5'6" 140lb, 435cc full projection

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I recently had a consultation, and am debating...

I recently had a consultation, and am debating between 339cc moderate profile and 330cc low profile (both cohesive gel). I am 5'6", 140lbs, a size 4 dress size, and have a wider rib cage. Up until today I had been wearing a 36B bra but was fitted at Victoria Secret to be a 32C (I have heard they use vanity sizing).

8 days! Prep advice needed and appreciated!

Size has been chosen....originally I was debating between 300cc and 335cc moderate profile (the pictures posted above). Those were from consult #1. I then went to another surgeon, Dr. Whidden, who spent much more time speaking with me and taking measurements and recommended going to 435cc full projection. He advised that if I went smaller I wouldn't get the fullness in the upper pole, which is what I need, and would be disappointed with a smaller sizer. I decided to trust him and go with the 435cc. Then before I left the office I booked a second appointment to go back and try them again.

I went back a week later, tried the 435 and the 375 moderate on and decided again that 435 was the right call. WELLL ladies, don't show your unsupportive friends pictures AND if you do make sure you look at the pictures before you leave the surgeon's office so that they are GOOD pictures. The pictures made them look soooo large. I freaked out that night, didn't sleep and then called the office the next day asking to go smaller. Trista is AMAZING. I'm sure she thought I was crazy, but she didn't admit it :-) She had Dr. Whidden call me to address my concerns. He is great and very supportive. I then booked another sizing appointment.

Went yesterday and what do you know....I again choose 435. This time I took multiple articles of clothing and a friend. I also didn't take one picture. So now I wait......

Question for you ladies, what do you recommend I have on hand in preparation. I literally have nothing done (have been working an insane amount in preparation of taking time off). My doctor doesn't believe in the strap or massage or arnica.

One day post-op


Yesterday I called "HumpS day!" I thought getting a BA on a Wednesday was very fitting.

I hadn't really planned to write about my experience post-op but after reading so many reviews and how helpful they are, I thought maybe I should write one. I tried to cover everything so this is quite long.

First of, I can't express enough how awesome the staff at MacLeod Plastic Surgery Centre are. Even if I take my shirt off and my boobs are two different sizes and pink (I haven't looked yet), I will still give them a 5 star rating. From the initial call to make my consultation to the time I left yesterday they were great. Trista is who I had the most interaction with and she let me come in for a third time to do my sizing again. Three times I choose a size and three times I choose the SAME size. I have read other reviews about people saying that the staff at their respective centres were not that great, not the case here!

Surgery Day!

So the day of the surgery, I had to be there for 815am. Got there a little early. Walked through the recovery area and that's when I got a tad nervous. It reminded me of a hospital (which it should obviously) but then it really hit home that I was having a REAL surgery. Went into a room where we sat down with the nurse Victoria (I think it was Victoria, or Veronica) , my boyfriend gave her his contact info and I sent him back to work. I was given the surgical gown and warm robe. I didn't have to take my pants or socks off. I thought for sure I'd have to take off my pants so I did spend some time picking out a pair of undies that covered everything but didn't look like grannie panties. We went through all of the medication instructions and then she left and the anesthesiologist came in. He was also very nice and ensured I didn't have any questions. I have a pretty serious penicillin allergy (anaphylactic) so he even made a special mention of the type of antibiotic he was going to give me, I didn't even had to ask but I would have. I have told other Drs about my allergy and have actually gotten "oh well you might have grown out of that" ummm in 2 years? I don't think so.

Waited a few more minutes, used the bathroom a few times (I pee a lot when nervous) and then Dr. Whidden came in. Also in other reviews I heard that a lot of girls don't see the surgeon the morning of or if they do, then it is quick. He did all of my markings and then again asked if I had any questions. Very, patient man. I didn't have many.

Shortly after another nurse came to get me and we walked into the operating room. I'm a little on the shy side and the anesthesiologist is a man and obviously I know he will see the "ladies" but I got a little "eeeeeee" at the thought of taking the robe off. Thankfully i never had to bring this up (and I wouldn't have) as the nurse had me take off my robe and under it I had the surgical gown on (open to the back which I thought was weird when they told me to put it on that way) get on the table and she put a warm black over me and then rather discreetly she took off the gown. So while I was awake, no one saw my little boobies.

They put the IV in (didn't hurt at all, I had have had IVs in the past that were not pleasant). Gave me some meds, got a tiny loopy, oxygen and then I don't remember a thing.

