45 Year Old, wanting a Lip Lift Forever - Calgary, AB

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Going in for a lip lift with Dr. Kristina Zachary....

Going in for a lip lift with Dr. Kristina Zachary. Very excited, I have been wanting to do something about my long lip, tried fillers. Hated the result. Looking for healing tips, advice, comments on this procedure or Dr. Would be appreciated. I have seen many lip lifts on here that look fantastic. :)

3 weeks pre

advice : get blood work done before surgery.

Surgery was postponed, did blood found out that I am have hypothyroid. Go figure! 5' 4"., 100lbs????? Levels were low. Very disappointed but felt I needed to postpone until levels checked at normal or close. I did some research and learned that people with low thyroid function can have compromised wound healing; slow to heal and are at risk of infection. Good that I now know, but sad that I had to postpone. Lucky I thought to get blood work done. Maybe I would have healed ok, just didn't want to take a chance. I'll keep you all posted once I get healthier and closer to my next date.
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