Breast Aug. Consult September 20/2016 - Calgary, AB

It's been six years of dreaming! & finally the...

It's been six years of dreaming! & finally the money is saved and the time is right! I've been doing research upon research. & I feel staying in my city and sticking with Dr.Whidden is the right thing. It is pricey here in Calgary ranging from 8,000-12,000$. I am a young mother to a 5 year old and he was breast fed as well as I pumped so these babies need some air in them!


Before =|

This is my current stats

130 lbs

I have a bigger lower body compared to the top half of it. I am trying to become more leaner and tighter before surgery as this is the most I've weighed without being pregnant! I want to go in to surgery knowing I like the rest of my body and have no concerns. I'm hoping he won't recommended a lift as I don't think one is needed =\ I was super nervous to post this, but hey this is what has helped me on here!

It's coming up!

Consult day will be here so soon! Super excited. What's some good questions that I may not think about asking ?!

Where are you ladies buying front zipper sports bras ?!
TIA <3
Here's more wish photos I've found ;)

Consult is TOMORROW!

September 20th came fast!! Looking forward to the consult tomorrow

Only question is I am taking new birth control and it's causing my breasts to swell and be tender almost like when us girls PMS. They don't look how they usually do and now I'm worried this will effect sizing..


I am a little late on my review for consultation. It went very well! He was amazing! Very thorough, patient, and educative. I have a 12cm BWD & he mentioned that my chest wall 'Incaves' which is nice because then my implants won't ever look too far apart. With that being said I was allowed 2 sizes to fit my BWD the first one was Natrelle inspira 365cc HP and second one is Natrelle inspira 445cc UHP. The word 'Ultra High' scares me a shit ton! But when I tried on both sizes I liked the 445cc UHP'S better I'm just worried it will be too much cleavage that I won't be able to tame. You don't see very many UHP'S on here which sucks!! I've been told with my following wish pictures I should go with the 445cc UHP implants.

Any suggestions ?!
I only took pictures with the 445 sizers on unfortunately =|

Surgery date

I'm waiting for Dr Whiddens January sched but I told the receptionist in the middle of January is ideal. I've confirmed the time off work as well! Feels like progress and I love it! It's becoming so real
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