290 cc smooth round HP 2.5 weeks Post Op

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Stats: 31yrs, 118 lbs, 5'6 1/2, 34A, BWD 12cm on...

Stats: 31yrs, 118 lbs, 5'6 1/2, 34A, BWD 12cm on right, 11cm on left, mother of 3, each breastfed for 18 months.

I owe realself, I have been on this site constantly fir the past 2 years, and now it's my turn give back! I have always been small breasted, and although there were times I wished to be bigger, I liked my small boobs! But after breastfeeding so much, they are just not as likeable anymore:(

I had my consult last Friday and my surgery is set for March 6th. It's all happening so fast!

The consultation: the doctor told me which implants he likes, the newest and most expensive, smooth, round Natrelle Inspira. He said he doesn't like to use the teardrop or shaped ones because eventually they start sagging down. He prefers smooth over textured because it's safer, behind the muscle, under breast incision because areola incision is more likely to cause infection.

He measured my chest and recommended High Profile. Then his assistants gave me 5 implants to choose from that fit my BWD: 190 cc, 235 cc, 255 cc, 290 cc, 335 cc. See the chart in my pictures.

I took the 255cc and 290cc home for the weekend to try them on with different outfits. I later borrowed the 235cc.

This is all I can write right now, I will give more details later!

Big or Small? I like them all!

I cannot decide on what size I want at all. I have looked at so many boobs and it has left me very confused. I have read about boob greed and I think I'm getting it! When I think about which women that I find beautiful, they are all small chested, and that looks beautiful on them...why can't I see myself that way? But the more boobs I look at, the bigger I want mine to be! I have looked at a lot, I think I know what porn addicts must feel like lol.

One minute I want small, the next I want big, at times I think it's stupid that I'm doing this in the first place. The smallest I can go is 190 cc HP and the biggest is 335 cc HP. What is the best value, $ per cc? Just kidding.

I ask myself, Why did I want BA in the first place? To fill out my deflated breasts after breastfeeding. But now that I can choose, maybe I can get big ones! Should I just stick with my original plan of having smallish breasts and just getting them filled up? But most of you wish you had gone bigger!!!What do I want? Ugh!!!

And I can't seem to find many pictures of women with the Natrelle Inspira soft touch implants. I know they are not yet available in the USA, so that is why. Anyone?

Anyways, I have my pre op on Monday, so I'll keep updating here!

What I'm thinking now...(still obsessing)

Because of great advice, I'm snapping out of this "boob greed" and sticking to my original plan of staying smallish. The 290 cc sizers looked huge on me so I will probably go with the 235 cc or 255 cc...I'll decide at my pre-op on Monday and make this decision thinking of the long term. The truth is, if I go big, I'll wish I was smaller, if I go small I will wish I went bigger... If I go medium, who knows what I will wish. I just need to make a decision and move on.


Shouldn't I be feeling more sure that I want this? I'm so up and down about it. One minute I'm like "what the hell are you doing you idiot?" The next, I'm like "I can't wait!" and fantasize about swimwear and new clothes! AAAGGGHHH!

3 hours and 40 minutes until surgery!

I'm freaking out!

I just want to add in case it is helpful to anyone:

I have pectus carinatum, mild pigeon chest, where my chest protrudes outward, which is why high profile implants work best apparently. I don't know, I never noticed that about myself before.

My breasts are asymmetrical but the PS said he won't be using different size implants, 290 cc on each side. He told me that the asymmetry will be more noticeable after my BA...we'll see...


Surgery was yesterday at 1:30 pm. I arrived at the surgical centre at 1, filled out a short form and was ready to go. I then went to the dressing room, met with the nurses, changed into my gown and got to keep my pants and socks on! Then Dr. Dawes came in, he is so warm and funny, my anxiety levelled out as so as I saw his face. He told me that he just got finished doing liposuction with another patient and was sweating, apparently doing liposuction is like a workout lol.

Anyways, Dr. Dawes got me to stand on a stool and marked me up with the surgical pen. He told me that he will lower the crease in my left boobie to even out my breasts. I have a triple nipple, actually a triple boob under the left one and he told me he would remove that for me without charge later on. After Dr. Dawes left the room, I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision by choosing him.

Then I met with the anesthesiologist and a couple minutes after that I was in the operating room, a couple minutes after that, I was asleep, and a couple minutes gather that I was awake. Awake in a lot of pain, holy molly great balls of fire did it ever hurt. The nurse said she had given me morphine so I was surprised at the pain. But I'm feeling a little better now...I look at myself in the mirror every time I go pee and my boobs look so very pretty!

It hurts it really does...thank goodness for OxyContin! My incredible husband is taking amazing care of me as he always does. And my kids are so sweet! I love my husband and kids so much! I have just been laying in bed watching Big Brother Canada live feeds. I have a lot to watch on the PVR. I'll update soon!



Post-Op Pics

I'm happy with my surgery but I'm freaking out over every little thing. I'm glad that I get to see my PS tomorrow. I HATE to say this, but I wish I had gone bigger...I thought I went with the second largest size...Ugh I hate my stupid brain....

No one has noticed anything, which was what I wanted...so I thought...ugh

By the way, the implants that I tried on prior to surgery were NOT accurate at all!

Anyways, the pain is minimal now, just discomfort, my nipples are painful when they are brushed up against but at least I can feel them now!

I have my post op appointment with my PS tomorrow. I'm going to ask him the following questions:

1. I had a triple nipple, extra breast tissue on my left breast prior to surgery and I'm wondering how it will be removed now, lipo? Cutting it out?

2. My left breast goes off more to the side than the right, and I also have pain on that side below my armpit.

3. I have Mondor's cords under my left breast..how do I help it go away?

4. Are my nipples too high? This is especially noticeable when I have my arms back or up by my shoulders.

5. Incisions are pretty raised and bumpy and there are stitches sticking out.

6. Asymmetry: my PS explained to me that asymmetry will be more apparent after my surgery for 2 reasons: a) I will see it on a bigger scale, and b) I'm staring at myself more after surgery. My PS used 290 cc on both sides but I'm wondering if it can be corrected.

7. If I were to go bigger in the future, how bug could I go?

8. When can I burn this surgical bra? Even though it us very comfy!

I will update on how my appointment went.

This is what I mean by "are my nipples too high?"


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