31, 5'5, 112 lbs, 3 Kids, 365 Inspira SRF

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Ahhhh!!! I have a consult booked for July for a...


I have a consult booked for July for a hopeful September surgery. Nursed 3 babes in 4 years. Had small breasts before and now they look like they've been through the ringer! Currently a A cup. Hoping for a full C small D I think? Looking to achieve a natural look. I think 375 cc might get me there? Any feedback is appreciated:)

Current stats are :
112 lbs
25 inch waist
29 inch rib cage

Wish boobs! I think?!

Size is such a hard decision. I want to be as large as possible without taking away any length from my torso and still keeping it looking more on the natural side. I want my boobs to enhance my body not be the absolute center of attention ;)

Current situation.... Whomp whomp......

Current situation:(
112 lbs
5ft 5inches

Had my consult!

Had my consult with Dr Whidden a few days ago. Things went well!

He noticed a few things. He said my left breast has a blended crease. Making it a little hard to know where to put the incision and where to place the implant. He said my breasts are about a cm off from one another so he'll have to do his best to drop and create the crease on the left side to match the right one. He mentioned it was a 5% chance it might still be off (in which case if I wasn't happy he would fix it).

I measured a 12cm breast width which surprised me. I thought it would be less. He suggested I go with either the high profile Inspira 365 cc in both sides or the 445cc extra high profile. Both of which measure exactly 12 cm wide. I tried on a 400cc sizer to mimic the 445 because he said that was a realistic idea of what I would end up with after placement under the muscle. I read that it's always best to go with a implant slightly less then your width but I expressed to him I didn't want too much spacing between breast so he said to minimize the gap your just choose an implant the full breast width. The size difference didn't seem huge so I settled on the bigger of the two and I thought they fit my body well. So did my husband.

It's scary. The extra high profile and large cc number terrify me.after going home I was having doubts that I should have looked a little harder at the 365 cc full profile sizers. I don't want to look ridiculous and I stressed to him that I wanted to look as big as I could while still looking somewhat natural on my frame. I really have no breast tissue so maybe 445cc is what I need to get me to that full C small D cup I want. Or at least I think I want? You look at pictures and your think ya ya ya. And then you try out the sizers in at the office and you feel heavy and jiggly and amazing! But then you wonder if that's the best size choice for your life or if your excitement and desire to be curvy (FINALLY) is getting the best of you. Tough decisions!

There doesn't seem to be a lot of Extra High profile reviews on here of girls my size. I'm worried about with the lack of tissue that the line up top will be super defined. Im ok with a little of that look. The idea of having a little bit of permanent cleavage is exciting!!!!

I booked surgery for September 7th because I'm happy with the way the consult went. And they said I'm free to go back and try on the sizers again anytime. I might buy a 34 D cheaply cotton bra and take it with me and see if that's where I would end up. I don't want to end up an impossible bra size to buy either. It says online that one bra cup size is approx 200 cc. Is this true in anyone's opinion? If that's the case I would wind up a C cup because I'm really starting with nothing.

That's it for now. I'll post the pic of me with the 400 sizer (that should mimic what the final result of the 445 would be ) soon.

Ciao for now.

Pics from consult

Hey gals!!! Here are my pics from the consult. These are 400cc high profile sizers which the doc said will resemble the 445 cc when placed under the muscle. What do you think!?

Lowering the crease

Girls!! The doc mentioned that he would like to lower my crease a cm or so on my left side because I don't have much of a fold to begin with and because it is a little higher then my right. He didn't mention the complications. Just said that there is a 5% chance it could still be off and that he might have to go back in to try and repair down the road. I read recently that this increases your chance of the double bubble and it seems like a 50/50 on docs that say adjust the crease to docs that say to leave it alone.

Anyone have any experience with this? My doc wasn't overly detailed (he was confident in his recommendation) and I obviously didn't know what to ask regarding it at the time.

One month and counting....

Yesterday marks my one month prior to surgery. Getting close and honking about complications of the surgery and following it make me feel a little uneasy but I'm trying to remain positive throughout he whole experience in hopes it aids in a healthy recovery:)

Size has been my biggest demise. I went for a resizing two weeks ago because I couldn't settle on the 365 or the 445 cc implants. In my mind it's been so 50/50 for the pros and cons. I'm iust as scared of being too small as I am too big for my frame.

