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I have much to say and will post more here over...

I have much to say and will post more here over the coming days- but yes!! Absolutely worth it and it is getting better each day!!

I had my rhinoplasty done because I have long been...

I had my rhinoplasty done because I have long been self conscious of a large dorsal hump, made worse and/or cause by a break in my pre teen years, plus I had a droopy bulbous tip. In other words, just not a pretty nose. A man's nose and it killed any angle shot Ive ever done. I only had one half decent profile shot, from the left and a very specific angle! this grew very tiresome so I finally took the plunge....more to come...

I want to stress, I mean REALLY stress to all...

I want to stress, I mean REALLY stress to all potential rhinoplasty patients that they do their research, play with some plastic surgery simulators to try tweaking your nose to different looks and/or of course looking at noses you like. Remember, just because you like a nose on an actress or model doesn't mean it will suit your face or that that particular nose is obtainable. In my case I believe we have come as close to my desired outcome as possible especially considering my high bridge and think nasal skin. I know I may need a few cortisone shots to bring my supra tip/ and fine tip down if I build excessive scar tissue. I also understand I won't see the 'final' result for up to 12 months. However, at 18 days, I am very please and can see the general shape and the great improvement in profile. I am SO happy with the early result and and can't wait for the future and final result that will be even better.
That being said, I want to warn all potential patients about the healing process and psychological impact of a rhinoplasty. Expecially if you are having quite a bit or change or tip work. You will NOT recognize yourself when the cast comes off and you will likely find your new nose totally incomprehensible. If you just have a bump removed or it straightened you may not have this reaction but if you have a downturned beak nose like I did and suddenly have a slightly upturned Blake Lively nose, the shock is very intense at the beginning. I felt I looked like Michael Jackson and also could not recognize myself and was terrified and even depressed. The good news is ...75+% of that or more is in your head. Its because your brain can't comprehend somebody's else's nose on your face and how it fits into the whole picture. I am only JUST starting to recognize myself and feel comfortable looking at myself in the mirror and and liking it more each day. It is a process....and people have to realize that like getting a BA or anything else, what it looks like at week 2 is not what it looks like at week 18...and you must get used to the nose on your face.
The other 25% is the fact that your tip is swollen, and taped up in piggy fashion. Yes, it DOES drop, lol, also swelling does not go down evenly, you may be bigger on one side that the other for awhile, and then it suddenly goes. Be sure to tape, be sure to treat your nose kindly and be sure that through this whole process, even though you think you look like another person.alien, only those closest to you will know you had ANYTHING done. ON the one hand, you're freaking that you look so altered, on the other hand you're freaking that nobody seems to notice the change!! lol, it goes to show, most of the panic is in your mind. I find that you start recognizing your face and enjoying your new nose about 20 days in. (people don't notice though, lol) I think I and will be ecstatic with my nose but the time the year is up.

Also I highly recommend watching googling 'crunchtoes rhinoplasty' on YouTube. She literally does a day by day through the first 14 days, that are the hardest, then pre one month, post one month, and the one year result is a WORLD a way from the 12 month result. So be patient, remember nobody else will notice, but by the time a year goes by, you will be a more fabulous you.
So happy already and glad I didn't panic too much. cheers all ~

Today was the first day I looked in the mirror and...

Today was the first day I looked in the mirror and really liked how I looked. It had taken 20 days to recognize myself and start to appreciate the changes.
I wasn't sure if ever look in the mirror and see myself there. But I do now, and love the change. Looking forward to the refinements over the coming months. To everyone with extensive work done, be patient. 2 weeks is not enough!!

I found plastic surgery simulator priceless in...

I found plastic surgery simulator priceless in conveying exactly how I wanted my nose to look post surgery so we were in the same page and could discuss, strategies and techniques. you have a bit more of a beakish nose like I did so if you get you downturn tip fixed you will probably be shocked for 20 days at least.. But trust me the changes between day 7 to day 30 are amazing.
It took this long for my swelling to stat evening and coming down, the tip to drop and my top lip to work.
Lol. When they say 2 weeks for healing they should specify that's : 2 weeks to go to work
It's more like 4 weeks to like your nose and recognize your face.
On day 15 my nose was very upturned and had dropped nicely.

Again, if you have just a minor change this will be much less profound.. But just wanted to give you the heads up to be patient.
Do also look at your surgeons before and after photos. How well has he done in other noses like yours? Is he just a plastic sugeon, or head and neck/rhino specialist?
What are his methods for reducing bump, projection, thinning bridge of defining or raising tip?

This is your face and to ensure the best result you want to address and attack each issue in advance. And that way you can also be sure that you've covered all the changes. Rhino is the kind if surgery that's best if performed only once, if you just have the bump removed but not the over projection fixed you may end up unhappy with a long straight nose this still hangs, for example. At least by morphing photos of yourself you and your suregeon will both understand what eachother means. Natural result could mean anything. Lol.
I think my result is natural, but it was an extreme change as far as shape change, but it may be too much or too little for somebody else. Walk some preferred after shots of yourself before you full commit and discuss each aspect thoroughly.

Finally, this is a delicate feature and major surgery. If you expect some awesome result at 7-21 days you are pretty unrealistic.
Even with my breast augmentation, it took 8 weeks to see a good shape, and that's just a simple boob!
Expect to go back to work at day 15 but don't expect to recognize your face/smile and like your nose yourself for 4 weeks.
Even then, huge changes come over a year.

Google 'crunchtoes' and watch her before, day one-month one-two and finally one year. The one month to year is very significant improvement. But I do agree by 6 weeks you should like the general shape. It's just to stiff, upturned and swollen the first three weeks so brace yourself for the shock and know it gets better VERY quickly after the third week, especially if your taping ... Good luck all!!

You will be glad you did your homework! Best wishes!
Calgary Facial Plastic Surgeon

Found her online... So glad I did! I couldn't have had a more caring and professional experience. I had a breast augmentation done 9 years ago and has researched the right doctor for 2 years and this was not different. I chose Dr. Zakhary because I didn't want a breast implant surgeon who did 25 nose jobs a year doing my face!! Dr. Z is double board certified, and expert in facial plastic surgery and does approaching 20+ a month. Due to her extensive training and experience in doing so many I felt comfortable that she could handle my complex nose and desired finally result being able to handle complications along the way. I was extremely nervous going into the actual surgery and Dr. Z actually held my hand and talked me through the anesthesia process til I fell asleep. I also loved how she put up my desired after shots (simulations) in the surgical suite as a guide and made me feel very confident that we were working towards the same desired results. I love the way I always get a big smile and hug from Dr. Zahkary and I never feel as though I'm just a patient. It's personal, warm and I like that. The ONLY downside I ever experienced was that one time the wait period was a bit long for the in office...however, lol, i'm not surprised due to the popularity and was comfortable in one of the treatment rooms with some sparkling water. I also liked that they let my best friend accompany me for getting the tape/cast off. I would highly recommend Kristina as a surgeon and as a great person as well. I have some very specific comments about the rhinoplasty experience and preparation that I believe will be useful to all potential patients and am happy to answer any questions you may have. I should also add that she straightened my nose and worked some sort of magic inside because I don't snore anymore either! I feel like I got it all and more : ) Best wishes to all and much thanks to Dr. Zakhary : )

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