not. I thought I better play it safe. My husband ended up taking the kids swimming. I just sat aside and read reviews on Real Self. lol

The binder...... I see how so many of you ladies cannot part with your binder. I don't mind wearing my binder and the reason why is that I don't feel that numbness and swelling when I have it on. When I take it off for awhile or wear my spanx, when I start to swell up I can feel the numbness and it doesn't feel comfy.

For those who are curious if the hair on your tummy will grow back or not, it does. You would think after the surgeon lifting up your skin it would have killed the follicles from growing back, but nope...it grows back. However, the hair is not as thick as it was before because the hair on your upper tummy has been pulled down and that hair is thinner compared to the hair before in your mid section.

I have my 6 weeks follow up next week with Dr Dawes. I don't really have much concerns. He will probably ask me to start the silicone strips then. Did you see results when you started to use the silicone strips? Does it only help fade the scar or does it help flatten out some of the puckering?


I was curious today to see what my measurements are compared to my pre op meas't.

Pre Op VS Post Op

Hips 37.5 inches 37.5 inches (I'm a bit surprised by this because my hips looks swollen)

Belly 35.75 " 33.25" (down 2.5 inches)

Below BB 36" 34.5" (down 1.5")

Above BB 34.25" 32.75" (down 1.5")

The gap between my BB to my pubic area was 5.25" It is now 2.5"

My weight before surgery was 136 lbs. Today, I am 132 lbs.


6 weeks PO

Time goes by so fast. I'm 6 weeks PO and I still stare at my tummy every morning and admire how flat it is. I have grown to really love my binder. It's not uncomfortable. My tummy feels numb when I have it off and it feels fine when I have it on. I am standing 100% straight now. I can stretch a bit more in the morning now. Feels so good!! 2 weeks ago I tried to put on my white jeans and I couldn't button it up. Well, last night I went to put it on after dinner and I can button it up no problem. The only thing is that the button from my jeans rest on my scar and it feels uncomfortable. The incision is still a bit sensitive. It looks like the swelling has gone down. I feel like I may need to go down a pant size when the swelling goes away. I recently bought some size 6 capri's and at first it was fitting, but I wore them yesterday and I had to wear a belt with it cuz it was a bit too loose. I have more swelling in the upper abdomen area, and a little below the BB. I have no problems bending, getting up and down, reaching for things now. The scar looks lighter in the morning and it goes red in the evening.

Overall, at 6 weeks I feel completely normal again. The only thing that is left is numbness in the lower tummy and still a bit tight upper ab. It doesn't hurt, but I can feel it when I'm stretching or arching back a bit. I was supposed to have my 6 weeks f/u today with Dr Dawes, but his office called last week asking me to reschedule because he has surgery today. It's booked for next week.

6 weeks PO Measurments

I went back to work today and it was a busy and long day. I was curious to know what my measurements are because my preop pants are fitting me better. I just measured my hips and just 6 days ago it was measuring at 37.5". Tonight it is 36". The swelling on the hip is def. going down. My pants are feeling loose and this is when I have my binder on. My pants goes over the binder.

Apr.2 VS Apr.8 (6 days difference)

Hips 37.5" VS 36" (down 1.5")

Tummy 33.25"(This was taken in the aftn) VS 33.75 (UP 0.5") This was taken in the evening.

7.5 weeks PO

I had my 7 weeks follow up yesterday with Dr Dawes. He said everything is looking good. He's happy with my BB. I'm very happy with my results so far. I didn't really have any concerns, other than some questions.

1. Can I bike, swim and play floor hockey yet?
Doc: Yes, listen to your body. If you feel pain, stop what you're doing. You will swell when you work out.

2. When you do the sutures on the muscle repair, do you do one whole stitch or do you knot it half way through? I'm concern that the stitches might of separated when I got a bad cough on day 3 after surgery.
Doc: I do 1 layer of stitch, knot it, and then I do a second layer so if 1 layer comes apart you still have another layer to hold it together. You will know if the stitches comes apart because you will get a bulge. I see a line down the middle on you and you don't have any bulges, so your sutures did not come apart.

