38 Yr Old Mom of 3. Height 5'7.5" Weight 175 - Calgary, AB

Started kids very young. Had very healthy children...

Started kids very young. Had very healthy children. My first was my largest which paved the way for the ease of two more children. She was 10.7lbs. I gained 60 lbs with her. I have bounced around with weight. Mostly in a decent range but since my hysterectomy in 2014, it's been difficult to look at myself and feel sexy. I'm extremely fortunate to have a fiancé who is more that accepting and very open to whatever I would like to do with my body. I want to look sexy for myself, but I really want to look sexy for him. I am currently battling my last 10-15 lbs but have cut out every bit of garbage or if my diet. Pounding the cucumber water so I get enough fluids. I'm super excited for this journey. The circle of life. Women have this amazing gift through childbirth, but our bodies take a beating. I'm super excited to start my new year 2017 with a smokin hot body. Especially since I'm hitting grandma zone in march. Let the countdown begin. 49 sleeps until my kangaroo pouch is gone.

Tummy tuck cost is approx $8350

I may do some lipo so depending on that, it may be a touch more


I've been trying to lose some extra weight prior to surgery. Less than 6 weeks remaining. So
Excited. Having a difficult time keeping myself from researching everything I can about tummy tucks, the different types, my wants and don't want.
My fiancé has taken some photos for me. I have circled the areas I believe I need work done. I am still losing weight and trying my hardest to hit my goal. I am 4 lbs from the goal with 6 weeks. I am contemplating going an extra 5 after. Started this journey at 185. Currently 169, goal weight 165 but contemplating 160.

Working on some weight loss

3 lbs to go to hit goal weight. Surgery in 35 days. Very excited. I'm posting some photos to show the excess skin. Yuck

Laying down

Here you can see all the excess skin on my sides compared to my waist. I hope this all disappears after surgery

Hit my goal weight

Goal was 165. Today I weighed in at 164.8
Just a couple more pics of me laying on my side. I cannot believe the amount of excess skin I have. I hope my PS can get rid of it all.

Few more photos

Hit my goal weight. Now just waiting preop appt and surgery. 22 days to go. See ya flab!!!!

Pre op appt complete

Had my preop appt today. I really enjoy my surgeon. Direct and easy to talk to. Takes his time. I've done so much research that we just went straight to the details and got all my questions answered. Little disappointed that we won't be doing lipo of the upper and lower back, but I've lost a bit of weight so hopefully all turns out awesome. I appreciate that all supplies needed other than gauze and poly are provided by my PS. 15 days and counting. So excited! Can wait to be on the flat side. My weight started at 185.6 I believe and is now 160.2 been a tough few months, but honestly, so happy I sacrificed sugars and carbs. I'm feeling so much healthier and I'm ready to go under and come out flat. Woohoo

Less than a week

Hit my goal and exceeded it. Goal weight was 165 but now I'm 156.4 Very proud of myself. I wish surgery was tomorrow. I'm so excited to be on the recovery side. I'll post more photos prior to surgery.
Dr Hamilton

Met with my surgeon. He is very confident and made me feel comfortable. Straight to the point. I like that

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