52 Years Old for Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck, Height: 5'2" Weight: 105lbs

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I started browsing from internet and looking for...

I started browsing from internet and looking for breast augmentation and tummy tuck in the month of April 2015. I had my consultation April 24, 2015 for breast augmentation and tummy tuck with Dr Paul Whidden of Macleod Trail Plastic Surgery. I had paid the whole cost of my surgery June 5, 2015 and got a date for my surgery on July 22, 2015. During my consultation, doctor Paul Whidden gave me the 320cc silicone gel implant sample and tried it for the first time. He asked if I wanted to try more size either smaller or bigger. Due to my small breast for so many years, I was shock and hessitant to try another size and contented with the 320cc. After browsing and looking to youtube for few days, I compared the height, weight and body frame of people who had BA in youtube and find out that the 320cc will still not be nice for my body. I called doctors Whidden office and had requested for another appointment to try few more sizes. I started from one size up after 320cc until I reach the 400cc. I finally decided to go with the 400cc. The nurse told me that it will be subject upon doctors approval if I can have 400cc. Finally, one day the nurse called me and confirmed that I can have 400cc and doctor suggested the ssf 415 silicone gel implants. I was happy with the size now.

I will keep you posted after my surgery on July 22, 2015.

My silicone gel sizing

Here are some pics while sizing for my implants

count down.... 4 more days to go!

Nervous....excited....un-prepared....don't know what to do
Big day is coming, so help me God!

Whohoo!... 2 more days left

2 more days... big day is coming.
My husband (in Edmonton) calls me here today in Calgary, asking what time is my flight tomorrow to Fort Mac. I can't think of any alibi to tell him because I'm staying in Calgary until my surgery this Wednesday. He doesn't know that I am on vacation for two weeks also but it will be his two weeks rotation at site, so timing that we will not be able to see each other otherwise, all my plans will fail. Hope I will not be caught lying and hiding this major operations.

Surgery tomorrow - July 22, 2015 with Dr Paul Whidden

My nurse who will take care of me for two days called last night. She brief me of the things I should do in preparation for tomorrow. My schedule will be 7:15am so I will take taxi from my place to the clinic. The nurse will pick me up after my surgery then she will bring me to her recovery house for two days. She will provide the care and also provide the necessary foods I will need after surgery. She will drive me home after two days to my house and I will be alone by myself by that time. Hoping everything will be fine by then.

Day 1 - resting at a recliner chair

pain level from 1 to 10 - my pain is about 3.

Day 2 - pain level from 1 to 10, my pain is 2, still dizzy. I was lookin at my breast, 415cc is not huge. It might changed proba

Still Day 2

few more pics

Day 4 - July 26 - My blood pressure rises yesterday BP is 167/107

I went for shower yesterday all by myself, thinking I can do it. But in the middle, I feel I will gonna faint. My left breast got so painful probably because a shampoo has run into the wounds. I run to my bed so I can lie down with my body so wet. I felt I will chill so I covered my body with blanket. Afterwards, something strange in my feelings took my blood pressure and it reads 167/107. Oh my God, I don't know what to do... Now this is the first time I got nervous why I did this all by myself. I called my nurse who took care of me for the first two days. She said, I have to un-tighten the compression garment and check again my BP after 30 mins and she said phone her again. So I did get the BP once more after 30 mins and it goes to 154/92... So I keep monitoring and now it's down to 107/76...
Much better now. Here some of my photos...

Day 5 - Monday, July 27 - seen by Dr Whidden - Drain out, stitches out

Feeling relieved after drain hose was taken out!

Pictorials for my boobies & tummy on their 5th day!

Day 8 - July 28 - Manage to drive to shopper drug mart.

It's really sad having no one to drive you around. I need the stool softener and a laxative which my doctor advise yesterday so I can p______. It took me a while to reach the drugstore as I'm driving very slow avoiding bumps and pressure in my body. Finally I was able to reach the store and bought the things I needed. I took the capsule soon as I reach home but I waited for 3 hours and nothing happens. I use the suppository and try to sit in the washroom. It takes about 15 mins I guess waiting before some hard thing came out. What a relieved!

Two Weeks Post Op

Finally reached two weeks post op!

As of today... Aug 8, 2015 - 17 days Post Op

Just an up-date how it looks like in 17 days

Having fun today... 18th day Post Op!

I'm just trying to fit all my bathing suits how it looks like to me after my MMO. I'm planning to bring at least two sets for our vacation on Aug 28 to Sep 1 together with my husband, (he doesn't know yet my MMO). I love the blue and black bottom but it looks like he will notice right away the changes to my body. White and white bottom seems to be okay, while red and white seems very obvious.

Applying Silicone Tape for scar management

My doctor advise to put silicone tape for scar management after two weeks post op. Here are some pics

4 Weeks Post Op (24 days)

At 4 weeks, no problems arises... except I feel my breast are still high, will wait for 6 weeks. Appointment with Dr Whidden for my six weeks will be Sept 11, 2015

Just Comparing before and after...

Small boobies Vs 415cc Boobies

Update on my first meeting with my husband after Tummy Tuck/Breast Augmentation - Aug 27, 2015

My husband and I went for vacation in Quebec Aug 27 - 31. I don't think that he'd noticed changes in my body after my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. He has no questions and no comments about my new look. The only compliments I got was from the waiter at Delta hotel restaurant where we had our dinner date celebration of my birthday. The waiter approaches us after our dinner and said; "Madam, you are magnifique!" So probably that means magnificent. So my husband and I laugh after that and he said, waiter cannot control himself and he really said what's on his mind... I was just smiling after that moment.

I am posting some pics of me during our stay in Quebec.

6 weeks update after TT and. BA in. July 22, 2015

just an update on my breast and tummy after 6weeks - see pics

just adding pics

Calgary Plastic Surgeon

He's a great doctor. Dr Whidden is not only a doctor but also an artist. He did a wonderful job in my body. His work is absolutely stunning.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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