Am I Too Old? 62!

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62 yrs and have always wanted a flat stomach! ...

62 yrs and have always wanted a flat stomach! Recently lost weight and it now is really gross. I am so embarrassed! Not sure being this age, if that is too old? Am I being selfish? I could certainly use that money for retirement! I work out three times a week and am in excellent health. 5'7" tall vary from 154 to 159 lbs in weight, with all this gross hanging skin. Thoughts? Anyone older done this? The procedure that I got a price on is a drainless TT.

Thank You!

Wow, I have read how supportive this community is, but had no idea, until others started to reach out. All I can say is THANK YOU! For being so supportive, for taking the time to let me know. I am feeling SO much better about this! Need to get my work and money in order and then will start on this journey. Shall post the dreaded photos when I figure this out. Again Thank You!

I did it!

Wow - so nervous, but I booked....Aug 15. My mind is just whirling away. Seem to be thinking about so much, but can not focus on any one thing! I am off to I say that, but have not been able to locate any accommodation for my husband! Everything is booked! Oh well - will put it out there for something. Aug - seems so far away. will give me some time to get rid of these 7 or so lbs that just seemed to creep up on me! I want to say more, but can not gather my thoughts! Open to any and all suggestions, please. And a HUGE thank you to all of you for your support! I really appreciate it! Will be back once I have calmed down! Lol maybe a glass or two of wine.....and I will deal with the horrid lbs later! ????

Still in shock!

Still can not believe that I have committed! Also can not bring myself to put those dreaded photos up! Not exactly sure how to load them...I will play around and see what happens....feel like I am exposing my hidden secret! How odd the things that go through your mind! Appreciate all the advice, tips & suggestions.
Susan MacLennan

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