3. Can I get the scar above the pubic area lowered? I find it kind of high. If so, how long would I have to wait to get a scar revision?
Doc: Yes that is possible. The reason why it's higher is because that area is where it is pulled the tightest. It can be lowered about 3-5 cm. Some of my other patients has commented on that, but over time the scar fades and its not that noticeable. You will have to wait a year for any scar revision. (I'm not sure if he charges for scar revisions or not. I forgot to ask him, but then I asked Vicki his practice mgr and she said they will see. If he does charge, it's not very much she says).

4. How much longer can the swelling last for?
Doc: Swelling can last for months.

I got my silicone strips and silicone scar gel at my apt. I started the strips yesterday and I'm supposed to wear it at night time for at least 12 hrs. I use the scar cream during the day. I no longer have to wear my binder, unless I have a lot of swelling going on. I tend to wear it during the day, but I take it off when I get home from work. The last few days I've been getting a lot of swelling upper ab. I had sushi a few days ago and the soya sauce made me swell!! Plus I've been riding my bike more and more. My belly area is still numb.

Happy Good Friday

NOW I know what all the other ladies mean by "swell hell"!!!! I got some swelling shortly after surgery, but nothing compares to this last week. The swelling is to the point where it hurts, you can't stand straight and you feel this bump on your upper abs and it's uncomfortable!!! You can feel your muscles and skin stretching!! AND it only happens after I eat. The swelling is so bad sometimes that I'm afraid to eat anything. When will this go away??? How long does it last for??

Today I went shopping and bought a dress from Banana Republic. They didn't have a size 6 and only a size 4. I didn't think the size 4 would fit, but boy was I wrong and happy!! I haven't lost much weight, just 4 lbs, but that jelly belly is gone and clothes are fitting much better. I'm so glad I got a TT. DEF. no regrets!! :) Happy Easter everyone!!!!

2 months PO

The swelling is still horrible after I have a meal. I hope this goes away. It looks awful and feels very uncomfortable. My ab muscles don't feel as tight. I can do a full stretch in the morning while in bed and it feels pretty darn good :) I haven't worn my binder for 2 days and I think it helped with loosening up my ab muscles a bit and adjusting to the numbness around my tummy. However, i do notice that I have more swelling upper ab now. I am going to put my binder back on during the day and hopefully this will help with the swelling and help flatten my tummy.

We're planning to go to Mexico in Oct. I can't wait to wear my bikinis!!! I am still using the silicone scar strip. The scar has faded a bit. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now. The scar gets red when I swell up.

11 weeks PO

Not much has changed. I still get a lot of swelling after a meal. I've been using the silicone strip for about 3 weeks now. I haven't noticed a big difference. The scar is flatter, but I wouldn't say it's much lighter. Maybe it's because it's going through the angry red stage. My tummy is still numb, more so upper ab. I wear my binder on days when I feel a bit more swollen.

It's easier for me to get on and off my bike. Before I can really feel my tummy stretching when I was trying to get on. I can't wait till this numbness goes away and that I get the feeling back in my tummy. It's feels itchy at times, but when I go to scratch it I don't feel anything.

We also booked our trip to Mexico for the end of Oct. 2014!!! I have gone bikini shopping like crazy. I am having a hard time finding bikini bottoms that would hide the scar. I find the fold over bottom styles will hide all of the scar. You can adjust it so the band can fit higher or lower, depending where your scar is. I'm very excited for this trip. We went last year and I wore a one piece or a tankini the whole time. This year I can wear my bikinis and show off my flat tummy. The only thing I'm worried about is that my upper ab swell up like crazy when I have a large meal. It's hard to eat properly when your on holidays. Alcohol and buffets are a big no no after a TT!!haha

