38 Yr Old Mom of 3. Height 5'7.5" Weight 175 - Calgary, AB

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Started kids very young. Had very healthy children...

Started kids very young. Had very healthy children. My first was my largest which paved the way for the ease of two more children. She was 10.7lbs. I gained 60 lbs with her. I have bounced around with weight. Mostly in a decent range but since my hysterectomy in 2014, it's been difficult to look at myself and feel sexy. I'm extremely fortunate to have a fiancé who is more that accepting and very open to whatever I would like to do with my body. I want to look sexy for myself, but I really want to look sexy for him. I am currently battling my last 10-15 lbs but have cut out every bit of garbage or if my diet. Pounding the cucumber water so I get enough fluids. I'm super excited for this journey. The circle of life. Women have this amazing gift through childbirth, but our bodies take a beating. I'm super excited to start my new year 2017 with a smokin hot body. Especially since I'm hitting grandma zone in march. Let the countdown begin. 49 sleeps until my kangaroo pouch is gone.

Tummy tuck cost is approx $8350

I may do some lipo so depending on that, it may be a touch more


I've been trying to lose some extra weight prior to surgery. Less than 6 weeks remaining. So
Excited. Having a difficult time keeping myself from researching everything I can about tummy tucks, the different types, my wants and don't want.
My fiancé has taken some photos for me. I have circled the areas I believe I need work done. I am still losing weight and trying my hardest to hit my goal. I am 4 lbs from the goal with 6 weeks. I am contemplating going an extra 5 after. Started this journey at 185. Currently 169, goal weight 165 but contemplating 160.

Working on some weight loss

3 lbs to go to hit goal weight. Surgery in 35 days. Very excited. I'm posting some photos to show the excess skin. Yuck

Laying down

Here you can see all the excess skin on my sides compared to my waist. I hope this all disappears after surgery

Hit my goal weight

Goal was 165. Today I weighed in at 164.8
Just a couple more pics of me laying on my side. I cannot believe the amount of excess skin I have. I hope my PS can get rid of it all.

Few more photos

Hit my goal weight. Now just waiting preop appt and surgery. 22 days to go. See ya flab!!!!

Pre op appt complete

Had my preop appt today. I really enjoy my surgeon. Direct and easy to talk to. Takes his time. I've done so much research that we just went straight to the details and got all my questions answered. Little disappointed that we won't be doing lipo of the upper and lower back, but I've lost a bit of weight so hopefully all turns out awesome. I appreciate that all supplies needed other than gauze and poly are provided by my PS. 15 days and counting. So excited! Can wait to be on the flat side. My weight started at 185.6 I believe and is now 160.2 been a tough few months, but honestly, so happy I sacrificed sugars and carbs. I'm feeling so much healthier and I'm ready to go under and come out flat. Woohoo

Less than a week

Hit my goal and exceeded it. Goal weight was 165 but now I'm 156.4 Very proud of myself. I wish surgery was tomorrow. I'm so excited to be on the recovery side. I'll post more photos prior to surgery.

Surgery Tomorrow December 8

Well, surgery is in the morning at 7:40 am. I'm excited, nervous, nauseated, overwhelmed, and so flipping ready!
So this has been a long few months. I wanted to lose some weight and was hoping for 20 lbs. well, my stats are below

Height 5'8"
Starting weight 185.5 Today's weight 155.6
Hips 46 inches today 42 inches
Waist 43 inches today 32.5 inches
Chest 37 inches today 33.5 - the girls could have stayed ???? oh well ????

So, it was a freaking tough road but I stuck to it 100000000%
I cut out all sugars and all carbs other than natural fruit and veggie carbs. I drank at least 3 quarts of water per day. I even made sure the spices I used were sugar free. Lean meats and ensuring I ate all my calories everyday. It can be tough because you actually end up eating more than you are used to, you're just eating better foods.
This was definitely worth the struggle the last few months. I am so excited for tomorrow. I will most likely post some pre surgery photos either before I go in or within a few days. We shall see how it goes.
I've had some pretty awesome support. My fiancé is phenomenal! I have met my TTT (tummy tuck twin) on RealSelf. She and I are going under in the same province same day almost same time. It's been amazing being able to connect with someone and talk through all the chaos. If you ladies have the chance, make some friends. This is such an amazing experience. Overwhelming and insane haha. I have also connected with another woman from here who had surgery and she has been checking in. Such lovely women. Thank you ????????
Catch you all on the flat side XO

Today's the day

Heading in.

