5'4", 115lbs, 415cc HP Silicone Implants - Calgary, AB

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I have been wanting bigger breasts since I was...

I have been wanting bigger breasts since I was about 20. At that time my now husbands response was "we'll look into it after kids", semi hoping me wanting a BA was a phase. Fast forward 10 years, I have a 3 and 5 year old and guess what I still want a BA. Only now after kids and losing 30lbs I want one even more. My chest is soooo flat and what I do have is very saggy. I booked my consults back in July 2014 and now my first consult is only 6 weeks away! Eeeek. I'm dying from excitement and I'm just starting this process :)

Consult is done, Surgery Booked

I had the consult with my PS today. He was great, explained everything to me, took measurements, etc. He was a very down to earth guy and I only ended up trying on two sizers, 385cc and 415cc. I ended up picking the 385cc as I felt comfortable in them they seemed big but not "holy crap" big. The 415cc were soooo huge on me, I looked like I was going to topple over.
I decided to book in with this PS as I felt really good during the consult, so final decision 385cc High Profile (or full projection as he referred to them). Surgery date is only 3 weeks away, March 4!!! Of course now I'm questioning if I'm going to get the look I'm wanting etc. I think it will be all good, I'm nervous though.

The Great Size Debate

So two days after my initial consult I started debating size (you know I wasn't going to be "that" person, lol). I had tried bigger sizers on at my consult and totally dismissed them pretty much as soon as I tried them on. They felt huge, looked like they projected a lot, etc. my hubby's opinion was also that they were "way too big". I thought that I dismissed them way to quick, and that they weren't really that much bigger (385cc to 415cc). I ended up calling my PS office and they were able to get me in today for a re-sizing appt. the girl was absolutely fantastic, answered more questions for me that I forgot to ask during my original consult. She told me the #1 regret with BA is not going "quite" big enough and she told me that this week alone had 3 calls from women all who had their BA's in the last 3 months who wish they had gone bigger, 2 of those already have revision surgeries booked for bigger implants.
So the girl let me try on both sizers again, even put one of each size in at the same time so I could see the difference and the difference was very very minimal. She also assured me that my PS will NOT ever put an implant into someone that would look ridiculous on them and too big for their body. His practice is to do natural looking thats it. She said if I had come in wanting a 600cc implant, based on my measurements there is absolutely no way he would ever even consider doing it. This made me feel really good.
Anyways, I ended up changing my mind and going with the bigger implant, the 415cc. Thoughts?

Oh yes this is why I want a BA

I'm taking a bunch of before pictures so that once I have my BA done I can remind myself why I did this :) These are pictures from today on my way to work out at the gym. WOW :(

Canadian Ladies Re: Sports Bras

Are there any Canadian Ladies on here that could recommend sports bras post surgery? The PS just said surgical bra until 6 weeks and then no underwires after that for a while. I obviously need to get some more info on that. I've ordered a couple Coobie bras just wondering what else there is out there for us Canadian girls.

1 Week!!!!

Wow, only one week away. Crazy to think that by this time next Wednesday I will have boobs. I'm totally questioning the same things though. Will the size be good? Nervous about not getting a lift, wondering if I'm going to end up with the look I'd like. I just want it to go good.

Today's the day!!!

In a little less then an hour I will be heading to my PS surgeons office. Not sure if I'm excited or nervous, right now the hunger from not being able to eat is taking over anything else I could be feeling, lol. I can't believe that after wanting this for 12 years and thinking it was just a dream that this is really happening :)

2 days post op

Wow, the last 48 hours have been crazy. Super sick from all of the meds, boobs actually haven't hurt really but Ive had a massive massive headache which has been the worst part. So far I'm happy, finally had a shower today and got to look at them. Frankenstein boobs just as I expected, can't wait to see how they change over the next weeks/months

I'm in love

I looked at my new girls good for the first time tonight since I'm not stoned on pain killers any more. I know they still have to drop and do their thing but I'm so in love so far and I have two tiny bruises on one that's it. Everything I was hoping for.