Doctor Whidden was awesome when I went back in for the resizing. I called and Trista fit me in the same day due to the Dr being away for all of August. The girls let me go in and try some stuff on and then he came in after completing a surgery and did his best to try and answer more questions and help me in making a more solid choice.

Size is still a struggle. I like the idea of the 445s and in clothes they looked fairly natural. In actually more worried about their appearance naked. I know the size I would be happy with but I don't want a "stuck on" , unnatural appearance. Dr Whidden explained that both would fit my frame and measurements well (or he said he wouldn't have recommended) but that he would prefer the 365s. He said its his personal preference but that both would look good. He said the only reason why he would push me to the 445s is because I'm so on the fence and because most women that feel that way are the ones that wish they had gone bigger.

I've don't some thinking and lots of talking with hubby and as it stands I think the 365s might be the direction I'm headed in. In mean the 445s would be fun but I don't know that they are the best choice for my lifestyle and body. I think about going to the pool with those puppy's and I don't want to be stared at while out with my kids. But do I let 5% of where I spend my time dictate my decision?

I'm adding some photos. Id love to hear your thoughts. These are from the resizing.

Decided on a size

Ladies!!!! I finally made up my mind. Going with the 365 SSF Inspira implants!!!! Ultimately regardless of what's been told to me I figure I'm minimizing the risk of complications down the road and the worry of looking too "done".

It's been a tough decision. I think I just had to wade through the differences of what best suits my life and body versus what I would really like which is breast that are very large. I know the larger ones sound nice and look nice but at the end of the day it's probably not best for my conservative active lifestyle or petite frame. Going to choose the smaller of the two choices and cross my fingers that it gets me to the size I've been hoping for!

Getting SO excited!!!

I'm pumped!!! I can't believe I have under two weeks to go and I can't wait to see what I look like with a fuller chest.

I really am finally at peace with the size I've chosen and have absolutely no more reservations. After reading some reviews about explanation and girls downsizing I sometimes now hope the 365s aren't too big either:/ but I'm really not doubtful at all and can't wait.

I've done little to prep. Doc said no ice packs required for after (they say because all the nerves are messed up and they don't want to risk injury to myself or the implant) and my doc doesn't recommend massage either so I'm hoping it's pretty simple after.

I did pick up some Extra Strength Tylenol and a medium plain bralette from Walmart that I'm hoping will fit and keep me comfy until I can really figure out what I'll need after.

The pain meds worry me a little. I've never had any drugs (I went drug less with all three babes) so I'm worried about how weird those will make me feel. Hoping I can manage just fine.

Here's a few more body proportion pics with my current itty bitties;)


Tomorrows the BIG day!!!! Feeling mostly excited but a little nervous.

Went for some routine bloodwork last week and got called in to review today. I guess I have low iron stores. I hope that it doesn't affect my going ahead with the surgery tomorrow!!!!

Will post an update tomorrow night if I can manage:)


It's done!!!!

Surgery this morning went great!!!! I'm out and hanging out with bed with Netflix.

Here's what my day looked like.

I arrived at the office at 9:30 and was given some Tylenol and a couple other things. Julie the nurse was SO nice and got me all comfy. Dr.Patel the anesthesiologist came in and explained what he was going to do and how long it would take roughly. He was also super nice. Very friendly and happy to answer any questions.
Then Dr.Whidden came in a few mins later and asked if I had any questions. He then made his markings and left. Then they came to grab me for surgery. It was really crazy. Everyone was so relaxed! The nurses laid me down on the bed. They had club music pumping through the OR which I loved. It just made it feel like it was no big deal. Loved the vibes. Dr Patel put in my IV and 2 mins later I was out.

I woke up feeling really groggy but pretty good. Then shortly after the nausea set in and then the hot and cold chills. It felt like I had been up all night drinking and was now sick from it haha! Chest obviously felt really tight. I told her I didn't need pain meds but I did take a Gravol for the nausea.

I been home for just over 6 hours and have been managing on extra strength Tylenol. I think I might take half an Oxy tonight just so I can sleep. I've been sleeping most of the afternoon and sleeping sitting up really sucks. They recommend to sleep this way I think it said for at least one week.

I can do less then I thought. I guess you know that but you don't really know until it happens lol. I had a hard time even just getting my panties done to pee and couldn't flush the toilet. It's one of those push down ones not a handle. I can pick up a coffee mug and slowly bring it to my mouth but i can't hold a bowl really. I'm pretty buckled. I'm hoping tomorrow goes better. My kids are away tonight.