I woke up about an hour later in the recovery room. I was pretty alert. My left side had a little pressure but nothing on the right at all. The lack of pain actually concerned me. Slowly though the right started feeling a little tight. I would describe the pressure kind of similar to anxiety. I had a mild anxiety attack a few years ago and it was sort of like that. I was expecting a lot of pain, and had minimal. Just before I left another lady came out of surgery and she appeared to be in a fair amount of pain. Wouldn't take deep breaths because of the pressure which was causing her oxygen saturation was not high enough. I was also told (and read) that if you are used to lifting heavy weight during chest workouts, then your muscles are used to tearing and stretching so recovery isn't as bad. I love chest work outs and one of the reasons I put off getting a BA was because I was unsure if I'd ever be able to do them again (this surgeon said yes, other consult I had said no).

Anesthesiologist came by to see me and say everything went well. Victoria was always close by and came by a bunch of times to see how I was. First sip of water I had was glorious!

I was probably in the bed for about an hour maybe? Then Victoria came by and helped me sit up and put on my zip up sweater. Have also read reviews where the patient has to do this alone. I just sat there and she did it all. Then she walked me over to a chair. I was a little light headed but not bad at all. Had some crackers and ginger ale. Victoria was also nice enough to put my hair in a ponytail for me. I forgot to do it pre-surgery because i sort of thought I'd be wearing a surgical cap so didn't bother. I HIGHLY recommend putting your hair up if you don't want it in your face for a few days, unless you have someone at home to help out. My boyfriend is great, but not so great at doing a girl's hair!

The anesthesiologist came by again to check on me, asked again if I had any questions. Trista popped over for a chat.

Dr. Whidden came by just before I left. Asked if I had any questions, I had a few such as when can I have sex and if I could do some work at home on the computer this weekend. Sex, 2ish weeks but take it easy. Working from home, if I am feeling up to it. Work, take a break, work, take a break.

Boyfriend picked me up at noon, Victoria put me in a wheelchair and brought me out. I didn't have any trouble getting from wheel chair to car. Seatbelt I couldn't do myself. Drive home was fine, I didn't feel one bit sick (forgot to mention above that I wasn't nauseous at all upon waking). I asked him to stop so I could get a coffee. I tried to undo my seat belt when we got home. DUMB. Don't do that, get someone to come do it for you. The walk from the car to the elevator in my building was tiring, and it isn't that far. I stopped twice.

Got into my condo, boyfriend took out the sofa bed (I don't have a tv in my bedroom), changed me, and set me up for the day. Technically he was supposed to stay with me all day but I felt fine and assumed I'd sleep all day, so I sent him home. I did look at my new girls still in the sports bra.

I didn't sleep that much. I bought one of those pillows that looks like a little chair (has a back and arms). Life saver. $10 at wal-mart. Watched a lot of tv. Getting up is the hardest. I'm in pretty good shape so my strong core and glutes helped a lot. If you are deciding on surgery, I highly recommend starting some at home planks and body weight squats if you do not presently work out.
Also, if you do not have anyone with you the entire time, have someone open your meds for you before they leave you. That was hard-ish. I took my afternoon supply, put in ziplock bag and brought it back to my couch nest.

I haven't been overly hungry. Boyfriend came back around 7pm to make me some food. He stayed the night. I went to bed after him and didn't have any trouble getting into bed but at 230am when I had to wake up and take my pain meds I had a lot of trouble. I wouldn't wake him up, which I should have. Tonight I will be going to bed with my ziplock pill bag and a bottle of water with me.

Post - Op Day one Update

This morning he helped me get out of bed, just needed a push. This evening he is going to come back to help me get in and out of shower and put my shirt on. Will probably get him to stay the night again to help me out of bed.


Pain is about a 0.5 out of 10. It was a 2 yesterday at the peak. Other things I can't do yet is push on the soap dispenser and open the fridge. I've been using my toes and feet to do those things (yes, I'm part monkey :-) )

I'm taking Oxy and not having any of the weird side effects. I'm not high or light headed. I did have some trouble doing math last night when trying to calculate years and time lines. I'm awesome at numbers but it was a challenge. I have heard that itchy skin is a side effect, which I have, but I'm thinking that is more climate as it is so dry here in Calgary and I'm normally itchy this time of year. Everyone talks about constipation, while I have yet to go, I don't feel like things are backed up. Ensuring I'm staying hydrated.

I'm feeling great, moving my arms a little more but still staying in t-rex mode.

I have emailed the surgical centre to ask if I should be using anything for stretch marks.

Implant Update:
High and hard. There is about a one finger width gap between my collarbone and implant. I'm not going to get anxious about this given I've seen soooooo many reviews talking about that. I was happy though to make up and not think "OMG they are HUGE"

Nap time!!! Will provide an update in a day or so.

Updated photo

I'm now 2.5 weeks post-op and could not be happier! Picture is at 4 days. The implants are no longer as high and look great! I couldn't be happier :-)


Still happy with my choice
Dr. Paul Whidden

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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