38 yrs old, A Cup, Cannot Wait to Feel Like a Woman - Calgary, AB

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I've looked into breast implants for over 10 years...

I've looked into breast implants for over 10 years and have tried so hard to love my body the way it is. However, it's so discouraging when trying on clothing and nothing fits right. No sexy lingerie, bikini tops that would only fit a 12 yr old girl and majorly padded bras to get even a teeny bit of volume in a shirt or dress. So I decided to at least book a consult and see what it's all about. One of my concerns is that I'm very flat chested and very bony that implants would look absolutely ridiculous...like 2 balloons sticking out of my chest. Of course when I was at my consult I couldn't think of any questions until after the fact but trust my surgeon would say something if he thought I was not a good candidate. He asked what size I wanted to go and I just said natural. I left it up to him to figure out what that would be. He recommended 450cc gummy bear implants. Not sure what cup size that will be but again I trust his recommendation because anything would be a huge improvement from what I have. I did try on a bra with the implants placed inside and then a shirt over top. I thought it suited my body pretty good and although it felt silly stuffing my bra and playing with my fake boobs I won't lie, it made me super excited! I booked and paid for my surgery and really really excited to the new me. I'm also really really nervous. I'll keep my journey posted :)

38, 5'4", 115 lbs

Resize Appointment Today

Today I went in for a resizing as I started to question the size I decided to go with. In my earlier post I said it was 450 cc but it's actually 415 cc. I really would like to be a full C / small D. I went into the office today for a resizing and took pics. After trying the larger size I decided to stick with the smaller ones as they still seem quite large. I find it hard to tell if they look natural or suit my body type because it's such a big change to how I currently look. Still really excited though!! :)

The Countdown Is On

Surgery is just 1 week away. Starting to get really excited!! And also very nervous. I have booked Thursday and Friday off of work. No one knows about my surgery. A woman I share an office with is very opinionated and has previously expressed her thoughts on breast implants without knowing I had already booked my surgery. She has a very narrow outlook on it. When I told her it's something I'd do, she said if a guy doesn't like you for who you are then you need to ditch him! And while that is true...I expressed that if I were to do the surgery it is for ME and no one else. She doesn't know the difficulties of buying clothing and the insecurities that go along with it. Needless to say I have NO idea how to deal with my surgery going back to work. SURPRISE!!! Haha Anyone else have this concern or any suggestions??

Day 1 Post Op

My surgery went really well yesterday. I felt pretty good. A little tight and a little discomfort but no pain.

Everything happened so quickly. I arrived at 9:30 am and was given some meds. The nurse went through everything with me and then shortly after the anesthesiologist came in and explained what he'd be doing and answered any questions I had. Shortly after that Dr. Whidden came and answered any questions I had and then got me all marked up. By this point the meds were kicking in and I was feeling pretty tired and looking forward to getting into the OR so I could go to sleep haha. I was brought into the OR and laid down on the bed. The nurses covered me with a nice warm blanket, the IV went in and then I was out. I woke up super groggy and at first confused as to where I was. My vision was really blurry and took awhile to see clearly. The nurse, Julie brought me some water. I had the chills and was shaking pretty good for a bit but didn't last long.
I was moved to a comfortable chair while I waited for my ride. I felt pretty good just a little dizzy. When I got home I had a coffee and something to eat. The dizziness wore off after an hour or so and felt really good.

The nurse recommended taking half an oxy before I went to bed last night and another half in the middle of the night to keep me comfortable. I took half around 9 and then about an hour later my back was really bothering me so I took the other half so I could be comfortable enough to sleep. I woke up just before 3am and was in quite a bit of pain and took a whole oxy. Within a half hour I was comfortable again and just watched some tv dozing in and out of sleep. Overall I'm feeling a lot better than I anticipated. There is slight burning and the same feeling of engorged breasts after pregnancy. Mobility is also much more limited than I expected. Simple things such as opening my meds I can't do.

I'm so excited to finally have boobs :) it feels so surreal because I've wanted this for so long and can't believe I finally did it! But I fear I'm going to regret not going larger. I feel like they look smaller than the sizers but time will tell. Boob greed setting in lol. I hope once the swelling goes down and they settle that I'll be happy with the size.

Day 1 pics

A little frankenboob but looking forward to seeing the progress every day

Day 2

Late yesterday I started getting sharp burning pain in my right breast only. It sounds like it was nerve pain from what I read. It was pretty unbearable and really tried to limit any arm movement as that would trigger shooting pain throughout my breast. I slept pretty good through the night. I was comfortable and didn't feel the need to take any pain meds but I did wake up at 4am in quite a bit of pain. I felt fine lying down but when I sat up it was really painful. I took some pain meds and felt comfortable within the half hour and was in and out of sleep until 8. At 8 I took another Oxy because of the nerve pain again but pleased to say I haven't had the need to take any since. I'm feeling pretty good. Tight, some fullness and the occasional shooting pain in my right breast but it's manageable. I can move both my arms with little to no pain and feel quite good. I am feeling a bit nauseous today and very bloated. I feel like I look about 6 months pregnant!! But for just having surgery Thursday I am very happy with how I am feeling at this point especially since this morning was looking a little grim.

1 Week Post Op

The week has certainly brought on a roller coaster of emotions. By day 3 I was only taking Oxy at bedtime and slept pretty well throughout the night. Sitting up in the mornings was always a struggle. There was intense pressure and pain when first sitting up but after a few minutes it would subside. Day 5 was probably the worst day I had this week. I woke up with the typical pain but it never went away. I was in extreme pain in my right breast only all day. I had my follow up appt with Dr Whidden that day and he said it's normal and about 75% of women experience this on the right side or their dominant side and should go away within a couple of weeks. The thought of that made me want to cry. A few more weeks of that just out me outta my misery haha. He also gave the green light to wear whatever bra I want or no bra at all as well as I can now sleep however I find comfortable. When I got home I took an oxy and felt some relief and took more for bedtime. I also went to bed bra less. When I woke up the next morning I dreaded sitting up and prepared myself for the worst pain but it was only tightness no pain! Most of my day was fine with the odd twinge of pain here and there but nothing unbearable. Last night was my first night without taking Oxy. It was an uncomfortable sleep and woke up a lot but I'm happy to get off those meds. I'm still so bloated so I'm hoping after a couple of days things will return to normal :) Today was another good day in terms of pain but I'll say I'm VERY aware of my implants 99% of the time and how tight and foreign they feel. It's really hard to a keep positive state of mind at times when feeling like this. I can't wait to feel good again. I love the way they look just hate how they feel right now :(

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