On another note!!!! I already love love my new girls!! I think the size choice was perfect. I really haven't peeked under the bra yet but I was standing and took a profile glimpse when I was in my bra and panties and I think they are going to suit my tiny frame just perfectly. Just to confirm I did end up with the 365 HP.

Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow!!!

Pics didn't upload

Day 2

Hey ladies!!!! My right breast is feeling about the same today but the left one a little better. Not sure why the right one hurts more? I feel like it's more sore around my armpit area. My husband says the appearance of them look about the same. One doesn't look more swollen or anything then the other. I haven't iced. My PS doesn't recommend because you risk injury due to possible lack of feeling. I have to be honest. I expected to feel better then I do today. I hope everything is ok and I'm just slow to heal.

I felt really really sore after being up and walking around for a few hours when the kids got home last night. I slept pretty well , woke up and had breakfast and saw them off for the morning and climbed back in bed around 9 and just woke up a few hours later. My boobs feel the best when I do nothing.

I couldn't shower last night although I hoped too. I kept getting cold and every time that happened all the muscles in my chest would tighten and it's the worst feeling. It's felt like chest spasms. I had to get an electric blanket and cozy up till they relaxed again.

They look so good though! They are spaced a little far apart and my right nipple looks a little lower then the left but after reading so many reviews of girls and them being concerned about those things I'm not ready to worry at all yet. They seem to even themselves out. I have a little bruising but there was no extra blood when I took the gauze off. I have a pic on my hubbys phone. I'll send it later. And I'll try to get one for today.

That's all for now. Hope the rest of you ladies are taking care of yourselves.

Day 5

Feeling so much better today and haven't taken any pain meds. The difference in pain and mobility from day 2 to day 5 is pretty incredible. I'm much more self sufficient and don't need too much help.

Love my new girls! And for how new they are they really do already feel like a part of me. Hopefully my healing will go well and they'll be healthy and I'll be healthy for a long time to come :)

I've just taken the bra off at this point for showers. I Ave my follow up with my PS tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!!!!

Pics (let's try this again)

Pic one is of day following surgery. I was very bloated here.

Other two pics are day 5.

2.5 weeks PO

Girls are coming along but are still looking a little wonky. They honestly look less wonky in person:)

They are softening but only slightly. They are still fairly rigid and don't move too much. I prefer to be braless most of the time and my PS is alright with that.

I developed some Mondors Cord on my left side. I noticed it yesterday. Doc said Advil and warm/cold compress and to wait it out. It is painful though. Especially when stretching.

I've had a few scares this past week. I fell up the stairs (I know right!?:() and braced myself with my arms. I felt a sharp tug and was worried I hurt something but everything has seemed ok since then.

I'm still really happy with the size. I know once they settle in they will compliment my body just the way I had hoped.

Sleeping is getting better. I can kind of side sleep a little now. I don't have to sleep exactly on my back. And the morning boob doesn't take as long to work out;)

That's all for now. Hope the pics help!

2.5 weeks PO pics

5 weeks today

Things are going really well. The drop and fluff is starting to feel like FOREVER though.

I have my follow up next week and will probably start using the silicone sheeting then although my PS said I could use it forever ago. The scabbing is almost gone so I'd rather wait till then.

Mondors cords are still there. Not as bad and I don't really feel them so hopefully they will disappear soon :)

I think my bra size will be a 32D. I'm confident I made the right decision for me but some days they do feel underwhelming. Mainly only when I'm looking down at them. From the front and the side the size is perfect.

That's all for now really! I hope everyone else is doing great!

9 months!

Well hello! I haven't posted for a while there just hasn't been time. I debated not posting at all but reading others reviews and seeing pictures helped me so much.

Everything is good now. Left feels weird sometimes (like on the inside) but I think it's a muscle thing. It's hard to explain.
The space in between will continue to bother me but I know it's just my anatomy and I have to just accept that. They have softened lots but I find if I arch my back or am on my tummy they don't have a lot of give. I expected it. You can see in the pictures what I started with and how little natural tissue I had.

Overall I love them and would do it again in a heartbeat. I love dressing them up and feeling full finally on top in clothes. Bikini shopping is hard. I need a large top and small bottom and small and xsmall dresses are a tough fit now because of my chest size. But I'll learn to deal with that one lol!

I wear a 32DD at VS and La Senza.

That's all for know. Pictures aren't the best but better then nothing:) Take care!
Paul Whidden

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