September Rhinoplasty— Calgary AB

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Cant believe im finally doing this. I have wanted...

Cant believe im finally doing this. I have wanted this done since I was 16, and I am now 24. I am removing the bumb, fixing a diaviated septum, and getting some tip work done. Having an ugly nose is my biggest insecurity. Just like everyone else on this site, i have been made fun of and have had alot of ignorant comments made to me because of my nose. I am so happy I found this site, because their are people who cam truely relate to how I feel.

pictures of different angles

Here are some more pictures, to get a better idea at what my nose looks like from all angles.

Surgery is paid for! :)

Well I paid for my surgery yesterday, its really starting to feel real now! Starting to get nervous, really hoping I am going to be happy with the results. $10,000 is alot to spend, especially at my age!

Wondering how other peopld handled going back to work, did people notice? Did you tell them? Everyone at works knows im taking time off fof a surgery, but thats it. Really hoping no one notices.

7 days! Count down begins :)

Cannot believe in 7 days I am getting my surgery done. Totally starting to freak out now!! Starting to question if my nose is really that bad, how people in my life will react....But there's no going back, everything's paid for, and ready to go. Glad I have the long weekend to relax, Monday I'm going to go buy some food for after surgery like soup, pasta... what did everyone else eat post surgery???

Tomorrow is the big day

Totally freaking out, cant believe tomorrow morning at 11am I am going in for my surgery.. Praying everything goes okay. My boyfriend is taking the day off, but is returning to work the following day. So their wont be anybody to really take care of me post op day 2, so hoping ill do okay. This better be worth it lol

Surgery done, recovery time

Well feeling okay. Dr. Zakhary ended up taking me in about 30 mins earlier. I was pretty nervous, and I'm terrified of needles, and she is just amazing. So very kind and understanding, held my hand and made sure I was okay. When I woke up I felt pretty uncomfortable, just because I felt so dehydrated and they don't want you guzzling water. My nose is bleeding alot, so I have to change my drip pad alot. We didn't end up leaving the office until like 5pm, so driving home in rush hour sucked! But I survived, not in any pain. And my boyfriend is taking really good care of me :) And thank you to everyone for all the support, it really does mean alot

Surgery day

Swelling and bruising started before I even got in recovery. Im sure tomorrow I am going to loom brutal.

3rd day post op

I am now 3 days post op, not getting the cast off until Friday. A whole 5 days to go! I'm feeling pretty good, my boyfriend went back to work today, he's been taking really good care of me. So we will see how today goes taking care of myself.

I find the nights are the worst, very hard to sleep because I feel so uncomfortable. When I get up I feel so much pressure in my nose, and my face is extra swollen. My eyes aren't that bad now, the swelling has moved down to my lower cheeks.

3rd day post op

4 days post op

Feeling alot better this morning. Finally had a decent night sleep. My bruising is starting to turn yellow, and alot of the swelling has gone down. Going out for fresh air makes the world of difference, I have so much more energy today. Starting to feel like myself again even made supper last night and got some house work done! Now its just a waiting game. 3 more days till this cast is off!!!

5 days post op

Not much has changed. Going a little crazy being house bound! Haha My boyfriend took me for a ride yesterday to grab a coffee and nice drive out in the country. It was much needed, made me feel alot better. I just have to get through today and tomorrow then this cast is coming off friday morning at 10am! Woo hoo!

cast off - 7 days post op

Finally got the cast off, but know its covered in tape! It was kinda painful to get the cast off, and stiches out. But I have a very low pain tolerance, im a wussy lol Had to lay down again when she took the cast off because I started feeling so faint. Not sure how I feel about the results yet, I was sooo swollen. I look like a avatar! Under the cast it didnt look like I had much swelling. So I was very surprised! I know over time it will better.. I can defitnitely see an improvement. The bump is removed, it is now straight, and the tip is way more refined and not droopy.

She said I have to leave the tape on until next friday, to reduce swelling. Then after that I only have to tape at night.

7 days post op

11 days post op

Feeling great, I have been going out of the house alot this week. Even got my hair done this morning, went darker with little bit of red and got bangs. Figured a new do, will destract from my new nose when I head back to work. The swelling has gone down quite a bit since cast removal 4 days ago. I get all the tape off this thursday, cant wait! Then I will have a few days to get used to my nose before I go back to work on Monday.

2 weeks post op

Just got the tape taken off, really not sure what to think. I was really starting to like the shape with the tape on. My nose still look "big". Actually feel like crying right now, right now im feeling like this wasnt worth it, not how I pictured myself looking. I feel like I looked so much prettier in my before pictures...

2 weeks post op

2.5 week post op

Well I am now back to work, back to my daily routine. First day back was very exhausting, and nerve racking. I could feel everyone staring, but only one person asked about it. I work with my father in law, and as soon as he seen me he knew.
I ended up working out that night, which wasn't a good idea, the next morning I felt pretty rough.. actually almost fainted. So I'm still trying to take it easy after work until I'm 100% again.

The swelling has started to go down,but I still have ways to go. My left eye is becoming more bruised, so I'm not sure why that's happening. I'm not sure if its uneven swelling but my nose is looking very crooked. I'm slowly starting to like my nose, and get used to my new face. Hopefully with more time my nose will look better.

2.5 weeks post op

1 month post op

Well not much to update on. Swelling is slowly going down, still havr a long way to go. From the front it is still looking really crooked, I am praying this is just uneven swelling. From the looks worse then before in my opinion. But my profile im starting to like, so happy about that.

2 Months Post

I haven't posted in awhile, so figured Id better update everyone! I had a visit with my doctor this week, she insisted I get steroid injection in my nose which helps reduce swelling and gets rid of scar tissue. I am actually terrified of needles but it wasn't that bad. She put numbing cream on first so could only feel a slight pinch. She said I wont notice a difference for about 2 weeks, its only been 4 days so far. I asked about the bump near my eye, and she said it was bone and that it could be shaven down if I wanted. But well see after a year. Today I actually noticed a slight bump on my profile, which makes me very concerned and very upset. So I'm going to be keeping a close eye on that over the next week. Other then that everything's good, its defiantly an improvement from my old nose but hoping it continues to improve with time.

2 months post

2 months

10 months post op

I haven't updated in so long! Just wanted to let everyone know I am very happy with my results. I had to get steroid shots in my nose to reduce swelling and it made a huge difference. I will try and post more pictures.

1.5 years post op

I had my last visit with Dr. Zakhary last week. It was bitter sweet. I am so happy and grateful that I was able to get this surgery. She is so kind and makes this whole process so much easier. And her talent and skills are amazing.

I had to get steroid injections a few times after the surgery and that tremendously helped with the swelling. I taped religiously every night for a year. I love my results it was worth every penny. I wish I hadn't waited so long to get it but it took a few years to be able to afford it.

Not sure what else to say I'm sure this will probably be my last post. As everyone has probably noticed I don't use my profile any more. Anybody in the Calgary area, I strongly recommend Dr zakhary she is one of a kind and you won't be disappointed.
Calgary Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zakhary is an amazing surgeon, I would recommend her to anyone thinking about rhinoplasty. She has been so kind and caring throughout this whole process.

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