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I got a tattoo the other day because I'm an idiot,...

I got a tattoo the other day because I'm an idiot, it's a color tattoo I hate it and want it removed. How long do I need to wait before I can get it removed? What laser is best to use, and will it even work? I don't know anything about laser removal. I also smoke and I hear that laser removal might not work on someone who smokes, is that true?

It's getting a little better

Now that I've gotten out of my house and stopped hiding in my room crying, I have gotten a little better, maybe because I'm wearing long sleeves and I don't see the tattoo, I am pretty angry at myself and the amount of regret I have is enormous, but I'm going to try to love this tattoo. I saw a quote that made me think of this situation "when something bad happens, you can let it define you, destroy you or you can let it strengthen you" I'm going to try to live by that quote, it may be difficult it may not be, but life could be worse. I just need to focus on the good in my life. Wish me luck


A day ago I couldn't even look at my tattoo without wanting to cry now I'm sitting here looking at (still not really wanting it) but I don't want to cry, I don't think I hate it. Maybe it's because I'm too tired to cry, or maybe it's because putting myself in this mindset is helping, I know it's only been a couple days, but hopefully I can grow to fully love my tattoo and not feel like I look like an idiot with this thing on my arm. Whatever the outcome of how I feel, I do know that getting another tattoo is very unlikely to happen. This site has helped, it stopped me from jumping into laser removal the second I got this thing, I probably would of regretted laser removal more then the tattoo, and the fact that getting rid of it can take years, well I'm pretty sure I can't mentally handle that.
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