145lbs - Lost 130lbs - 38yr, 5'2", 3 Kids, 2 C-sections - Calgary, AB

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I Did It, I Done It, I Can't Believe I'm Going To...

I Did It, I Done It, I Can't Believe I'm Going To Do It....
Feeling Like A Genie In Bottle.
Just Booked My Mommy Makeover Consultation for Aug 31.
After 3 beautiful kids, 2 ugly C-Sec, & losing over 130lbs, I'm ready to leave this bottle body.
Took the first step to set myself free.
Sooo Surreal!

CountDown To Surgery. Officially Booked - 48 Days Away.

Dear Past,
Thank You For The Life Lessons.
After extensive dedication, devotion and determination to transform myself, I have finally taken the last step in my journey. Ohhh Yeah!!!

Officially booked my surgery for my mommy makeover. Definitely self fulfillment and pride of accomplishment from where I've come. A lot of hard work has been done.
It's Surreal. Im Finally getting rid of the areas that I can't - no matter how hard I tried.

My Areas to be addressed are Full Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift ( Medial & Lateral) with Liposuction.

Dear Future,
I'm Ready!!!

I Did It - I Done It!! Over, Above & Beyond About It!!

Before I Start, Thank You to the Real Self Community, Your individual testimonials have inspired, encouraged and motivated me.
Ive learned a vast amount of information and gathered valuable tips from your individual experiences.
This site has given me a combination of knowledge that has amazingly helped me accomplish my journey to successfully achieving my weight loss and having my dream surgery.
Today, I'm A Whole New Me.
Time To Share My Experience:
At 5'2", I once weighed over 260lbs. My health was declining incredibly.
Being Obese was not easy on my body. When I finally decided that I no longer wanted to be that way, My mind, body, and my health changed phenomenally.
Losing weight was always a struggle and a battle. It always seemed impossible to achieve. Fast forward to today, I lost the weight and have set myself free. A Newfound Me!!
I Dropped 130lbs & Just Had My First Surgery.
Posting my first (before) surgery pictures - Take A Good Look at Me - I'm a mother of 3 and This is what happens when you damage your body by eating unhealthy. After losing 130lb, The excess skin leftover became an inhibitor for me.
Nov 1st, 2016 - The Day of my 1st Surgery. The Start of My Mommy / Extreme Weight loss Makeover -
My procedures and areas addressed were a Full Tummy Tuck, Upper Leg Lift and Liposuction to the Medial and Lateral Thighs.
I'm only 3 days in and everything has gone very smooth and so far very easy. I'm excited to be on the road to recovery...,
More Posts To Come...

Surgery Day!!

Surgery Day - Nov 1st. (Day 1)
6hr process. Surgery started around 7:30am. I'm told that my doctor I woke up at 3:45pm still feeling very groggy and heavily medicated. Luckily, I Never felt any pain at that time. I had more pain and discomfort with my c- section years ago compared to my full tummy tuck. A combination of good meds and an amazing surgeon also helps.
When my doctor sent me home he emphasized to rest and take it very very easy. He also said I shouldn't experience much pain unless I do something I'm not supposed to do. (If so, I'll know)

Wear Big Baggy Cloths that will not touch or cling to your body.
An oversized button up shirt helps tremendously. I'm making great use of my hubby's old dress shirts.
You will have to clip your drainage bottles to your body. The oversized shirt helps incredibly.

If you can, I highly recommend that you Purchase 2 pairs of compression garments as they can get dirty fast.
For me: I accidentally & unknowingly opened the valve of my secretion bottle and got the yucky stuff all over me on my drive home and
a little embarrassing to admit - I tried to pee standing up and got spray all over me. 2 garments will help to avoid you getting stinky.

A towel, wipes or sanitizer can also come in handy for the drive home - just in case your messy like me.

Luckily, I have an amazing husband who is my support. He held my hand from the moment I opened my eyes until he brought me home and escorted me to bed. My travel time from the medical clinic to my house was almost 45mins - the hardest part of the drive was getting out of the vehicle. I felt so stiff that I did not want to move when I had to. Movement didn't bother me only the initiation of it did.

-A small step or stool comes in handy if the vehicle your escorted in is a truck or SUV.
-If you don't have a support person - use a cane. You will be weak and have very little energy immediately afterwards and it will help to get around.

-I went to bed as soon as I got home. Other then being woke up to take my medication, I Pretty much slept all of the day away.

-Extra Pillows are a must. I Found 3-6 pillows helped to keep me propped up comfortably.
-A Towel or Blanket to protect your sheets is also helpful to avoid fluids leaking onto good linens.
- It helps to keep a foot stool next to your bed - it's very helpful when getting in and out of bed. I move slowly and keep distances / foot and arm reach short.
- Meds , Water anything you might need - Keep within arms reach.
My hubby keeps a bucket filled with bottled water and ice next to our bed. It's coming in handy.
- I also keep a fan close to my bed for occasional comfort.
- Make good use of your PVR: Record your favourite shows in advance and the days pass by very easily.
-A power bar and small extension cord work great for your tech gadgets if you want to catch up on some office work - surround yourself with them.

So Far... So Good ????????????????
(More Posts & Pictures To Come...)

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