Day of surgery

My surgery came with a one night stay in the hospital. Miss my family, but the staff here are so amazing.
I spent the entire day after surgery having a difficult time keeping my eyes open. They are open now haha. It's midnight and I'm feeling not to shabby. Some discomfort but not painful. Just a slight reminder that something happened earlier. Of course they have been giving my pain meds but I decided this last visit by my nurse that I didn't think I needed them. I was extremely nauseated after the anaesthesia. Just barely had a small amount of soup and a couple cracker. I am happy to report, I'm not nauseous ???? catch you all tomorrow when they show me my flat belly. I'm excited to see my belly button ???? it's been quite some time since we've been acquainted ????????

Home now

Omg what an experience. From beginning until now. I just cannot believe how awesome this was. My PS Dr. Hamilton is phenomenal. I am having some major stomach pain. Not from surgery, from the T3s. Yesterday and today my stomach has been in pain, but I just attributed it to medication without food. I've eaten a bunch now and took my T3s and again incredible pain. My PS called me to make sure I am alright and is prescribing me Percocet instead. He says there are a number of people that have pain from T3s and he feels so bad that my belly is hurting. He is such a genuine person. I highly recommend him. Colleen his nurse has been nothing. It amazing. The hospital nursing staff were superb. I have no complaints whatsoever. I am looking forward to my 1 week check up. I'm so flipping happy about this experience! Just a quick pic when changing bandages at the hospital. I'll take more when I shower. XX peeps muah

First shower.

After photo. First shower was tough. Ready to sleep for a month. Looks a little brutal but I am super happy so far. I usually heal quite well. My scars go fairly light, so I'm hoping for the same on my belly. So happy to have the flap gone.

48 hours after

Just a couple update pics.
Some bruising from lipo. Tough night. Tried to sleep in bed. Won't play that game again. Recliners for me. T3s ripped my stomach to shreds so I couldn't take any pain meds all night. Rough 24 hours with no sleep. PS came through and gave my hubby a new prescription for Percocet. I'm feeling much better now. Seriously beyond thrilled with my amazing PS. He's phenomenal

Day 4 update

Small BM today. Loads of gas. The recliner has been a life saver. Ready to be able to pee normally. Swelling is inhibiting the flow. Threw together a quick collage.

Day 5 after shower

Bruising starting to dissipate. Some swelling in the abdomen but not too shabby. I keep my binder snug. The shower is still exhausting, but feels so good during. Bathroom issues for sure. Very hard BM today, small yesterday. Been quite the struggle. Think the bathroom trip is the worst part of recovery. I drink loads of water and have taken laxatives, but those dang pain meds sure bind things up. I think bowel pain hurts way worse than the surgery.
I have been so lucky, I have an amazing fiancé, who takes care of everything. He works, takes care of me, cooks, and spent the day cleaning because I mentioned my guilt on the house falling behind. We may not be rich, but boy am I fortunate!
I've also met someone pretty special on real self. She and I share the same surgery date. Both had the same procedure. We have kept each other positive and talk about all the good and grossness we are experiencing. I am very lucky to have found her. Much love to my TTT XO

1 week post op

Actually 6 days post op appt. it went really well. My PS took out the couple stitches in my BB. He gave me a couple binders to keep me secure for the next couple months. I have been given the okay to only wear gauze on my BB for one week longer. No tape or gauze on my incision anymore. It really looks like it's already healing so well. Follow up appointment in mid January. So very excited. I went out for the first time today. Got up and showered, went to my PS appointment. Went to lunch with the love of my life and then bought a jumbo snail for our fish tank to help clean up debris. I did not get a nap in today even though I was exhausted. I also made mini banana muffins. I did a bit too much because I have a ton of swelling this evening. I'll just take it easier the next few days. I am so excited to report that my PS also said I am free to sleep comfortably in my bed and on my sides if I like. Just not on my abdomen. I can handle that!!!!! So extremely happy with this entire process. Xoxo all