May 22, 2014 3 Months PO

I am now 3 mos PO. I am feeling normal. The day of surgery I was 136 lbs. I am now 128 lbs. The weight loss has nothing to do with the TT, but healthier eating. I don't exercise much. I play floor hockey for 1 hr once a week and that's all the hard core exercising I do. I started on Isagenix a month ago and it has really helped me to lose weight without exercising. The shakes you drink are delicious. I love how convenient it is. I take a pack of the shake to work for lunch and I mix it with 1 cup of water and it fills me up till dinner time. My friend lost 25 lbs on Isagenix in 2 months, she lost 15 lbs the first month and another 10 in the second month. My sister lost 10 lbs in the first months and then 6 lbs on month 2. When I saw how much better they look, I immediately wanted to try it. Since taking it, I have lost weight and I have way more energy. I suffer from migraines, and since starting Isagenix I have not had a migraine. The shakes are full of vitamins and herbs and its so nutritious. Let me know if you would like more info on it and I can PM you.

At the beginning stage of my recovery, I found my bb to where my pubic area was too close together. It measured 3 fingers in between the BB to the pubic area. It is now 4 fingers. I have been using the silicone strip and I found it made a slight difference. It made my scar flatter, but didn't noticed that it made it lighter. I then started to use the scar gel with it, the one that was given to me by my PS. After my shower, I would apply the scar gel. Wait 10 mins and then apply the scar strip on. I found it helped fade my scar a bit more AND I find the stretch marks below my BB has now faded too. Im really liking this scar gel that was given to me. I still get swelling upper abs and it is still numb.

June 23, 2014 4 Mos PO

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!! I can't believe it has been 4 mos because it feels longer than that. I feel completely normal. I'm back to all my regular routine. I have no problems lifting anything heavy. I don't feel that pressure in my tummy anymore when I'm lifting anything too heavy. My tummy doesn't feel numb anymore. My abs still feels really tight. I'm starting to get some of the feeling back in my tummy area. There are still some areas that I don't feel when I'm scratching it. My pubic area looks normal. It no longer looks swollen or like a "ken" doll. haha

I no longer use my binder. I will wear it for a day or two when it's almost that time of the month. I get so bloated and I find the binder helps with that. The only time I get any swelling in the tummy area is when I eat too much, otherwise it's very normal. I'm still using my silicone strip and it's still sticks on. I wash it twice a week with some soap and water and it's still in tact.

Today also marks the last day of my Isagenix 30 day challenge. Since starting the 30 day system, I have lost an extra 5 lbs and a total of 14 inches. My arms, thighs, butt, chest....everywhere is slimmer. I am so happy with my results. I had to go buy new clothes and new bras :) haha After the surgery I was exactly the same pounds as I was before the surgery. My pant size was about the same, but my pants would fit better after the surgery. I knew I had to change the way I was eating and was very blessed that a good friend of mine introduced me to Isagenix. In total, I have lost over 10 lbs and have also lost more inches since April. I'm very happy with my results and I will continue with my protein shakes from Isagenix.

Here is an update of my measurements:

Pre Op VS 2 Mos PO VS 4 Mos PO

Hips 37.5 inches VS 37.5 inches VS 37.25 (down 0.25")

Waist 35.75 " VS 33.25" VS 32.75 (down 3")

Abdomen 36" VS 34.5" VS 29.5 (down 6.5")

The gap between my BB to my pubic area was 5.25" before surgery. At 2 Mos PO it was at 2.5". At 4 mos PO it is at 2.75" apart.

Have a good summer everyone and happy healing!!

Bump around the incision.

I forgot to mention that I have a small hard bump above the incision line. I think it's a scar tissue that is building up. I booked an apt to see Dr Dawes next month to have him check it out. I also wanted to ask him about my left side. Right above the incision I have more loose skin compared to my right side. I'm going to see if there's anything that can be done. I've noticed it before, but I had thought it was swelling. Now that my skin has relaxed it's def. more noticeable compared to the left. I can pinch the left side and get some skin, but the right I don't have much extra skin to pinch. It's not a big deal, but if it can be fixed than I would like it to be removed.

Also, just a correction, my hips are at 34.5", not 37.25". So I am down 3" in my hips area. I forgot to mention what my weight is at now. I started off pre surgery at 136 lbs and I am now at 124 lbs. After my surgery I did not lose much weight. 3 lbs only, so I decided to do Isagenix to help balance my body. My tummy was flat, but my hips, arms, and thighs were bigger. It looked kind of odd to me so I wanted to lose weight to look proportion! I went from a size 8 pants to size 4 now.

