Got it done, Lower Blepharoplasty, happy with the result- edmonton, ab

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Had the consultation a couple weeks ago, surgery...

Had the consultation a couple weeks ago, surgery booked 6 weeks from now. Pretty pumped to get this done as lately tired eyes are all I see when I look at myself and I'm starting to scare my nieces. Its painful its so far away, too much time to think about it. I Honestly never saw myself stepping foot in a plastic surgery office but I think I'm a pretty good candidate for this procedure. Just hoping for positive results and a quick recovery, only taking 7 days off work. My surgeon was pretty confident she could help me out. Work related stress and 10 years of early mornings have amplified the eye bags. Thanks to everyone who made their own reviews.

Better than I expected.

5 days post surgery now and feeling really good about this decision. Leading up to surgery I was filled with a lot of doubt, doubt that peaked the morning of surgery. I would tell anyone else getting this procedure not to worry much about it. Virtually every trip to the dentist I've ever had has been worse than this. From pre op to post op took all of twenty minutes, unless the drugs distorted my sense of time. And the results are better than I expected. Dr Audrey Chan is gifted and perfectly professional, and her supporting staff equally so. The sedation was just right and I was semiconscious for the whole procedure, I felt totally relaxed and the pain was very minimal.

If you are wanting to get this procedure and are anything like me: you don't want to change your face, you simply want to look your best. There is nothing wrong with this. If you are done with feeling the best you have ever felt, yet looking like a rented mule, get this procedure.

The atmosphere in the office is very positive, and supportive. During the consultation, Dr. Chan mentioned that the procedure would not change the colour of my eye, just flatten it out, and she was right. But without the excess fat back there, there is no shadow, which also reduces the visibility of the baggy eye.

Is it not masculine to get cosmetic surgery? Maybe. Do I give a shit at this point? Not at all.

Worth it.
Dr Audrey Chan

Highly experienced, highly professional. NOT in Calgary, not sure how to change that, office is downtown Edmonton.

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