Happy New Years to Me!!! 6'1, 165Lbs, 35 Yrs - Calgary, AB

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Can't wait for my new boobs on NYE. Have been...

Can't wait for my new boobs on NYE. Have been waiting 13 years since I first had a consultation, and now I can barely wait 13 more sleeps:)

I have always been happy with the shape and appearance of my breasts, however they lack fullness and roundness in the top. I am looking for a high, rounded and cleavagey look:) I am a tall girl, with wide shoulders and rib cage, we decided on 500cc natrelle high profile implants.

Two Sleeps!

I have two nights to go, and One day of work before NEW BOOBS:)

Feeling excited, not really nervous, but definitely have been having some weird dreams about the entire event! Must be my subconscious keeping her third eye on my goings on:)

I will miss my boobs:). My breast friends!!

Breast Friends:)

Well today was my
B-Day:). Arrived at the clinic at 930 and was immediately brought back to
My waiting room:)

My initial nurse was Excellent, helpful, and clear. She explained all the medication and dosage to myself and my murse. About 10 minutes later the anesthesiologist came in and we talked for about 10 minutes. Dr Whidden came in after that and
We did our measurement.

Almost immediately afterwards it wa a boob time!

I was walked to the surgical suite and laid on the table. Immediately Dr Patel, the anesthesiologist administered my meds:). And then.... I woke up in recovery with my beautiful new boobs.

Pain was minimal today. I took one pain pill around 7
And then one at bedtime to be safe. Immediately after surgery I felt great:). No nausea at all:). There is numbness on the bottom side of both boobs:)

I just relaxed and showered and iced tonight:)

Happy new year!

Three days in and feeling good!

This recovery is blowing my mind. I am feeling almost food as new, and my boobs have already started their downward journey:)

I had been icing a lot on day one and two, and today when I woke up a lot of the the pain had subsided. I have been sleeping propped up a bit, kinda like a Dracula.... But this morning I curled up around a pillow and supported the new boobs on the side of the propped up part. It was heavenly:)

The pain helped a lot day 1-3, and I only took one every 6 hours or so. Today I took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am trying to not take anymore of the oxycodone pills. They make me crazy itchy!!

Loving the girls so far, and every day some more swelling dissipates and the shape and size becomes more clear.

Love these boobs:)

580cc Ultra High Profile:)

Had my first post op today and everything looks great:). I have been off pain meds for 48 hrs and I am comfortable.

Everyday the girls get a little softer and less tight! I am so pleased with my shape now, the fullness of my shirt and the roundness and projection of my breast friends!

So far I am confident and comfortable with my choice in surgeon:). He was frank when discussing proper size for my body and took thorough and ample measurements to ensure perfection!

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