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I am currently in year 2 of my filler nightmare....

I am currently in year 2 of my filler nightmare. In the hope that it will help others, here is my top 10 Don't list for fillers. It includes Radiesse, Juvaderm, and Restylane.

1. Never have Radiesse as your first-time filler. I don't care how qualified the doctor is, this filler cannot be reversed. I had it injected into my cheeks (didn't need it) and it completely changed my smile. Dimples are lower and I have new lines that would not have appeared were it not for the filler. Also, this product can last up to two years and collagen will form around it. Leaving my smile changed forever.

2. Never have filler of any kind injected on your first visit. Walk away and think about it. If it is still the right choice for you, a week is not going to make any difference.

3. If you do decide on a filler, Restylane should be your only choice for a first attempt. This filler requires more skill to inject, but it does not hold water like Juvaderm. It stays truer to form.

4. Insist on a board certified plastic surgeon. They understand how the face works. Know how your face works. Do you have dimples ? How do your muscles move when you smile. Ask questions.

5. Don't believe anyone who tells you, in a flippant attitude that Juvaderm can be erased if you don't like it. It migrates. It must be injected with hyaluronidase in the EXACT same spot as the Juvaderm. I had 6 injections of hyaluronidase. Juvaderm was still there. And I have dry eyes now.

6. Hyaluronidase separates the connections in tissue. Period. So your natural hyaluronic acid will be dissolved too. It will restore itself, but make no mistake, you will look worse before you look better.

7. Tissue atrophy. Possible? Yep. I had balloon like sacks under my eyes for 4 months. The skin is still not back to its before state. My physician injected Juvaderm Ultra Plus under my eyes. Never do this. Ever.

8. If anyone suggests permanent fillers, run -- do not walk, as fast as you can out of the office. Your face is going to change with time. Radiesse, while not permanent, sat like two hard stones in my cheeks for the better part of two years. Stretching my skin with every smile.

9. Be realistic. Your doctor can't take away 20 years of bad living habits with the poke of a needle. And any filler is going to have a lasting effect on your face. Fingers crossed it will be well placed and the appropriate filler for your situation.

10. Be happy. Never get anything done because you are sad. It will alter your perception. You will open the door to regret. And stress is the worst thing you can do to your face.

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Numerous doctors. More cash than a week in Hawaii.

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