33yrs Old, 5'8" 115lbs, 2 Kids. 520/545cc Natrelle Inspira HP Unders - Calgary, AB

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Hello BA ladies! Im 33, 115lbs and 5'8". I have...

Hello BA ladies!

Im 33, 115lbs and 5'8". I have breastfed 2 boys and have been left with the disappointing deflated upper pole that many mothers are left with after all their hard work! lol
My surgery is booked for July 6th and I'm getting 520cc (left) and 545cc (right) Natrelle Inspira High(est) profile cohesive gel implants behind the muscle with the incision under the breast. Before surgery I am a 34A/32B. I am quite nervous about what size I will be after recovery with such high cc's. I would like to be a nice D but do not want to be a DDD+!! I guess we will see ???? I am going to trust my surgeon and his recommendation and go with it. I did however make myself some at home rice sizers to try to come to terms with what that many cc's feels like. I don't think it is exact but I would suggest it for all you ladies who are feeling really lost in deciding what size!!
I will post some before and ps sizer pics and keep you all updated!!

Wham bam boobies ma'am!!

Morning ladies!
Surgery day was yesterday. I arrived at the clinic at 10:30am with hubby. The recovery nurse, Victoria, immediately gave me two xtra-strength tylenol, celebrex and gravol upon our arrival. We understood I would be brought into surgery at 11:30am but they must have been running behind as I did not go in until close to 1pm. We didn't mind the extra wait except for the fact that I had been fasting since the night before and was starving!! Victoria went over the medication, our questions and home care prior to the surgery. She treated me so well and was very thoughtful. Dr Pattel (anesthesiologist) came in and explained in great detail what he would be giving me, how I would feel and what to expect. He also gave me a brief history of his experience! Very kind man with a good sense of humour! Dr Whidden came in and asked if I had any additional questions and proceeded to draw the surgery marks all over me. Felt a little awkward as hubby was there, but he didn't seem to care! lol
Once it was time to be brought to surgery it was all very quick. They walked me to the room, I layed down, they strapped my arms down and installed the IV and set up the machines that would be monitoring my vitals. Gave me some oxygen and said have a good sleep, I was out like a light! Next thing I'm waking up in recovery with Victoria by my side. I had very little pain, in fact I had to lift the sheet to make sure they even did it! I was very dizzy and shaky and was seeing three of everything. Apparently all effects of the anesthetic. Deeps breaths eventually helped that to subside! Surprisingly, I was still starving and was asking when I could eat. They said that was a very good sign! They offered me some crackers and water. I ate them with no nausea and moved over to the recliner chair rather than the uncomfortable hospital bed. After a little while I started feeling a little tight and could feel a small amount of pressure so Victoria offered me some pain meds. I am very sensitive to any medication (get stoned off of an extra strength advil) so she offered me a half of anu oxy plus tylenol. It didnt take long to kick in and was the perfect amount of pain releif without being stoned outta my tree! I sat there texting family and playing games until I was allowed to be released. Hubby and I immediately went to pick me up some food and a mocha from Tim Hortons and started on our 2.5hr journey back home. We arrived home with no issues...my mocha was soooo satisfying!! Hubby had to help me out of the truck as my arms felt restricted and I was told not to lift them or strain them in any way for at least 72hours. Had a good evening, ate supper, kept up on my pill regiment prescribed by the doctor.
For sleeping, I propped up pillows along with a travel neck pillow and seemed to donpretty good. I got to sleep pretty late but aside from hubby waking me up at 6am for meds, had a pretty decent sleep.
This morning I am very stiff and feel like when I was engorged while nursing my babies. Will definitely keep up on my meds today and keep my arms restricted. All in all I am very suprised on how well everything went. I think I expected allot worse and ended up pleasantly suprised. I will post pictures right from befores to wish boobs to after surgery and will try to keep up on progress photos. Enjoy!