5 Mos PO

I am loving the summer!!! Being able to wear tight tops, dresses, shorts, bikini's etc is such a blessing. We were in Vancouver a couple weeks ago and it was very hot there. On our first day there, we decided to go to an outdoor pool. AND for the very first time in a long time, i wore my bikini and felt comfortable in it. I didn't feel like i had to grab my sarong to try and cover up my belly.

Today marks my 5 mos PO. The swelling has def. gone down. Even after a big meal i don't swell up as bad. I still do, but not as much compared to the earlier months. I have stopped wearing my binder and i'm not using the scar cream and strip anymore.
I also had my apt with Dr Dawes today. I just have to say he is such a wonderful doctor!!!! He really cares about how you feel about your results, not what he thinks. He's honest and he will tell you what you really need done, not just for the sake of making money of you. My visit went well with him today, like every other time too. Every time i see him i always have questions for him and i always walk out of there learning something about my body and TT related. He's so knowledgeable!

Me: I feel a bump above my incision. What can it be?
Doc: (he feels the bump first) Oh, that's a suture. You don't need to worry about it. It will dissolve overtime. Sometimes there's some tissue that grows around it. Overtime it will flatten out. You don't need to worry about it.

Me: I find my scar is slightly higher on my right side, and i mentioned to you last time that it's high in the centre. Can that scar on the left be lowered a bit? I've also noticed that the right has a bit more excess skin and the left has no excess skin. Can that be removed later on? I'm very happy where the scar is on the left side. It's just the right i find slightly higher. Not by much tho.
Doc: It looks like you have a bit of a dog ear on your left side. Yes that extra skin can be removed and we can remove that dog ear at the same time. It looks like you still have some swelling going on. Yes, that right scar is slightly higher. Very little tho. I can lower it by .5 to1 cm. I would make an incision on the scar line and cut lower and stitch it back up. The scar will then sit lower by .5 to 1 cm. The centre scar i can lower more without it affecting your pee stream. At the time of surgery i can only get it so low, so that it doesn't affect the way you pee, but now i can lower it a bit w/o affecting that.

Me: When can i get my scar revision done? How long will it take to heal? Will this surgery be done at the office or at the hospital in a operation room? Do you charge a fee for this?
Doc: We can do the scar revision at 8 mos or 1 yr. It will take about a week to heal. I would still put steri-strips on the incision. If we are going to do the whole scar than we need to do it at the hospital. If it was just one side, than we can do it at the office. I won't charge you for it. I want you to be happy with your results!

Me: One last question, i have a small brown spot on my face. What can be done to get rid of it?
Doc: I won't surgically remove it because it will leave a scar. You can do a laser treatment. It will prob. take 1-3 treatments for it to fade. It won't completely go away, but it will be lighter. We won't charge you much for it. (Vicki told me $200 flat fee) The brown spot will go darker after the treatment before it fades.

Me: How long does it take for it to start to fade after the laser treatment?
Doc: A few weeks. It will darken up and than it fades. (Vicki said she had a brown spot on her arm and it took 2 treatments and now it's completely gone).

I was so happy to hear that he he can lower my scar and that he won't charge me a fee for it. I told him i would see in a year. The scar does get better and better each month. The scar is lower and lighter now. We just have to be patient. My scar was def. uneven at the beginning, but with the swelling going down it's not as noticeable. The only thing is, DO i want to be cut open again because of some very minor issues and go through the healing process again and wait another year for the scar to fade??? I guess we will see in a year :)

For those still in their early recovery stage, i wish you nothing but an easy and fast recovery!! I still admire my new tummy everyday!! I can't believe that it has only been 5 mos. It feels much longer than that! There's not a day i regret getting this done. I have had so much compliments on how thin i look now. Tummy tuck + Isagenix= PURE HAPPINESS!!!