Feeling better every day

I'm around day 10 post op and I'm feeling so much better. Day 5 was the absolute worst for me. It was the first day I was really up and around since the surgery and it must have just been the change in position or something but I was having the absolute worst muscle pain on the inside of my right breast along my sternum when I was standing up. It actually felt like my muscle was pulling off the bone, I was in an incredible amount of pain. It has slowly gotten better now and I can barely feel it any more.

Now I feel pain when I move/twist certain ways and lean over. Otherwise things are still feeling tight and I'm getting the sunburned feeling on my skin. I can't wait until am able to sleep on my side again, laying on my back all night every night is getting boring and uncomfortable, lol.

Here are my updated pictures from today too. Definitely starting to see a little dropping. My left is dropping faster then my right so far but they are both still really high.


Holy man, sensitive boobs! I've slowly been getting the feeling back on the bottom of my boobs and nipples. Yesterday was two weeks since surgery and I woke up with a stupidly sensitive left boob. Fabric touching any where from my nipple height down is crazy sensitive, feels like my skin is raw. I'm hoping this feeling is normal, as soon as nothing is touching it though it feels completely fine. This has been an unexpected feeling. Still worth it 100%.

3 Weeks

Crazy to think it's already been 3 weeks since my BA. Things are going ok. My left side still has the burning sensation but not nearly as bad as it was a week ago.

My bigger concern is the fact that my right side is still sitting pretty high. It doesn't really look like it's dropped much at all. My left side has dropped a quite a bit already and I'm getting uneven. This makes me nervous. I really don't want to be lopsided :(

Mondors Cord

Last night I had my arm elevated and noticed these lovely little things under my right side. I was pretty sure right away that I have Mondors Cord and emailed my PS office first thing this morning with a picture. They confirmed that's what it is and not to be concerned, it will go away on its own eventually.

It's not painful but is annoying. When I lift my arm I get a very tight stretching feeling.

I also asked about the right implant still sitting noticeably higher and she said not to worry, perfectly normal at this point.

Wow 7.5 weeks already?

I can't believe it's been close to two months since my augmentation. So crazy. Things are going good, my Mondors Cord has already resolved on its own, my skin isn't feeling so tight and doesn't pull as much any more underneath where my incisions are.

Both implants are dropping nicely, my right side is still sitting a little higher then the left. When I went for my 6 week check with the PS he said he isn't concerned at all about that right now. He did mention that the right side of my rib cage is a little narrower then my left more or less meaning the implant doesn't have as much room to spread out side to side as it drops so that extra fullness is staying in the top part of my breast where are the left implant isn't quite as full and has spread out more side to side as it's dropping. He mentioned that if it is really bothering me he will do a revision on the right at no cost to me but won't even discuss that until 9 months post op. He did emphasis that he didn't think that would be needed though.

I'm still so in love with them. I do waver from day to day about wishing I had gone a bit bigger. In normal clothes they don't look much different then they did in my super padded and lifting pre BA bras that I wore, which I guess is a good thing. When I'm topless though I'm like "holy they are awesome and the size is awesome". Funny how that works. I am sooo happy though that I did decided to go from a 385cc to 415cc before my surgery. I would really regret it if I had kept the 385's that I had originally decided on.

I've bought some new dresses and tops and I'm so thrilled that I fill them out now, such a great feeling. I even bought a strapless maxi dress and holy, it stays up now! Seriously best decision ever, I haven't ever even come close to questioning or regretting my surgery.

Fun Comparison

Before and 7.5 weeks After

Bathing Suit Shopping

I have seriously been itching to buy a new bathing suit since about 2 weeks post op but decided not to go get one until I needed one so the "girls" could settle a little more. Well the time has come :) I found shopping a little more complicated then anticipated, depending on the style of top I got a big gap between where the bottom on the top sat and my rib cage. However unlike shopping before my BA this complication didn't leave me feeling depressed and defeated.
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