1 week post op

Just some pictures to update. Week 1 in the bag!!!!
Yesterday I got dressed and went out. Overdid a little bit and was very swollen last night. I got to sleep in my own bed and a little side sleep goes a long ways! Slept really well. Still tired today. Swelling has gone down quite a bit. I've been using a heating pad on my bad since the I got home. It's been a nice help with the sore back muscles. Hope all is well with everyone's journey. Xo

Fair warning

Don't overdo it. You might feel like you're doing well and have some energy, I felt so good going to my PS for my follow up, went to lunch, then pet store, then home, bakes mini muffins, following day I had a moment and cleaned toilets and straightened up. These are naughty choices and day 3 after and I'm so tired and sore. Not in pain but sore and exhausted. Ladies, do not follow my last 3 days. I have planted my ass for the weekend and taking it easy. I am the princess and the pea. No more cleaning, cooking, or shopping unless it's online. Xo peeps

Day 10! Wow! What? Already?

So, still recovering from my intense ab workout. Well it feels that way. Don't overdo it peeps. Wipes you out! I'm off pain medication except every once in a while I'll take an Advil. Just when I feel like my stomach is tightening. Well, I'm posting my day 10 photo results. Xo

2 weeks Post Op

Busy time of year but so excited to be at the 2 week mark. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I'm continuing to lose weight, but I think it's because the swelling is decreasing and he did take off about 8lbs of wasted junk. Haha
I have learned a lesson about taking it easy. It's so easy to get worn out. You start feeling like you can do things, but the moment you do, you regret it. At least I did. So take it easy ladies. Xo

3 week PO

My family and I have taken a trip to the States to visit with one of my lifelong friends. I sure needed to get out of the house! It was a 7 hour drive, my honey did all the driving. Left at 5 am, so slept most of the way. The ride wasn't bad, just a little stiff. Just threw together doe quick photos so I can stay on track. Happy New Year!

1 month down

Things are going really well. It's been a super busy time. Christmas, New Years, 2 kids birthdays and my daughters wedding all in a matter of a couple weeks. Recovery is going well. My ps approved baths and wading in pools but no swimming at this point because he doesn't want me engaging my abs. I cannot tell you how awesome it was to take a bath and relieve some of the muscle cramps in my lower back. I picked up a dbl ear and sinus infection so that's been a fun party. All in all, no real complaints. I cannot say enough great things about my ps. He and his staff...awesome! I'm excited for a few months to pass and recovery is over with. Guess we all get a little impatient on this waiting game. Xo
Please excuse my messy bathroom ????

5 weeks and this was a long one

Well, spent the week flying down to help my friend get radiation treatment on her brain. To a nerve in her brain. A very tough week of taking care of her, travelling and crap food. Lucky I didn't gain weight, just swollen and feel like I've been working out my abs. Long story. Don't fly united. What a freaking joke. They lost my luggage, when it finally arrived 2 days later, it was destroyed, torn and wrecked and items missing. I'm not a happy camper but am home safe with my friend helping her recover. Finally had a chance to post my 5 week update photos. Sorry for the rushed edit. At least my belly is smiling. Haha Catch you all soon. Xo

Week 6

Don't know where the time went! 6 week anniversary...last night I pulled a muscle or something near my groin when moving and situating in bed. Not sure what the heck. Little tender, but no bruising. Guess I'll give it a couple days. See my ps on the 24th. Very excited to find out if I can take some time away from this binder. Couple quick photos to show of my progress. Little lower abdomen swelling but not bad

Revision may be required

I have a small dog ear and a little excess skin. My PS is going to do a small revision so that everything is complete and looking natural. Couple photos attached so you can see my dog ear. It's on the right side.
Dr Hamilton

Met with my surgeon. He is very confident and made me feel comfortable. Straight to the point. I like that

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