Double jaw surgery asymmetry Calgary, AB

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Hi everyone, i had braces when i was 13 for 6...

Hi everyone, i had braces when i was 13 for 6 years in Mexico. The treatment wasn't finished so i told him to take it off. At the time i had a crooked teeth and open bite. Now im 27 years old and i knew i have a asymmetrical facial bone which mean one sideis bigger than the other one, of course i have a low self esteem for years but i ignore it. Until last year in December my mom was looking at the pictures when we were little, i was shocked how much i have changed over the years and i wasnt happy and crying all night for the way i look. So i decided go to see an orthodontist and she told me my teeth were straight, i have a crossbite and mild overbite now she says that braces wont help but jaw surgery. Then i went to see my surgeon, he was nice and i felt comfortable with him, so he sent me to do blood tests and ct scan. I will see him in 3 months to talk about what is the problem and the treatment planning. Im still unsure if i should do it or not, i want it so bad but im so scared because ive read good and bad stories and i know everybody is different and how out body works differently. However, i think its a good age to do it. I should have gone to see the surgeon when i was 24 but i was such a chicken and canceled the appointment at least i should have known different opinions.
I will see another ortho and surgeon in BC to know their opinions.
See what happens after my next appointment.

Current pictures

No braces or surgery yet!
I have an appointment in 3 months to decide to do it or not as well see whats my problem. Lots of questions to ask the surgeon for sure!
I look so different in both side of my profile is like im 2 different people


Everyday I feel so different, of course I'm growing up. I do really want to do this.
Gotta be patient to see my surgeon in 3 months and decide yes or not!
So scared!

TMJ orthotics

I went to see another orthodontist who work with people who has TMJ. So she checked my teeth and of course she said i have a really bad bite and of course asymmetrical. She said she could help me but she has first to know if i have sleep apnea and the test its $200 if i do then i will have to decide to wear a TMJ orthotics day and night to relieve TMJ and move the jaw. So, i asked her what if doesnt work out because one is bigger than the other one i will be asymmetrical anyway. Her answer was I don't want to jump all the way, step by step. The orthodics for day and night are $7,000 what if after k will need haw surgery. So i decided not to use them.
Anybody has experience with TMJ orthotics?

Love yourself!

Everyday I look different as its like my face is growing slowly and I can tell the difference. I am in a work progress where I accept myself for who I am its a slow process for sure. However, I wont pay attention to what people think of me or somebody else. We are all human and the only thing we have its just love. Love yourself then love everybody else. I'm in late 20's and sometimes I go back to where I was bullied when I was younger and that my sisters were prettier. Now I know all of us has a unique beauty, we are all asymmetrical at some point but its not as noticeable as mine. I stopped taking picture like I used to be in the picture its more noticeable than in person I don't know why and it pisses me off. However, if I tell them, then they will pay attention to it. Honestly, I'm doing It for health reason I don't know how bad it will affect me in the future like I said my process its very slow. I'm pretty sure I have condyle hypoplasia, but I will see what my surgeon says. I will try not to think about it since times goes so slow.
Love yourself and be happy!
By the way would love to hear more positive experiences of jaw surgeries, I know everybody is different we all have to be positive, believe that it will be fine without any fear/worries and most of all have faith!


Hi, well my appointment was supposed to be in October, so they called me last week to change earlier appointment and i just went yesterday. Thank God everything went well, except that they see an asymmetry, degenerated bone, and problems with my joints. So, i have to go see my ortho in 3 weeks and see what she says. I have crossbite, asymmetric jaw, degenerated bone and joints. Dont know how the surgery will help, but for sure I will look better and balanced.

Ct Scan

I love how with Ct scan you can see more further. I can see there is asymmetry in the Ct scan that shifted to the left.
I wear night guards and last night i had to take it off because it was hurting my upper teeth, my jaw was sore as well, until i woke up all day till about 3 pm the pain was gone but i still feel mu jaw and neck tight and tiring. I called my ortho and will see him on Wednesday!
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