Choosing the right doctor is so important. Thank you to those who have found my post helpful. I know when i was researching Dr Dawes i couldn't find anything on him. AND when i asked to see some before and after pics at his office he told me he couldn't show them to me. I took the risk and went with him. He was the only consultation that i went to. When i met with him i instantly got a good feeling about him. I'm very happy with my results. AND if i wasn't, i know he will fix it without giving me a hard time about it! Have a great summer everyone!

Correction. I got my left and right mixed up. haha Sorry!

Me: I find my scar is slightly higher on my right side, and i mentioned to you last time that it's high in the center. Can that scar on the right be lowered a bit? I've also noticed that the left has a bit more excess skin and the right has no excess skin. Can that be removed later on? I'm very happy where the scar is on the left side. It's just the right i find slightly higher. Not by much tho.
Doc: It looks like you have a bit of a dog ear on your left side. Yes that extra skin can be removed and we can remove that dog ear at the same time. It looks like you still have some swelling going on. Yes, that right scar is slightly higher. Very little tho. I can lower it by .5 to1 cm. I would make an incision on the scar line and cut lower and stitch it back up. The scar will then sit lower by .5 to 1 cm. The center scar i can lower more without it affecting your pee stream. At the time of surgery i can only get it so low, so that it doesn't affect the way you pee, but now i can lower it a bit w/o affecting that.

7 Mos PO

It's been awhile since i've updated my status. I'm 7 mos PO. Everything feels normal! I still have numbness around my tummy area, but i've learned to live with it. When i scratch it i can kind of feel it, but it's not as satisfying compared to the rest of my body.

I started training with my personal trainer a couple weeks ago. I feel so awesome after my workouts. Getting a tummy tuck has been so life changing. I feel so much better about myself. This whole journey for me since Feb. 2014 has been such a great experience!! I got my tummy tuck done in February 2014, and then i started my shakes from Isagenix in April (and i'm still on it), lost 15 lbs from it and a ton of inches and i'm now starting my exercising AND it has been a huge accomplishment!!!! People have noticed the weight loss and tells me how fit i look i now. The feeling is amazing!! It all started with the Tummy tuck to encourage me to look and feel good about myself again!! I'm thankful that my friend introduced me to Isagenix because Isagenix combined with the tummy tuck gives you EVEN better results!!

I am still a bit self conscious when i wear my bikini bottoms. My scar is a bit higher in the centre, so i find i'm always pulling up my bikini bottom to hide it. I will see if the scar fades anymore. If not, i think i will get a scar revision done at my 1 yr mark. The scar on the sides are hidden pretty good when i have my bikini on, it's just the centre that is a bit high. It's prob. just me being paranoid a bit. My bikini bottoms does hide it, but if it slips down a bit you can see it. When you go into the water i find that your bottom slides down a bit, so i'm a bit self concious and i'm constantly pulling it up. We are going to Mexico next month so i'm really excited for my trip!! I haven't worn a bikini in a long time.

Scar revision on Jan.8,2016

It's been almost 2 yrs since I have had my tummy tuck. I saw my surgeon Dr Dawes last year to inquire about a scar revision. I found my scar in the middle was a lil too high and i wanted it lowered. Also on my right side, there was some scar tissue that healed around a nerve so I wanted that fix too. The surgery took about an hour and the healing process is about a week. It's a bit sore, but nothing like the first time. I can walk pretty good. A little hunched over the first 2 days but I'm fine now. Can't sleep straight on my back quite yet but I'm sure in a few days I would be able to.

10 day PO scar revision.

Today I took off the steri strips. I'm recovering very well. Sore at times but overall I can walk fine. I'm still quite swollen. I can't wear my reg pants. I've been wearing my leggings. I'm hoping when the swelling goes down, everything is going to look fine. I head back to work this week. I took a week off and 1 week off worked out perfect!

Dr Dawes is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He's got a wonderful staff. I love that he does a no drain tummy tuck. He will listen to you and will try to achieve the results you're hoping for. If he can't, he will explain to you why it's not possible. Dr Dawes doesn't rush you and he will answer all of your questions. If you forget to ask him something, you can always email his Practice Manager Vicki and she will reply to you right away.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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