Before Photos

Day of surgery photos

Wish boobs pics

Day 3....so-so

Well I had a bit of a bad early morning. Woke up at 5:30am with lots of pain and was so uncomfortable all proped up in bed. I had back pain, breast pain and the back of my shoulders were so sore. I had to wake hubby up to get me some meds and help me up. Once the meds kicked in and I was able to sleep a bit longer my body felt much better.
I have not had a bowel movement as many other girls seem to go through. I am taking stool softeners already and seem to be very bloated. I decided today that I am not taking anymore pain meds aside from tylenol, if needed, so that I can try to get my system back on track.
Boobs are very stiff today, as they were yesterday. Lots of numbness and burning sensations upon moving around. Have had allot of muscle spasms as well. I called my nurse and all of these are normal and should go away with time. I have also experienced being really itchy near the bottom of my breasts and finally realized that it is the seam of my surgery bra that is irritating me. I have a big indent in my lower breast where the seam rubs. Great!! I will be happy to move onto a different sports bra once I have been cleared by my surgeon, hopefully at my post-op on Monday!


Hi Ladies...
I have deleted my old photos and uploaded different ones.

Week 2 done!! Whew

Well I got through the second week and am glad to report that I am back to most normal activity. Breasts are starting to soften up a bit which is a nice relief from all the tightness. Here are some pics from week 2!

One month boobiversary!!

Hello ladies!

I have not updated for a while so here are a few different pics of my progress. Breasts are starting to soften and the swelling is almost gone. In fact the only time I feel a bit of swelling or tightness is in the evening occasionally and in the morning. I would assume the morning swelling is what other RS ladies are referring to as "morning boob". I am starting to wear a bra more often but find that they can be uncomfortable. I have found a fox sports bra as shown in the pics that is so comfy and was really well priced. I have learned thus far that bigger breasted women are indeed restricted to certain clothing, as I felt I was as a small breasted woman before the procedure. I can no longer wear certain shirts/tanks, dresses and bathing suits/bras as I am too wide in the breast area and get side boob showing. I will certainly work thru it tho!!! lol
My nipples are soft majority of the time now but are starting to "wake up" and are a bit sensitive. I still have numb spots around the nipple and in a one inch area going from the nipple down to the incision area. I have a post op appt with my ps next week and will be asking when I should expect this to dissipate.

2 mth anniversary!! 32B to 32DDD "Officially"

Hello RS ladies!! Been a while since my last update. I am at 2 mths post-op and my breasts feel great. I get a bit of discomfort every once in a while but I think it is just from laying on my side all night and possibly just normal settling still. Certainly nothing of concern as it is so minuscule. My breasts have softened even more since my last post and I am really starting to get used to them. I am not noticing and obsessing over them all the time and they are starting to feel like they are apart of me. I still have a bit of numbness just below the nipple down to the incision area but my PS said that will take time to dissipate over the next while. My 6 week post op appointment went amazing. They took progress photos and my ps was very patient to answer all of my questions. He said everything looks excellent and that my incisions looked better than expected being only 6 weeks and with my fair skin. He said that all of my restrictions were lifted and to go enjoy them! lol
I had taken other photos that are now uploaded onto my separate drive so I am only uploading some pics I took yesterday. I have to say that I am very happy with the size I chose. I was very worried with such high cc's and uhp but luckily they are not as noticeable under clothes, and very noticeable when I want them to be (if you know what I mean -LOL). ????
My bra is no longer uncomfortable like it was at the time of my last post. One thing I did notice is the temperature difference in the breast area from before and after the BA. When I am out in the cold I definitely notice them a bit more. Again, nothing that is bothersome, but still noticeable. I imagine that will feel "normal" as time goes by.
I can no longer shop at LaSenza as I am too big. Their 34DD fits in the cup but is too big around for me. I have been sized at 32DDD. Allot bigger than I expected but happy none the less.
Good luck on all of your journeys, I will post again at a later time!

Almost 3 months...

Missed my 3 mth mark...almost 4 mths

Well there is not much to say besides that I am extremely pleased with my results so far. I missed posting on my 3 month mark. I think I missed it as I am happy and not obsessively looking at RS all the time anymore! lol

Here are some recent pics. I have no pain and they really feel apart of me now, aside from some of the numbness still. The only thing I find uncomfortable is wearing a bra for long periods. I'm having a hard time finding the right bra that fit these puppies perfectly. A sports bra compresses them a bit to much and a regular bra irritates them at the sides before the day is out. Regardless, I pretty much stay braless when I'm at home and that helps!

5.5 Months PO

Just a few pics for the update. The girls are good and really feel like I've had them forever!! Only complaint is still a bit of numbness and they get cold...makes sense but was unexpected. They are an entirely different temperature than the rest of me. Who knew ?!?!
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