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I had a consult two weeks ago with the doctor I'm...

I had a consult two weeks ago with the doctor I'm planning on using in Calgary. It went well! He said he doesn't often perform lipo and a TT at the same time. Too much increase in risk. Which is fine by me! He said if I'm concerned with my flanks, we can deal with that afterwards. I was so nervous to go see him! I was praying that he didn't tell me that I needed to lose more weight before thinking about a TT.

I'm currently 5'3, and 138lbs. I'm 24 years old... and have four kids. Yikes!! DH and I have been busy! lol. We are done having kids now, and my belly is wrecked! It was our first son who did all the damage, I gained 50lbs with him. The three others I was careful about my weight during pregnancy, and managed to gain less than 15-25lbs with each of them. I'm still working on losing and/or tightening as much as I can before surgery. I want to know I'm setting myself up for getting the best results that are possible. (As long as the Dr. does his part!!!)

We are currently building a house right now, which is nothing but headache!! Seems like everything is one step forward, two steps back with the house! So stressful! We are moving into the new house May 1st. So time is going to fly between now and then!!

My mom will be flying in to take care of our four kids. She'll be staying with us for 4.5 weeks. I'm so glad she's able to do that!! My husband will be taking the first week off as well. I've booked a recovery condo for the first 5 days after surgery, before coming home to the kids, and noise.

Flat side day 1 !!!!

Well post op day one ! The pain isn't as bad as I was expecting. Its sore but managable.

po day 4-few pictures

post op day 7!!

pod 10- new pics

2.5 weeks post op

Pubic area swelling... normal? ? It'll go down right? I'm worried I'm going to look 3 months pregnant from now on!

3.5 weeks po

Not much change. I took the paper tape off again to change it last night and everytime I Take it off it pulls scabs off. So I bled a little in one spot. I'm going to leave the tape off for a few days and let everything dry up. My silicone strips arrived yesterday so I'll start using them soon. Still have hardness everywhere in my pubic area and its still bulging out..... hopefully time will take care of it.

one month post op

reality check...lol

6 weeks post

I dont see much change from last week.

9 weeks post op

4 months post op.

4 months post op.

So I'm now just about four months post op. I had full tummy tuck with muscle repair, no lipo. Clearly I needed the lipo. I feel like my love handles are a huge eye sore now, and stick out abnormally far. I've lost 5 lbs since surgery, and still working to lose another 10-15ish, however I'm losing fat everywhere but my flanks!!!! SO annoying!! I need to go back to see the ps because I think both my ends need to be revised. One is sticking out a bit at the end, and the other is sinking inwards a bit. It's very minor, but enough to fix. I also have a bit of pudge that seems to be sitting right above my scar line. I'm thinking lipo is the answer to that problem, as well as my flank and lower back fat being addressed with lipo as well. I have a bump in my lower abdominal area. It looks like a small prego belly, and it feels like one. It's hard, not squishy. I mean obviously there is a layer of fat overtop, but overall it's firm. At my last post op appt, the dr. said it's swelling still from a thick layer of stitches laying underneath the skin. I hope he's being honest and not just blowing me off. I feel like the dr. is much less willing to talk about anything now that the surgery is over. Both my last two appt's have felt very rushed. He wasn't overly helpful, and both were less than 4 minutes with him. He wasn't rude, I just felt like he was done with me since he'd already been paid.

Overall so far, I'm still happy with my decision. I'm WAY more confident. Shopping for clothes is so easy, and fun! Picking out clothes in the morning is fast...lol. My new tummy was sooo worth the pain!! After I fix these love handles, I think I'll be all set.... for a while! lol :) Advice regarding lipo anyone?!?!?

6.5 months post tt

Almost Two Years Post Op Full TT.

Keep in mind I'm 10lbs heavier than I was on surgery day. Oops. :(
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