40 Year Old, 335 Cc High Profile, Silicone Implants - Calgary, AB

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Very anxiously waiting for my surgery. 3 weeks to...

very anxiously waiting for my surgery. 3 weeks to go!! I am currently a 32 A, want to be a full C. Not too heavy, just enough cleavage.
I originally just got here to have a better idea on how I would look. A lot of girls like going too big and have been questioning the amount I choose. Doctor said it would look "sporty" which is what I like. don't want to look heavy, just with good cleavage and be able to use cute summer tops without a bra if I feel like it. I am right now a slave of padding and push ups :(

335 sizers

Dad looking

5 data to go!

Mire before pics with VS bombshell bra. I hope I do not need these any longer and I can start rocking some sport bras :)

4 days to go ;)

More before pics with clothes. I find it helpful when people post pics with clothes. It helps me visualize better. I will post some with the same outfits after to compare :)


soooo anxious, nervous, happy all in one!! soooo, this week I have been coming to work with rize sizers under my bra, so when I return after surgery it is no THAT obvious what my surgery was for :) brilliant, right? hahahahha

4 hours after surgery

A little groggy but good

Back home

1st day post op

feeling much better. Playing Around with The camera and comparing pre with post photos.

Nausea, nausea, nausea...... Not fun :(

Will go for follow up today and see how everything is and find out when will I be done with the nausea! Is driving me insane :(

1 week!

felling better.

Loving them

I am feeling very good today. I had a reaction to the Oxycodene they gave me for the pain. Long story short I spent all last week with horrible nausea and vomiting.... Not fun. I am taking gravol for the nause now and just waiting for this drug to be completely out of my system and feel normal again. BUT, today is a new day and decided to try o some bathing suits..... I think they are just perfect!!!

32 D :)))

32 D :)))

3 weeks :)

5 weeks

Trying bathing suits :)

8 weeks :)

going out on public with bikini for the first time since the surgery. Very happy.

Almost 6 months

Calgary Plastic Surgeon

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